Monday, 13 August 2018

Monday Blues!

Hello to everyone out there in blogland! I've got the Monday blues today ... I've been ambushed by the third head cold this winter & I'm over feeling yucky! SIGH! It's only a cold, but it's getting me down. Everything is stuffed up, I'm wheezing & coughing, but the junk I can feel on my chest isn't budging, my ribs hurt from coughing & I've got a stinker of a headache. All of which means I'll survive, but I'm just feeling miserable. The headache means I can't even stitch. SIGH!

So to stop myself from wallowing I thought I'd share a couple of photos from our weekend away. It was This cutie's birthday on Saturday ...

And we celebrated with a weekend away, renting a townhouse from friends at Sandstone Point with this view ...

The water was Pumicestone Passage & that's the bridge from the mainland over to Bribie Island. There was a shopping play date with my Bestest-Buddy-Since-We-Were-Nine Lynette on Friday, a bit of fun driving Saturday morning, massages Saturday afternoon (not quite as relaxing as hoped since I had a bit of a panic attack when I lay face down & felt like I couldn't breathe with both sinuses & chest clogged up with cold. Very patient massage therapist found a way around it, though.) and Saturday night was time for a special dinner date ...

... With two very special friends & their hubbies. The gorgeous Kerryanne & lovely Lilly Linda were my first two Bloggy buddies ... In fact, it was Kerryanne who encouraged me to start a blog to promote my Tag Along Teddies designs. Linda was the second blog I started following & I visited the shop she was running at the time & became friends. After lots of three way chats, we all met in person about six years ago for a weekend at Mt Tambourine and although we had a blast & said we'd do it again, three busy schedules hadn't allowed it until this weekend. So much fun to catch up & chat in real life ... Even if I was starting to feel pretty crumby thanks to my head cold. And since it was my Beloved Geek Boy's birthday, there had to be candles ...

Thank you for a fun catch up Kerryanne & Linda ... We'll have to do it again sometime ... When I'm feeling a lot better.

Then it was home to our freezing 'hill' & I decided to take myself out of the mix today to try to kill this cold. Can't say I'm feeling much better, but maybe a nap or two will help. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend & that you're feeling better about Monday than I am. Til next time ...



Friday, 10 August 2018

Count Down To Fun!

Another super busy week has rushed by in a blur. My grown up job hours have officially extended for the foreseeable future until our head office decides what it's doing about replacing the manager. In the meantime, I'm picking up a lot of the office workload ... Which in some cases is just doing a bit more of what I had already been doing but in other things, the learning curve has been vertical! :0) 

So I'm extra excited to be heading off for a weekend away with my Beloved Geek Boy this weekend to celebrate his birthday, to rest up a bit & catch up with some friends I haven't seen for a while ... How exciting! :0) I promise to share pics. The weekend of relaxing might also kick-start my designing mojo that seems to currently be buried under a pile of adulting ... After all, I recently treated myself to something special ...

 Isn't it YUMMY!!! It's Bunny Hill & I'm thinking it will be a quilt when it grows up. I've started playing with some ideas, but this weekend might be a good time for some more thinking on it.

In the meantime, I'd better hit the hay to store up some sleep ... I've been counting down to the fun all week ... One more sleep! :0) Have fun & take care. Til next time ...



Saturday, 4 August 2018

A Quick Pop In!

Hello to you all! I hope you've had a great week. It's been another topsy turvy week here ... I'm starting to worry that topsy turvy is the new normal around here ... Uh! Oh! Still, I did finally get to spend some time with my beloved sewing machine this week & even had a finish to add to my July total ... YAY! :0) Wanna see?? 

It's a Christmas pouch. The stitchery is a cutie designed by my gorgeous blogging buddy Michelle & one I've had stitched up for a while & hadn't made into a project. So when I was itchin' to do some stitchin' I pulled it out of my stitching pouch & played. It's bound for the Christmas giftie box & finished with fabrics from my stash ... NICE!! :0)

Speaking of finishes ... OPAM gals ... Have you remembered to update your sidebar list & email your tally to me or my GORGEOUS Partner-In-Crime Sweet Peg? If not you'd better get hopping.

