Tuesday, 21 February 2017

I'm Off The Naughty List!!

When Santa didn't bring me a parcel for the SSCS last year, I thought I must've been TOOOOOO naughty to have deserved a giftie! No comments from those of you who know me!! :0P I received a lovely, apologetic email from my swap partner Wendy who said she'd been having a bit of a struggle with her incoming & outgoing mail & my parcel seemed to have disappeared through a crack in time & space. It will probably show up in a Dr Who episode one day! Tee! Hee! Hee! She is such a sweetie that she said she would send another parcel. :0)

Well ... It seems Wendy's postal service decided to play nice the second time around & a lovely parcel arrived late last week ... WOO! HOO! Thank you Wendy! Inside my parcel I found ...

A very versatile table runner & a mini Santa stocking for my mini tree. :0) I love that Wendy went with an understated colour palette for my runner, as it means I can sit things on it without worrying that I'm covering a design ... Like sitting ...

... A pretty candle on it.

A big thank you to Wendy for my surprise-Christmas-in-February gifties! I somehow never get around to making myself any Christmassy things. It's always a hugely busy time of the year & I usually procrastinate so long about the things I need to make for gifties for other people that I always run out of time to do anything for me. And a huge thank you to the wonderful Chookyblue for once again hosting SSCS. It's the only swap I enter now, as it is always so well organised.

In other news ... Don't forget ... If you haven't yet signed up to be part of OPAM 2017, you still have a few days to join Sweet Peg & me. To the few gals who have sent their sign up email but haven't heard back from me yet ...SORRY! My Beloved Geek Boy handed his old laptop over to me to replace my drowning victim after he got a new laptop for work. The catch is ... His new laptop is slower than his old one (ie. Now MY laptop) so he keeps pinching mine back. Hmmmm ... !! So ... Once I manage to snaffle it back, I'll send welcome letters to acknowledge your sign up. And of course, February is our first month for recording finishes for the year, so update your sidebar lists.

Right now though, I'm off to play Polly & put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea. You know, I suspect that if I found out a meteor was hurting towards the earth & we were only hours from a catastrophic impact, I would probably still make time for a nice cup of tea! :0P Enjoy the rest of your week! Til next time ...





Saturday, 18 February 2017

Road Tripping!

Another hottish Saturday (though nowhere near as icky sticky as last week!) with tentative plans cancelled, so my Beloved Geek Boy & I decided to hit the road & go exploring in some areas we'd seen on previous trips & promised ourselves to check out "one day". Well, today was that day! :0)

Right from the start we decided to take "the road less travelled" ...

A "back road" that made us very glad we were in GB's 4WD. :0) Then after a while, we reached some more 'civilised' roads ...

Look! Traffic lights & everything! :0P After a little look at some maps & a bit of a chat with the GPS, we decided to ...

... Head for them thar hills! :0) It was so interesting to discover little country towns hidden away from the highways, to drool over some GORGEOUS historic buildings, to see how amazingly diverse even this small south-east corner of our large state is ... & lovely to spend some relaxed time together when we didn't have to "do" anything except enjoy each other's company. After a few hours, though, we decided a pit stop & some sustenance was in order ... So we found a lovely little coffee shop on Mt Tamborine.

MMMMMMMMMMM! Vanilla milkshake! YUMMO! I confess to gobbling up my delicious Moroccan chicken, sun dried tomato & Gouda on sourdough toastie before remembering to take a photo. :0)

And someone else enjoyed his mashed avo & fetta toastie with a chaser of iced coffee. He looks pretty comfy, doesn't he?! :0) Then it was back on the road ...

... On a winding, forrest-y kind of road. Such a pretty corner of the world. We eventually wound our way back home ...via another "back road" but no more pics, as the sun just seemed to be in the wrong spot to get nice photos.

