Friday, 16 August 2019


YAY! It's Friday & I'm home all day! :0) That means slouching around in my comfy-est daggy houseclothes, some lovely quiet, some instruction writing (BLECH!!) & some stitching on ... You guessed it! Another Secret Squirrel project! :0P I know ... I'm such a tease! :0) Wanna see a sneaky-peeky?? Of the project ... NOT me in my comfy daggy houseclothes cos that would be scary!! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Isn't that a pretty Cottage Garden thread?! It's "Granny Bonnet". This project is still evolving. Sometimes when I start designing a project I can picture exactly how it will look finished & how to achieve that look ... But others start with a stitchery & kind of evolve & grow. That's how this project is unfolding. Stay tuned ... & so will I! :0P

Whatever you're doing this Friday & weekend I hope you find some time to do what makes you smile. :0D Til next time ...



Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Big Birthday Bash & OPAM

Hello everyone out there in blogland! I hope you're all well & having a good week so far. Life in the Meares' Madhouse has been a little madder than usual over the past week, so I'm running late with the July OPAM random draw ... But I promise I have a really good excuse. :0)

You see ... This past weekend saw a certain someone celebrate a milestone, 'zero' birthday. I'll give you a hint ...

This blue eyed cutie has been gracing the planet with his presence for 50 years! So of COURSE there was a party! :0) My Friday off from my grown up job became a cooking day rather than a sewing day, but it was worth the lack of sewing, sore feet from standing in the kitchen & worrying whether there would be enough food (between my sister-in-law & I we could have fed several infantry battalions! Tee! Hee! Hee!) when my Beloved Geek Boy had a blast with the important people in his life ... As well as some new 'friends', because he shared the celebrations with his brother-in-law who hits his milestone next week. Wanna see some pics? :0)

Here's the birthday boy with some of his work friends.

And here he is with his good mate Terry ... GB helped Terry celebrate earlier in the year ... Don't you love it when you hit one of those runs in life? Everyone you know is turning 21, then getting married, having children ... Turning 50! :0) You end up partying way more than usual for a year. Tee! Hee! Hee!

GB's cousin Dean & wife Wendy came up from Brisbane & his younger sister Kylie & BILNat joined the fun.

Terry's wife Cathy, the soon-to-be-mother-in-law of one of our nephews, Rachel, GB's older sister Tonia & my Bestest-Buddy-Since-We-Were-Nine Lynette helped us celebrate. (In one of life's weird twists, Lynette's hubby shares GB's birthday ... But is ahead of him a few years!)

Justin & Lynda (Lynda & I met at belly dancing classes) & Lynette's sweetie & fellow birthday boy, Noel.

The co-celebrant & BIL Martin & his band Undercover provided some live party music ...

... As did one of our talented nephews, Harrison. (Not the soon-to-be-married nephew. :0) )

And of course I was there to help celebrate my Sweetie's milestone. I don't think he's changed much since that top photo. Do you?! :0) There were quite a few more people who helped us celebrate, but managed to avoid having their pic taken. :0) And on Sunday we celebrated a bit more on the actual birthday so both GB & Lynette's Sweetie got to enjoy their birthday ...

A DEEEEEELICIOUS breakfast at a little restaurant just five minutes from us, called Emeraude, that uses locally sourced produce wherever possible. Lynette & I have a little giggle when our sweeties are together ... Not only do they share a birthday, but we think they're looking more & more alike as they get older. What do you think? :0)

So ... That's my late-note. :0) But now to OPAM ... July was our most productive month this year ... & with two Secret Squirrel projects finished I can include myself in the tally this time ... WOO! HOO! There were ...


WOW! Not bad! Well done to everyone who added to that tally & good work, too, to those who didn't have finishes but made some progress on longer term projects. We need to remind ourselves to enjoy the doing as well as the having of the finished projects. And the winner of the random draw is ...

Congrats Raewyn! Drop me an email & I'll send you a copy of the prize PDF pattern to enjoy playing with.

