Saturday, 9 February 2008

Love Bears All Things ...

Not only is this part of one of my fave Bible passages (1Cor, the Love chapter!) it's also the message stitched on my latest pattern. I completed the sample today and was rather chuffed with how it came up! This is the second in my newest range of Card Kit patterns and features a custom-made timber button of one of my signature bears, created for me by Lisa at Button Bliss.

This is the 'creative' shot that will go on the gift card that contains the stitchery design and homespun, but for a little more detail ...

This little wall hanging was actually quite difficult to photograph, as getting the light right to show up the button detail meant the gorgeous purple fabric I used for borders and binding became too dark to see the depth of colour. Oh dear!! It's a challenge!

I bought the fabulous purple fabric from Quilters' World here in Toowoomba when I popped in the other day and also got to catch up with Pauline for the first time in a while - she's such a busy lady that she's not always in the shop when I pop in. However, she not only helped me choose a suitable purple, she peeked at my pattern range and fell in love with my stitchery 'bearbies' - bears have that effect on people! - so visitors to Pauline's shop will soon be able to take a Tag Along Teddies pattern home with them to create! Wow! It was really encouraging to get such great feedback from someone who's been involved in the craft and quilting world for quite a while and, as it is hard to break into the market as a relatively new designer, having the support of someone like Pauline through her wonderful fabric wonderland is fantastic!! Stay tuned for updates on another exciting development in connection with Pauline and Quilters' World!!

But for right now, this tired little teddy bear is heading for her bed - I've had a beary busy day! til next time!


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