One of the bumps in our road this week was the passing of Scott's Grandma. It's one of those odd happy/sad things ... She'll be missed a lot ... But at one month shy of 103 ... She LIVED! She was very active into her 80's & always had a lovely smile & found something to laugh at. Her funeral today will really be a celebration of a life full of love & well lived. I think that's what I'd like as my epitaph. :0) 

This photo was taken during a recent visit with Gran Kent. Just as she enjoyed ... Surrounded by family.

So ... Give your special people an extra big hug whenever you see them & take some time out for yourself this weekend. Til next time ...



Saturday, 28 July 2018

Friend Plus Road Trip Equals FUN!!

Aaahhh ... Friday! How I look forward to you ... Especially when you include a fun road trip with a friend! :0) 

Yesterday started a little earlier than my ideal Friday, but it was well worth it. The Fabulous Fiona & I hit the road to Warwick, an hour away, to enjoy some of the festivities that are part of the annual Jumpers & Jazz Festival. And what a fun day we had. :0) You might like to grab a cuppa cos I've got a photo or two ... Or TWENTY to share! :0P

We started our day with a visit to Glenrose Patchwork to visit the fabric. No pictures ... To protect the not-so-innocent! Tee! Hee! Hee! And then, of course, we needed to restore our energy, so we had a coffee stop ...

Scones for Fiona & banana bread for me ... YUMMO! Thus fortified, we ventured forth to walk along the main street & admire the 'yarn bombing' displays ...

The sun was in the wrong spot to get the mermaid tail in the photo properly, but aren't the colours pretty. (Notice my beautiful assistant showing it off. :0)

It's Postman Ted & the cheeriest mailbox you've ever seen. :0)

Even the statuary got in on the woolly act. :0)

A little sit-down to rest our feet. This display included red roses of different shades & sizes representing the song "65 Roses" which is about cystic fibrosis.

Hmmm ... Pretty cake, but leaves your mouth a bit furry! :0P

This was the winner of the competition ... Knitted Christmas in July. The names of the display's creators are on Santa's "Nice" list. All of the gifties are knitted & the tree leaves were individually created. Lots of work & a well deserved win.

This display was outside the local gallery ... Pineapples & flaming mangoes. :0)

You've heard of the Pope-mobile? Well this is the wool-mobile. :0) The seat certainly wouldn't have been cold in winter.

This whole scene was knitted ... Including individual leaves & the grass was hundreds of pom-poms.

Afternoon tea, anyone?

The gallery featured a textile art display...

The expanding galaxy was the theme.

We'd worked up quite an appetite with all our walking, so we rested our feet over a yummy lunch ... That I was too busy eating to photograph. :0P Then there was time to check out some more yarn bombing displays ...

This rural scene went all the way round the pole but these people were completely oblivious to the two people pointing cameras at it & wouldn't move out of the way. SIGH!

This Noah's ark display was done by the animal rescue group & was very cute. Last stop for the day was a spinners & weavers display ...

And this colourful character greeted us. Then it was time to climb back into the car & head for home. Thank you so much for a FANTASTIC day Fabulous Fiona  We'll have to go on some more adventures ... I think I just heard two husbands go, "UH OH!" Tee! Hee! Hee!

May your weekend be full of adventures ... & your OPAM list updated! ;0) Til next time ...



Saturday, 21 July 2018

Therapy For A Tired Brain!

Here we are again, another week has whizzed by in the blink of an eye. The only comfort in that is that winter should soon be over & my favoured warm weather back to cheer me up ... Though looking at the current temperature here (10 degrees & dropping fast!) I'm not holding my breath. 

Life continues to be crazy busy here in the Meares' Madhouse for my Beloved Geek Boy & me ... Both of us are putting in extra hours at our grown up jobs due to being short-staffed. There's not a lot of quiet uninterrupted time at home & we're both starting to feel it a bit ... I think my brains might have leaked out of my ears! :0P 

So it was the perfect therapy for me last weekend to spend time with my crazy Friday Night Sit N Stitch buddies at a mini retreat ...

Wendy's crochet rug was so cheerful ... Just don't ask her what she was doing with the white wool! :0P And Julie was taking a rest from messing up Fiona's workspace to stitch down the binding on a Christmas wall hanging. (See Fiona's blog for the story about Julie & the messy workspace! :0) )

And here's Chriss, Gail & Sue hard at work with the Hostess-With-The-Mostest Miss Marion checking out their progress. Now, like all of our retreats organised by the Marvellous Marion, we enjoyed delicious food, but Saturday night dinner was a bit special ...