WHEW! Well that's it from me today ... I hope you enjoyed the catchup. I'm hoping to have some sewing time this coming weekend, as it will be our last free weekend until the end of September! Yes ... This is a busy time of year for us. :0) Have a fantastic week & don't forget to take some time out to be creative. Til next time ...



Friday, 2 August 2019

Friday Freedom!

It's Friday ... YAY!! I know most of us get that TGIF feeling most weeks (unless it's the end of a holiday week!!) but maybe I feel it more than some because my grown up job happens Monday to Thursday, so Friday is my day off. Now you'd think that with a permanent three-day weekend I'd get way more designing & sewing done than I do, but I find that many Fridays get eaten up in errand running ... Another aspect of the grown up gig. :0P But on rare & wonderful occasions I have the WHOLE FRIDAY FREE to sleep in (until the neighbours start some DIY project that requires a lot of noise!), have a leisurely breakfast & coffee ... Then dive into the creative pool. Today is one of THOSE Friday's! :0D

So I've been sketching & editing, tracing & prepping, colouring & choosing threads ... & I can't show you what I'm doing! Yep ... More Secret Squirrel projects! In fact, I seem to have a whole SCURRY of Secret Squirrels in my creative space at the moment! :0) Did you know a group of squirrels is called a scurry? How cool is that?! And yes ... I had to google it! Tee! Hee! Hee! I know I'm a dreadful tease with my creative pursuits at the moment, but to make up for it, I'll give you a sneaky-peeky ...

Are you intrigued?? :0) Stay tuned ... All will be revealed next month ... I promise! And I have to say, I'm chuffed with how this project turned out. :0)

In the meantime, all of you creative clever clogs OPAMers ... It's time to update your sidebar lists & email me your July tallies. And I was excited to be able to add TWO projects to MY tally for July ... But they're in that Secret Squirrel Scurry. :0) 

And having now teased, tantalised & reminded (couldn't think of a "t" word for reminded!) I'm off to hunt & gather some lunch & a cuppa before I settle down for the afternoon with needle, thread & a fave movie. Hmmm ... Am I in the mood for an Indiana Jones adventure? Or maybe a disaster movie? Maybe an undead mummy will be brought back from the grave? Or maybe I'll ride with King Arthur & his knights ... Decisions, decisions! ;0) Til next time ...



Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Home Again ... SIGH!!

All good things must come to an end ... So they say, though it really doesn't seem fair! :0P My Beloved Geek Boy & I are back from our beachy weekend & had a wonderful time. It was fantastic to have three days of being warm after the nasty cold of last week & we took advantage of it ...

We took long walks along the fabulous Boardwalk that runs right around the bay ...

... Enjoyed dinner at our fave Italian restaurant ...

... Then needed to go for another walk to settle our delicious dinner! :0) And it wouldn't have been a true weekend away without a little shopping ...

OOPS! Would you look at that! Some fabric followed me home! Tee! Hee! Hee! Not sure what I'll do with this tasty lot, but a layer cake & meterage should give me enough to play with. :0) I also enjoyed a chat with Penny, who helped me liberate my new fabricky friends. :0P It occurred to me that my two favourite fabric shops are run by angels ... The Quilters Angel (A.K.A. My Home-Away-From-Home!) & The Patchwork Angel. :0) 

Of course there was also more yummy holiday food ...

AAAAAAAHHHHH! Breakfast with a view ... Mashed avo & poached eggs on sourdough ... In our jammies! ;0)

And fresh prawns from the fish market at the marina, served with crunchy Greek salad. And on our way home, a quick stop in Montville found us ...

... Enjoying DEEEEEEELICIOUS fresh scones with jam & cream. GB thought they were finger-lickin'-good! :0) And when we stopped for a leg stretch at a roadside camp site, we had a chat with one of the locals ...

... Mr Kookaburra, who clearly missed the "sits in an old gum tree" memo. :0P He let me get pretty close, but treated me with the disdain that all transitory interlopers deserve. :0) 

It was worth copping the cold shoulder from the wildlife to sample the views. Though I'm definitely not a camping gal (the only stars I sleep under are FIVE! :0) ) I can see this would be a great spot to spend Mr Kookaburra's decreed one night.