So, that was our adventurous Saturday & actually the second impromptu road trip we've taken in the last week. There's something about the "spur-of-the-moment" part of these trips that adds to the fun, not to mention the thrill of answering that question GB & I ask ourselves frequently when we're traveling from point A to point B ... "I wonder where THAT road goes?" :0)

I hope your Saturday has had some unexpected fun in it & that your Sunday starts a wonderful, fresh week for you. Don't forget ... OPAM sign up closes on February 28 ... Don't miss out on joining the fun. :0) Til next time ...









Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day Brownie Points!

Happy St Valentine's Day!

We don't usually go all out for Valentine's Day, but my Beloved Geek Boy racked up some serious husband brownie points today when I received a special delivery at work this morning ...

Aren't they GORGEOUS!! A dozen red roses & I love the lacing up the front. But even lovelier than the beautiful roses was the sentiment behind them ...

And GB was treated to one of his favourite dinners ... T-bone steak with salad & creme caramel for dessert. Two happy campers here. :0)

I hope your day was special. Til next time ...



PS. Have you signed up for OPAM yet? There's still time. :0) KRIS xx



Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Remember I said I'd been experimenting with something new? (To me) I'm having a little play with some watercolour pencils, textile medium, yummy Cosmo threads & a new stitchery design. And you know what? I'm having FUN! :0) Not sure yet what this stitchery will become ... A panel on a bag? A mini wall hanging? The first block of a quilt? Oh! The endless possibilities at the start of a new design! :0)

What are YOU playing with this week?

Til next time ...



PS. Have you signed up for OPAM 2017 yet? It's not too late! :0)


Sunday, 5 February 2017

I Must Be Crazy!!

Really, I do sometimes think that our unusually hot & humid summer has liquified my brains! Some of you are nodding sagely as I confirm your suspicions about my mental stability! :0)

I'll tell you why I think I must be crazy. We're in the middle of one of the longest heatwaves experienced here on top of our 'hill' in years. Now to deal with that, most people are locking themselves in with air conditioning & a good book, or lazily floating in backyard pools, but me? I spent my day off ... Slaving over a hot stove! See? Crazy! :0P

So, what did I have bubbling away on my stove, adding to the already icky-sticky heat & humidity?

A cauldron full of seconds tomatoes, onions, olive oil, herbs & Himilayan pink salt, all of which had been slow roasted in the oven for an hour & a half before being transferred to my big red pot. I love my big red pot! :0) And after another hour & a half of bubble-bubble-toil-and-trouble ...

I had jars of DELICIOUS homemade pasta sauce. This is always so yummy that it's worth steaming up the kitchen to make it. (& I confess to setting up a pedestal fan in the kitchen so I didn't dissolve into a waxy puddle!) Half the batch has been tucked away for my Beloved Geek Boy & I to enjoy on those "I don't feel like cooking" nights & half went to Mum & Dad for their pantry. It's only fair, since they found the seconds tomatoes on a recent Sunday drive. :0) Somehow, homemade pasta sauce always tastes better than the bought stuff ... & I know exactly what's in it. I often wish I had more time to cook more things 'from scratch' . Maybe when I become independently wealthy & don't have to have a grown up job. Then again, I'd probably get so caught up in sewing projects that my good intentions would go up in ... STEAM! :0)

There's also been a bit of experimental design/stitching work going on, but I want to work on it a bit more before I share. Stay tuned! :0)

And speaking of stitching ... Have you signed up to be part of the One Project A Month challenge for 2017 with me & my GORGEOUS Partner-In-Crime Sweet Peg? The idea is to try to finish at least one project every month, which gives you a minimum of 12 finishes by the end of the year. And it helps motivate us all to take some time out of our crazy busy lives to relax, create & take a bit of time to recharge our batteries. It you think you'd like to play along, check out my previous post to find out how. You've got until the end of February to add your name.

But right now, I think I'm off to chop some bacon, mushrooms & olives to add to a yummy  bottle of pasta sauce for dinner. :0) Til next time ...




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