... The table was set, bunting was hung and ...

... Yummy food was consumed with bubbles ... CHEERS! And why were we enjoying bubbles & a special meal?

To celebrate Miss Kerrie's birthday ... A little early, but why quibble about a few days when you can celebrate with friends? :0) The day was wonderful, soothing therapy for my poor overloaded brain ... Though a week or two of uninterrupted time at home would be good too! :0P Thank you Miss Marion for organising yet another fantastic sewing weekend.

And this weekend ... Is catch up weekend. Errands to run, chores to catch up on & pattern instructions to be edited ... That's tomorrow's job. What are you up to this weekend? I hope it includes some fun stuff for you. :0) Now I'm off to hunt up some dinner. Til next time ...



Friday, 13 July 2018

Some Makeover Magic!!

Greetings to all you gorgeous, groovy gals out there in blogland. I hope you've had a fantastic week. It's been another super busy one for me with my grown up job & it included me heading into work on my 'day off', but I'm feeling pretty good at the end of it ... & that's a great thing to be able to say, don't you think? :0)

I know I've been excusing my lack of creativity & absence from blogland by blaming my grown up job a lot, but it's been a bit of a bumpy ride there over the last few months. You see, my boss went off on stress leave rather abruptly & unplanned, which went on for over two months, being extended fortnightly, which left things unsettled & up in the air for the three of us staff members left to keep things running smoothly. He then put in his resignation & collected his personal belongings from our shared office ... A donger (container) that was originally intended to be a temporary office ... About 20 years ago! :0P As it was temporary, the furniture was all odd bits & pieces & one & a half walls were lined with bookcases full of my boss's reference books. It was rather cluttered! So it was a shock to see it when much of the furniture was collected ...

... The walls were grey, the floor was dingy grey, badly marked in places & a few carpet off cuts were plonked in the middle & it had glaring fluro lights. Well ... My head office manager decided it was a good opportunity to give me a nicer working environment & although it's had to happen gradually in between work for the maintenance guys over the last month, it's finally finished ... YAY! I've felt like I've been working in a construction zone for so long it's a relief to come to the end. Drumroll ...

... The same space today. Bit of difference, right?! :0) The fluros have been replaced with softer round LEDs, ceiling painted white, walls painted a fresh green called "Frisky", lovely wood-look flooring put down, new MATCHING, less bulky furniture ... & a couple of plants. And up the other end of the office is MY work space ...

A bit more "stuff" but that's because the Manager's end is unoccupied at present & mine is being used. It's so much lighter, brighter & more welcoming, which is exactly what you want for the man office of a retirement village. :0) I'm keeping an eye out for some nice black frames to hang some forest prints of some sort & tossing up whether or not the windows need a cafe curtain type frill to soften them a bit, but it's a HUGE improvement & all achieved on a shoestring budget. :0) I'm hoping the less cluttered space helps my head be less cluttered ... But maybe we can't expect miracles! Tee! Hee! Hee!

So that's what has been keeping me busy & away from my sewing, but I'm off to a mini sewing retreat tomorrow with my wild & crazy Friday Night Sit N Sew tribe, so there MIGHT be some sewing done ... Amidst the chatting, cuppas, giggling & yummy food! :0) I hope your weekend is full of wonderful things & time spent with your special people. Til next time ...



Sunday, 8 July 2018

Winter Birthday Celebrations & OPAM Winners!

Greetings to you all from the top of our frozen 'hill' today. After a couple of weeks of moderate weather, winter came swooping back in like a vengeful Valkyrie overnight. This was what my weather ap told me this morning when I first poked my nose out from under the doona ...

Can I tell you, after a quick trip to the loo, I dived straight back into my warm bed-burrow cos it definitely felt like -0.4 degrees!! EEP!!

When we eventually crawled out of bed, my Beloved Geek Boy reminded me why he's my hero ... He ventured out into the gale force winds to get wood to light the fire. What a man! :0) Which was just as well because we were hosting a winter birthday lunch today for ...