So ... We had a wonderful, relaxing few days & even though it's not coastal weather, we seem to have brought some slightly warmer weather back with us ... & it's nice to be back in our own bed with our own comfy lounge chairs ... I think we're getting old! Tee! Hee! Hee! The rest of this week sees us here at home for a staycation to try to catch up on some of the chores & home jobs that have gone begging during this last couple of very busy months. I'm hoping to make some good progress on my BOM design-in-progress & maybe even some sewing! SHOCK! GASP! :0) 

So ... What are you up to this week? I hope there's some creative time in your schedule & some time to relax & catch your breath. And I'm going to stay in holiday mode by making myself a cuppa. :0) Til next time ...



Friday, 19 July 2019

Weekend Escape!

This past week has been our coldest so far this winter ... An average of 2-15 degrees, though with horrible westerly or south-westerly winds of up to 60km/HR it felt much colder. BRRRRRRRR! And you know how much my Beloved Geek Boy & I hate the cold, so this weekend we've run away from home for a weekend escape ...

... To the beach! Aaaaaahhh! Blue skies (rare on our beach visits as we usually attract rain!) & ocean views from our balcony. Nice! And after dinner we took a stroll along the esplanade ...

... for gelato! YUMMO!! After a super busy, stressful couple of months, we're enjoying escaping for a few days ... Plus it's way warmer than our 'hill'!! :0)

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend, whatever you're doing. Til next time ...



Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Penguin Wrangling & OPAM!

G-G-G-GR-GR-GREETINGS from the top of our frozen 'hill' where winter is definitely making itself felt! BRRRRR! This morning when the alarm went off to drag me out of bed in time to go & impersonate a responsible adult, this was what my weather ap showed me ...

Oh I do hate winter! It just saps all of my energy. In fact, I decided it couldn't be much colder if I was a penguin wrangler! :0) OK ... So I know a lot of you northern hemisphere gals cope with way colder temperatures, but I'm just finding this cold snap to be plain NAAAAAAASTY! Perhaps if I could stay home in front of the fire I'd cope better! :0)

I might even get some sewing & designing done! But I confess that both of our grown up jobs are eating up creative energy at the moment. My grown up job has been quite stressful in the last couple of weeks & my Beloved Geek Boy seems to be at his grown up job more than he's home, as they have just moved into new business premises & he's having to set up networks, servers & other techo stuff as well as managing a particularly busy work schedule at the moment. There've been lots of after work sessions, as well as many weekend hours put in. In fact, this last weekend, I decided that the only way I'd get to spend time with GB was to pitch in ...

Here I am punching down cables ... Sounds impressive, right?! It was actually more about match the coloured wires to their matching notches, but it LOOKS technical, right?! Tee! Hee! Hee! We've got a week's staycation coming up next week, so hopefully that will give me some time to actually SEW! Fingers  crossed! :0)

Some of you, however, have been busy & creative bees with the June OPAM tally being ...


YAY! Well done everyone & a pat on the back to those of you like me, who are plodding along with longer term projects, if you managed to make some progress. Remember ... It's good to enjoy the process, not just the result ... Though results are rather satisfying. :0) And the winner of the random prize draw is ...

Congrats Susan! Drop me an email & I'll send you your PDF pattern prize to play with. :0)

But right now I think it's time to throw another log on the fire & warm myself up with a cup of tea. Stay warm ... Or cool if you're a northern hemisphere summer chickadee ... & enjoy the rest of your week. Til next time ...



Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Media Celebrities & OPAM!

Hello all you lovely creatures out there in blogland! I hope you're having a great week so far. Mine seems to keep slipping away from me ... Someone told me today how many days until Christmas & I was tempted to jingle their bells!! The year is flying past quickly enough without Christmas looming!! :0)

There hasn't been a lot of stitching again this week, so it's just as well I got some good stitching time in on the weekend when our Friday Nutters had a mini retreat, organised brilliantly as always by the Marvellous Marion  We had a fantastic time ... So good, in fact, that I only managed to take one photo. :0P 

Here is the Wonderful Miss Wendy showing off her GORGEOUS dream catcher cushion cover. Didn't she do a great job? Thanks for organising the weekend Marion! (P.S. Do you see Wendy's cute unicorn slippers? & her flamingo bag & umbrella. A few years ago Wendy & I shared a joke on FB about flamingoes & it's been a running joke ever since!)

