Sunday, 15 May 2016

Foodie Festival Fun!!

Hello everyone out there in blogland! Sorry to have been a bit absent again ... this crazy head cold is just hanging on and draining the ol' energy banks, so there hasn't been much happening here. But since today was a perfect Autumn day, we decided to head off on a little outing.

See? Lovely autumn day complete with gorgeous bronze leaves. :0) Our outing was to the annual Hampton Food Festival, just a five minute drive up the road. It's a lovely day of showcasing local produce ... so wonderful to have all those delicious foodie treasures in one spot. :0) First stop ...

... DEEEEEEEEELICIOUS vanilla bean ice cream with raspberry and blueberry coolie from locally grown raspberries and blueberries.

My Beloved Geek Boy couldn't wait to tuck into the blueberry coolie. :0) I confess my raspberry treat didn't last long either! Tee! Hee! Hee! Thus fortified, we continued to wander around until we discovered ...

... Some yummy Greek salt and feta balls ... YIASOU! :0) We had to keep our strength up to keep exploring, right?! :0) Aparently there was some Greek dancing at that stall later in the day ... think I'm glad we missed that one, though!! :0)

So, after a lovely time wandering, exploring and soaking up the delicious autumn sun we took ourselves off home to enjoy a late lunch picnic with our gathered goodies ...

A cheese platter, some marinated olives, some ewe-gurt (yogurt made from sheep milk) and some toasted olive and herb foccasia. YUMMO!! We love these kind of lunches and it's even nicer when the tasty treaties support local producers. Can't wait for next year's picnic! :0)

I hope you've all had a relaxing weekend with some tasty treaties. :0) I'm planning to do a bit of sketching and tracing this week to prepare for a girly weekend of stitching next weekend, so hopefully I'll have some stitching to share with you soon. And hopefully my energy will come back soon too. :0) Have a fantastic week. Til next time ...



Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mothers' Day & OPAM Winner!!

Hello to you all out there in blogland on this Mothers' Day Sunday ... and a special hello to all of you who are Mums ... including the Mums of fur-babies, cos they count, too. :0)

Things here have been pretty low-key, with a bit of Secret Squirrel sewing and not much else. My Beloved Geek Boy is finding his feet in his new job and I'm still doing battle with the nasty head cold bug that ambushed me ... I'm really hoping it gets gone soon, cos I'm over stuffy noses, sore throats and asthma flare-ups. GRRRR!!

However, since today IS indeed a special day, I hit the kitchen to prepare a special lunch for my Mum. We're fortunate enough to catch up with Mum and Dad most weekends when they have lunch with us after attending church in the country town near us, but I wanted to make today a little more special for Mothers' Day ...

Since it was a lovely, mild autumn day we sat out on our verandah and enjoyed lovely tender steak from a local butcher topped with QLD prawns in a garlic and cream sauce, accompanied by home made potato salad and some crispy fresh salad. Here's Mum ready to tuck in ... you can see from Dad's plate that he's a meat and potatoes kind of bloke! Tee! Hee! Hee! This feast was washed down with sparkling apple juice and followed by ...

Pavlova ... YUMMO!! :0)  You can see Dad's not too sure about Mum being given a big sharp knife! Tee! Hee! Hee! I confess that the pavlova was a bought base, but I chopped up the fruit in the centre and whipped the cream topping it, so that should count for something, right?! :0) And that's home grown passion fruit on top. Can I tell you ... we all waddled away from the table and there MAY have been some post-lunch kindy-kips taken to digest our feast! :0) Mum's gifties were of the plant variety, as she loves to potter in the garden. 

I have to say that not only do I love my Mum dearly, she's one of my heroes. She is so generous with her time and caring of those around her ... growing up I watched her cook meals for people who were unwell or just home from hospital stays, send cards and gifts to people who needed a little cheer-up boost, invite folks with no family to meals for special occasions so they weren't alone and our house was like grand central station with family and friends coming and going, knowing they were always welcome and that there was a spare bed if they needed it. I've always said that if I turn out to be HALF the woman my Mum is, I'll be doing pretty darn well! :0) 


So ... after the post-feast kindy-kips and Mum and Dad heading off home, I realised it was my turn to do the random prize draw for OPAM. OOPS! I keep losing days! :0) So, for April we had ...


WOO! HOO!! Well done to everyone who had a part to play in that tally. Isn't it incredibly satisfying to look back at our finishes list and see how that tally grows month by month? And to those of you who didn't get to add to your tally, but made some good progress on long-term projects or just took a bit of time out to read inspiring magazines, books, blogs or Pinterest to recharge your creative batteries ... well done to you, too, for remembering to take some time out just for YOU. When life is busy we need to protect those little pockets of "ME" time to catch our breath, recharge and re-energise before diving back into life's crazy whirlwind. :0)

Having done the random draw, the name bouncing up was ...