... This handsome fella! :0) Can't half tell we're related, can you?! :0P This is actually a pic taken when we celebrated his 70th last year ... Which we also hosted ... I think it's our 10 seater table that gets us elected! Tee! Hee! Hee! Today's lunch was a small family affair with GB & yours truly, Mum & Dad & Dad's cousin & his lovely wife ...

We had a yummy winter hotpot lunch with several dessert options ... Which we all had a taste of everything ... Guess there are some family traits showing there! Tee! Hee! Hee! It was a wonderful time of chatting & catching up. Happy Birthday for another year, Pa! Hope you enjoy your bag of goodies! :0) He's pretty easy to please, my Dad ... A packet of cashews, a packet of macadamia nuts & a packet of chocolate coated honeycomb & he's in birthday heaven. :0)

And while I was in giftie-giving mode ... I've done the June OPAM prize draw. Thanks to everyone who sent their monthly tally through ... June was obviously a busy creative time, with 151 finishes ... Our biggest monthly tally this year! Well done everyone! And even if you didn't get to add to that total, but made some good progress on some long term projects, give yourself a pat on the back for staying motivated. :0) Random draw winners of the stitchery this month are ...


Congrats, gals! Drop me an email & I'll send you a PDF copy of the prize stitchery.

Well ... That's about it from me today. I hope you're all having a restful weekend & that the coming week treats you kindly. I get the nasty feeling I'll be spending the next few days expecting to see penguins & polar bears playing outside my window. :0P You know how much I hate being cold! BRRRRR! I think I'd better go warm up with a cup of tea ... You're probably not surprised, right?! :0) Til next time ...



Sunday, 1 July 2018

Checking In & OPAM Reminder!

Greetings to all you gorgeous creatures out there in blogland from the top of our grey & gloomy 'hill' this stay-in-bed Sunday! It's a rare & valued quiet day at home for us today with me catching up on my grown up house chores & my Beloved Geek Boy snuffling & coughing his way through a nasty head cold ... It's not my fault! His lurgy has lots of different symptoms to mine so I refuse to accept responsibility. :0)

Once again it's been a crazy busy week here at the Meares' Madhouse. I've done a lot of extra time at my grown up job, GB has worked some big days & we spent yesterday doing a first aid course. It's one of those things we've both talked about doing but kept putting off, but we now have pretty certificates to say we're able to help in emergency situations. I'm hoping it's a bit like insurance ... If you HAVE it, you probably won't NEED it. I'll just keep hanging out with all my nurse friends so they can take the lead in an emergency ... The patient would probably prefer that too! :0)

So ... Once again there hasn't been a lot of sewing happening, though I HAVE spent a bit of time working on instructions for Holly Bear & finished a belated birthday giftie for one of our nephews ...

It's a rainbow unicorn! He's made from a Melly & Me pattern from some fabric my sister-in-law sent me that was an off cut from a baby wrap she purchased from Wrapture Australia. The fabric was a bit heavier than quilting fabric, which gave me a few challenges, but I think he looks pretty handsome.

I need to get him in the mail now ... Once I work out how to wrap a unicorn. :0)

So ... My finish tally for June actually has something on it. :0) And speaking of finishes ... All of you lovely OPAMers, it's time to update your sidebar lists & email your finish tally to me or my GORGEOUS Partner-In-Crime Sweet Peg. Thanks to those who have already done so ... Sweet Peg & I will be doing our blog hopping in the next couple of days, so get cracking. :0)

Right now , though, I think it's time for a nice cup of tea in front of the fire before I convince myself to get back to instruction writing ... SIGH! I hope you're enjoying a relaxing Sunday whatever you're up to & that you have a fabulous week. Til next time ...



Tuesday, 26 June 2018

A Winter Play Date!