And speaking of photos ... Yours truly & her Naughty Table Partner-In-Crime, the Fabulous Fiona,  made an appearance in our local paper this week ...

Here we are in all our glory. :0) We popped into a craft fair put on in a local hall to showcase the vast creative talent in the Highfields area & we were snapped enjoying the complementary cuppa & scones with jam & cream. YUMMO! Actually, we had a bit of a giggle at being media stars because last year when we took a little road trip to Warwick for the Jumpers & Jazz festival we were also snapped ... Having lunch! Anyone would think all we do is eat! Tee! Hee! Hee! We decided we're singled out for media attention cos we're usually chatting & laughing away, so we obviously look like we're enjoying the events. :0)

On another subject ... We've changed months in the last few days, so OPAMers ... Update those sidebar tallies & email your list of finishes for June to me & I promise not to be as tardy about doing the prize draw as last month. (Insert sheepish grin!)

But right now I think it's time to light the fire & put the kettle on. Enjoy the tail end of your week. :0) Til next time ...



Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Winter Warmer!

Today was a NAAAAAAASTY wintery day here on top of our 'hill' . It was cold, grey, drizzly & a horrible gale force wind was blowing south-easterly & bringing the snowy chills without the scenic fluffy snow. So after a fun mini play date with the Fabulous Fiona, I tucked myself in for the evening ...

One of the few things I enjoy about winter. :0)

Hope you've had a great day! Til next time ...



Sunday, 23 June 2019

One Thing & Ten Others!!

Well ... Here I am, finally getting back to tell you who the winner of the May OPAM draw is & it's almost time to remind you to send your June tallies! SHEESH! It just seems that June has been a month where if it's not one thing keeping me from sewing & blogging, it's ten others!!

Nasty head cold, dental visit, funeral, major toothache which hadn't been solved by the first dental visit, second dental visit & extraction of said problem tooth & resulting sulking & rocovery time. Throw in internet issues for the last two days, some more changes at my grown up job & some yucky cold weather that you know I just hate & all in all, I'm ready to see the end of June! The only high point is ... June will end with some sewing therapy next weekend when our Friday Nutters gather for a mini retreat. YAY! I just have to find time this week to edit & prep the next block of my Secret Squirrel project so I have something to stitch. :0)

So ... I hope June has been kinder to you than me & that you've enjoyed some quality crafting time. Some of you must have because there were ...


Well done to everyone who contributed to that tally ... Which included my first finish for the year ... FINALLY! :0) And the winner of the random prize draw is ...

Congrats Narelle! Drop me an email & I'll send your PDF prize pattern for you to play with. :0) And a big pat on the back if you're like me & not getting many finishes logged this year, but have been making some good progress on a longer term project. As Dory in "Finding Nemo" would say ... "Just keep swimming!" :0) And to thank you all for being so patient with this slacko blogger, I thought I'd share some sneaky-peakies of my Secret Squirrel project with you. This is the block I've just finished ...

I'm really happy with how it turned out & think I'd like to buy some flowers from this pretty cart. :0) I'll also let you in on a little bit of my secret ... The blocks I'm working on will come together as my very first Block Of The Month design! :0) So you can imagine I'm pretty excited about that, as well as a little bit terrified. :0) And a sneaky-peaky at the block I'm working on now ...

Bottoms up. :0) I'm enjoying working on this project but it is very time consuming so I'm like Dory ... "Just Keep Stitching!!" :0)

But right now I'm off to put the kettle on & hit the design desk (A.K.A. The dining room table cos it's close to the fire! Tee! Hee! Hee!) to start sketching the next block. I hope you're having a fantastic weekend & that your week is full of little blessings ... Cos the little blessings in every day add up to a very blessed life! :0) Til next time ...



Friday, 14 June 2019

Sick Of Being Sick!!