Congratulations Inger! Please email me with your snail mail address and I'll pop a little something in the mail for you soon. A big thank you to all of you who emailed your finishes to me and my GORGEOUS Partner-In-Crime Sweet Peg this month ... it is a big help to us! :0)

That's about it from me for today, but I promise to be back soon with some exciting photos of some BIG CHANGES that have happened behind the scenes here at the Meares' Madhouse ... I wonder if you can guess what has been happening??? :0) For now, though, I'm off to have a shower and snuggle into my dagging-around-the-house clothes, then curl up under my blankie with a bowl of hot soup to enjoy a quiet evening with my Sweetie before we're into a very hectic new week. Hope you've has a lovely weekend and may your week be full of random kindnesses ... both received and given! :0) Til next time ...



Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A Quick Email Issue!

Just a popping back in with a quick note about email. A few of you have said you've had problems getting emails through to me ... and I think I've worked out the problem.

My Beloved Geek Boy changed the server that my emails are routed through when he changed jobs, as it had been coming through his old workplace' server. This DOESN'T change my email ADDRESS, it is still ...

HOWEVER ... if you've tried to email me by clicking on "REPLY" from an older email I may have sent you, this may be trying to send it through the old server ... which won't work. So ... if you HAVE experienced any problems trying to email me please double-check that you're sending to the address.

Don't you just LOVE how computers SIMPLIFY our lives?!?!?!?! :0) Til next time ...




That's what's happened to me ... I've been AMBUSHED! ... by a nasty cold bug. BLECH!!

So, not much happening here at the moment. I've been laying low and trying to recuperate ... SIGH!!

Feeling somewhat under the weather also means that I'm running somewhat behind on the blog hopping for OPAM this month ... not many emailed tallies have arrived in my email in box, so it will take me a little while to hop around. Stay tuned for the prize draw in the next few days.

Hope all of you are feeling less snuffly and clogged up than I am at the moment and that you're finding some time to be creative. I promise to be back soon to show you the result of some of my Secret Squirrel sewing, but right now I think I'm off to drown my sorrows in a hot cup of tea. Til next time ...



Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Weekend Away!

Hello there all my bloggy buddies and Happy Hump Day to you! ;0) This week seems to be flying past at the speed of sound ... I guess that's what happens when you sneak one of the week days onto the end of the weekend ... not that I'm complaining, you understand! :0)

My Beloved Geek Boy and I decided to take advantage of two things this past weekend ...

1) Extra day in the long weekend, so a chance to do something special
2) Mum and Dad were house-sitting in the Glasshouse Mountains

So, it was bag-packing time and we headed off on a short road trip. Saturday was travel day and the arvo was spent with all four of us sprawled around the lounge room reading books/iPads and chatting, but Sunday dawned warm and sunny, so was the perfect day for a bit of exploration.

On a previous visit to the area, we'd tried to visit a privately created botanic garden, but rain had prevented us from really enjoying much of  a look around, so we headed off for a repeat visit. Boy! Had these gardeners been BUSY!!! The site had more than doubled in area, as well as adding a petting zoo and large walk-through aviary ... well worth a visit.

So off we headed to admire the gardens. The gardens are on quite a steep slope, but have been gently terraced to create many lovely garden 'rooms' which are all linked with a variety of water features ... ponds, big splashy waterfalls, trickling streams, small tinkly waterfalls ... water was the link, along with the various stepping stones and bridges that enabled us to progress ...

Here's Dad, Mum and GB all looking very impressed that I wanted a photo of them! Tee! Hee! Hee! Being on such a sloping piece of land, the views all the way through the gardens were truly spectacular, with the iconic Glasshouse Mountain peaks front and centre ...

If I had a view like this out my back window I'd never get ANYTHING done - I'd be too busy gazing out the window! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Now, after a couple of hours of wandering up and down this VERY steep garden (it was more noticeable on the way back UP ... funnily enough!!) we were all starting to get a wee bit peckish, so we took ourselves off to find a nice cafe/coffee shop. Being a long weekend, most food places we passed were chock-a-block and overflowing, so we headed to a nice little garden coffee/gift shop GB and I had discovered at Maleny on a previous visit. It was pretty busy too, but we found a nice table in the garden and were lucky enough to be entertained while we waited ...

We were serenaded by the music of harps, mandolin and guitar ... BEAUTIFUL!! The harps had such a magical tone to them ... I quite expected faeries to start dancing around the garden ... instead we just had Dad singing along to a few Irish folk tunes he recognised! Not quite as ethereal! Tee! Hee! Hee!

It was a lovely quick break away before heading home for GB to start his new job this week ... and today I was off to the dentist AGAIN to progress my root canal - BLECH!! Hope you had something more fun than a dental visit on your agenda. Oh ... OPAMers ... end of month is sneaking up, so don't forget to update your sidebar list of finishes and email me or my GORGEOUS Partner-In-Crime Sweet Peg. Right ... off to carefully sip on a cup of chicken noodle soup while I wait for my poor numb face to have feelin returned ... trying hard not to dribble everywhere! :0) Til next time ...



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