Greetings to all of you gorgeous creatures from the top of our grey, overcast & wintery 'hill' this freezing Tuesday. It really is a bleak old day here ... Perfect for snuggling up in front of the fire & catching you up on the crazy carry-ons from the Meares' Madhouse. :0)

Last week saw the winter solstice come & go amidst some of our coldest, nastiest winter weather yet ... 1-3 degrees at 8:30am for three days in a row is NOT the sort of temperature that makes this summer gal happy! BRRRRR! Thankfully, it warmed up a bit for the end of the week, just in time for a sleep over play date with my Bestest-Buddy-Since-We-Were-Nine Lynette. YAY! :0)

Friday saw us hit our usual haunts in Toowoomba of second hand & antique shops, with a yummy lunch at The Springs cafe/nursery/gift shop. No treasures discovered, so we headed home for adult beverages in front of the fire. :0)

Saturday saw us convince my Beloved Geek Boy to take us on a little drive north to Cooyar (it's a pretty small dot on local maps) to visit a lovely lady I found through Gumtree, who has a mini collectibles/bric-a-brac shop set up in a shed & who opens her shop by appointment, as well as selling treasures online. I met Julie a couple of years ago & finally got around to introducing Lynette. FUN! :0) We both found some goodies to adopt ... Lynette found a pink Depression Glass vase & I found ...

... A pretty sandwich platter & six matching plates. The platter has been damaged & repaired, but the colours were so pretty that I just had to bring it home with me. :0) We then popped in to Bunnyconnellon olive grove & winery for ...

... A little wine tasting. Well ... Lynette & GB tasted ... I'm a bit of a wine barbarian ... I only like sweet wines. :0P .. So I had mineral water. We then decided to put an order in for lunch & find a comfy spot in the sun to warm up & wait ...

... & enjoy the serenity. :0) It's not showing up in the photo, but there was a mob of sheep down near the fence, but other than a few stray "BAAAAAH" sounds in the distance, it was quiet & peaceful ... The perfect spot for ...

... Devouring a DEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS ploughman's platter ... Fresh baked bread, crumbly vintage cheddar cheese, olives, cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumber, ham off the bone, crunchy pear, fruit chutney, boiled eggs ... YUMMO!! :0) 

Nothing left but an empty platter & crumbs. :0) It really was a lovely way to spend a Saturday ... & did I mention there's a wonderful gift shop, too?? :0) If you're looking for a nice spot for a lazy weekend lunch, I'd highly recommend a visit to Bunnyconnellon. It's just north of Crows Nest so an easy country drive from Toowoomba, Dalby, or even Brisbane. They have a FB page but for some reason I can't get the link to copy/paste properly. TECHNOLOGY!! 

So ... That was my weekend ... What did YOU get up to? Whatever was on your agenda, I hope you enjoyed some time with your favourite people. And since its already Tuesday, the week is off & running at full speed, with more crazy busy stuff at my grown up job being compounded by my office being given a facelift ... I'm excited about it, but since it's a small space (my office is a donger that was set up as a 'temporary' office space about 20 years ago!) & I'm still having to work in the chaos of moved furniture, drop cloths & paint fumes, it's a wee bit challenging! :0P Still ... I can't complain about being bored! :0) Enjoy the rest of your week! Til next time ...



Friday, 15 June 2018

Ambushed! ... Again!!

A croaky, sniffly, coughy hello to all of you gorgeous creatures out there in blogland. I hope you're all well ... Which is something I'm NOT at the moment ... DARN IT! I've been ambushed by my second head cold of winter & feeling rather miserable. I usually manage to get through winter with just one head cold but this one was sneaky. SIGH!

So, between feeling miserable, not sleeping very well due to breathing apparatus not functioning at full capacity & longer than usual hours at my grown up job, there hasn't been anything creative happening here. I had thought today might be a sewing day, but I keep having long blinks ... In between snuffling & coughing! So I've given in, put some "Easy Air" essential oil blend in the diffuser ...

... And am snuggled under my trusty flannel blankie reading a Nora Roberts book ...

... In between long blinks! I may just stay here til spring. :0) If only I had someone to bring me hot toddies & bowls of homemade chicken soup. Ah well ... Will have to make my own cuppas & settle for chicken noodle Cuppa-Soup, I think. :0) Hopefully this cold clears up soon so my sewing mojo comes back ... Maybe next week. :0)

I think it's time to crawl out to make one of those hot cuppas so I'll sign off for now. Have a fabulous weekend, everyone & watch out for lurking lurgies! :0) Til next time ...



Friday, 8 June 2018

Last Weekend!