Hello all. Just popping in with a quick explanation & apology for why I've been missing in action & haven't done the last OPAM prize draw yet. I seem to have had a run of health issues in the last few weeks. First a nasty head cold jumped on me & that set my asthma off. And just as I was starting to get over that, I developed a toothache. So after putting on my big girl panties & taking myself off to the dentist (did I mention I'm a big spooky-la-la & completely phobic about dental visits?!) the dentist couldn't find a problem. Trust me to have a mystery dental issue! Well, yesterday the mystery was solved when one particular tooth became so sensitive that even the lightest bump or tap sends me through the roof. So it's back to the dentist this afternoon. SIGH!! I'm hoping he will just chop off my head & be done with it! But if he doesn't, I'll be back as soon as I feel human again. Til then ...



Sunday, 26 May 2019

FINALLY! Some Sewing!

Hello all you lovely Bloggy buddies! I hope you've had a fantastic week. Yet again, my week seemed to disappear in a puff of smoke ... BUT!! ... This week I actually have evidence to show I've been sewing! YAY! :0) Remember last time I popped in I shared a little teaser sneaky-peeky ...

Well ... I can now show you the finished project ...

Ta! Da! A new version of my "French Shopping Spree" bag pattern. The original looked like ...

... This. It's fun to see how projects can look quite different when made up in different fabrics. The new version will soon be available as a kit from The Quilters Angel  It's a simple, quick, fun project & the bag is a great size to hold all the necessities for a day out shopping with your gal-pals. :0)

The other sewing I've managed to squeeze in is for a special gift that will be needed later in the year ...

An oceanic stacked coin quilt top ... All finished & ready to go off to my Quilting Fairy, the Fabulous Fiona  These fabrics are some of the 'leftovers' from one of my patchwork skirts I made a couple of years ago & I just love them! They remind me of the many colours & moods of the ocean & look so fresh framed in white. It makes me want to sit on the beach watching the waves roll in, whilst nibbling gelato. :0)

I'm also plugging along with my new design-in-progress as my hand stitching project. I'm really happy with how it's coming together, but it will have to stay a Secret Squirrel project for a bit longer. At least this month ... For the first time this year! ... I can add a finish to my sidebar list for OPAM ... YAY! :0) And speaking of OPAM ... The end of the month is creeping closer again, so don't forget to update your tally on your sidebar list & email me your finishes for May.

But right now, I think it's time for a cup of tea before I tackle a few more chores ... SIGH! This grown up gig just won't quit. :0P Have a fabulous week! Til next time ...



Friday, 17 May 2019


Bonjour mes amis! :0) There's a whiff of France in the air here today ... In case you hadn't guessed! :0P It's Friday, I'm home ALL DAY & I'm SEWING! YAY!! :0) Want a sneaky-peeky at what's on my trusty Husky today??

Making a new sample for an old favourite. It's fun to see how this pattern is looking in her fresh new Paris-inspired fabrics. If you can guess which pattern I'm re-making you might just win a copy. :0)

And now I'm off to boil the kettle for a cup of Rose & French Vanilla tea (it seems appropriate!) before I get back to sewing. Til next time ...



Friday, 10 May 2019


Hello everyone out there in blogland! I hope you're having a great week. Once again mine seems to have disappeared in a blink & I don't seem to have achieved much ... SIGH!! And to add insult to injury, the temperatures have taken a noticeable dip into single digits this week & you KNOW how much I hate being cold! If only I could win lotto so I could hibernate in front of the fire for the next few months sewing, reading & watching movies. :0)

While the lotto fairy hasn't seen fit to wave her magic wand for me, I have spent my morning working on the next block of my Secret Squirrel project. Want a sneaky peeky??

I know! I'm a tease! :0P But this has been my morning's viewing ... I'm in the process of editing my rough sketch in Photoshop to iron out the kinks from an unsteady, impatient writing hand. :0P This process takes hours ... But it gives me a result I'm happier with than my hand-drawn image, so it's worth it in the end ... Even if I do end up feeling almost as pixilated as this screen! Tee! Hee! Hee! And once I've finished this part of the design process I'm going to reward myself with some time playing with ...