A big hello to all you gorgeous creatures out there in blogland! Here we are, it's Friday again. Have you had a good week? I confess that mine has been another challenging & crazy-busy one with some big changes happening in my grown up job & lots of after-work errands needing to be run this week. It's been a bit of a topsy-turvy ride again, to the point where it's the weekend again ... & I'm just getting around to telling you about LAST weekend! I really am starting to meet myself coming as I'm going! :0)

So ... Last Saturday saw my Beloved Geek Boy & I crawl out of our warm cosy bed fairly early ... On our night-owl scale of measurement! :0P And we headed off down our 'hill' on one of our mini road trips to Nambour to meet up with my Bestest-Buddy-Since-We-Were-Nine Lynette & her Sweetie to explore the vintage & collectable offerings at Collectorama. I think the husbands thought their presence might stop Lynette & I adopting TOO many goodies ... Not sure that theory worked! Tee! Hee! Hee! I wasn't TOO naughty ... But I DID find a few pretty treasures to adopt ...

Both Lynette & I seem to have a strange attraction to pretty jugs. :0) The little rosey jug is very close to the pattern on a couple of trios I've had for years, so it had to come home with me. The trio of jugs was a VERY good price, marked down a bit because the smallest is slightly damaged ... If you look very closely ... I just love the thatched cottages. :0) And the biscuit plate was too pretty to pass over ... I love the creamy background with the pretty flower colours popping against it ... Plus ... It's a nice practical plate for special afternoon teas.

After Lynette & I had adopted all of the pretties our budgets would allow, Lynette's Sweetie suggested a lunch destination he'd heard of in nearby Palmwood ...

Rick's Garage is a VERY happening place on weekends & we were fortunate to get a table ... Parking was a bit of a challenge, but after a hike up a VERY steep hill, I felt like I'd earned my lunch! :0) Rick's is a 50's/garage/mechanical themed eatery, with the decor & grounds sporting mechanical paraphernalia ...

... Like the penny farthing above the sign created from an old bicycle tyre. 

Here's the four of us ready to dig into our yummy lunch. (PSSST! Don't you think GB & Lynette's Sweetie look like they could be brothers? :0P Their birthday is even the same day, though a few years apart ... Pretty funny coincidence, right?!)

And the food?

... Was DEEEEEEEELICIOUS!! I had the chicken salad which was lovely & fresh & flavoursome. There were four clean plates at the end of the meal! :0) After a lovely relaxing time of chatting over adult beverages, we parted ways & made our way back up the 'hill', enjoying the lovely scenery along the way ...

It was a perfect day ... Sunny & warm, perfect for showcasing the Glasshouse Mountains.

Aren't the colours gorgeous? It's very dry & brown here, so we enjoyed the lush green along our trip. Thanks to my Bestest-Buddy & her Sweetie for such an enjoyable day.

After our very full Saturday, we had planned to have a quiet Sunday to catch up on our grown up chores ... But the best laid plans of mice & men ... We ended up hosting GB's folks for lunch & having a couple of his friends pop in as they were passing by. And during lunch GB's Mum received a call from the nursing home in a nearby town where her 102 year old Mother, GB's Gran Kent, resides, to say she'd been a bit low & perhaps family should visit ... Just in case. So, we jumped in the car & headed off.

GB with Gran Kent. She roused several times while we were all there & even ate some of her dinner, so that was good ... & this week she seems to have been a bit brighter. Family is precious, isn't it?!

So ... With several busy weeks being sandwiched together with equally busy (though lots more enjoyable!!) weekends, GB & I are planning a quiet catchup weekend at home for the next couple of days, though I think there might be some sewing snuck into the schedule there. :0) Speaking of sewing ... My GORGEOUS OPAM Partner-In-Crime Sweet Peg has done the prize draw ... Have you checked in with her blog? If not, maybe you should. :0)

Right now, however, I hear the kettle calling my name. I think I'm going to snuggle under my blankie with a cup of tea & something to keep my hands busy & enjoy some episodes of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries ... I love the series starring Essie Davis & Nathan Page, as well as the books by Kerry Greenwood the series is based on. Murder mysteries with 1920's style, fashions, music, panache & clever humour ... Gotta love it! :0) I wish you all a fantastic weekend spent doing something you enjoy with the special people in your life. Til next time ...



PS I'm not sure if blogger/Google have sorted out the comments issue, but thank you to all who leave comments & visit my little corner of blogland. I do read & appreciate all comments, even if I don't get to respond. :0)

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