... This yummy stack of pretties! :0) I'm making a new sample for one of my patterns. Stay tuned to see which one. And it will be rather nice to actually have something to add to my OPAM finish tally for the first time this year! Obviously many other OPAMers are madly creating away in their sewing caves, though, as I've finally done the April tally & there were ...


... Recorded ... YAY!! Well done everyone who contributed to that number. And if you're like me & working on longer term projects ... Well done if you've taken some steps (or should I say STITCHES!) forward. Sometimes it's hardest to stay focused on bigger projects because we don't have the encouragement of a finish to spur us on. But ... Rome wasn't stitched in a day! :0) And the winner of the April random draw is ...

Congrats Tone! :0) Drop me an email & I'll send your PDF pattern prize for you to play with. Speaking of playing with prize patterns ...  Karen M was the February draw winner & she has made a GORGEOUS version of my Daisy Drawstring Bag pattern! Pop over HERE to see it & say g'day to Karen. I've been a bit remiss in not getting the list of OPAMers up on my sidebar so you can all visit & encourage each other, but I promise to try to get that up soon. But right now, I think it's time for a cup of tea before I go back to staring at pixels. Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Til next time ...



Monday, 29 April 2019

Adulting Is Hard!

Hello to all my lovely blogging buddies out there in cyberspace! How are you all today? I have to admit that I've had trouble getting my butt into gear today ... I think my "Adulting" function (which is a bit iffy at the best of times!!) has been completely scrambled by our spate of public holidays. :0P Don't get me wrong ... I LOOOOOOVE a public holiday, but after a few scrambled work weeks in a row & another coming next week, I'm completely bamboozled. Then add in that instead of working my usual four day week at my grown up job this week, I'll be working FIVE days ... And it's all too hard! :0P

And what have I been doing with all of the extra time I should have with all of these public holidays? Darn good question! Tee! Hee! Hee! I did spend some time sketching, inking, scanning & editing the next block of my Secret Squirrel design-in-progress ... But can't show you that. And yesterday I spent a lot of time in the kitchen making quince paste ... Which is a bit of a marathon effort.

I confess to being ignorant of quinces before we inherited a quince tree when we bought our house ... I thought they were furry apples! :0) But after a bit of googling, I am now a fan of quince paste with my cheese & bikkies. :0) While it's not difficult to make quince paste it's very time consuming because it's a long, slow cooking process.

Step one ...

Rinse quinces & rub off the fur. :0)

Step two ... Core & dice the quinces ... Not easy as they're almost as firm to cut as pumpkin & the slippery little suckers quite often get away. :0P Step three ... Stew the quinces until soft ... About three quarters of an hour. Step four ...

... Purée the stewed quinces in a food processor & pour them into an uncovered slow cooker. Add sugar & lemon juice ... & let them bubble for about five hours! The tricky bit here is that the mix needs to be stirred every twenty minutes or so to prevent a tough skin forming on the surface, so not much gets achieved when you're popping up to stir the pot every twenty minutes! Though there are some who would say stirring the pot comes naturally to me! Tee! Hee! Hee!

It's actually pretty cool to watch the process ... The fruit purée changes from a creamy colour to a deep burgundy colour through several shades of pink & rose. You know it's done when it's a nice dark burgundy. Then it's into containers to set ...

Before finally ...

... Providing the perfect accompaniment to your favourite cheese & crackers for a delicious gourmet snack. :0) It just needs a nice glass of adult beverage to go with it & we're set. :0) So we're stocked up on quince paste for the rest of the year now.

It did mean, however, that there were no sewing projects completed again ... SIGH! But for those of you who HAVE been busy stitching beavers, it's time to update your OPAM sidebar lists & email your April tally through to me. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've all been up to. :0)

But now it's time to head back into the kitchen to work out what's for dinner. Then again ... That sounds like adulting & that function is on the blink! :0P I wonder how GB feels about boiled eggs & toast?! Tee! Hee! Hee! Til next time ...



Thursday, 25 April 2019

Lest We Forget.

To those who served their country in conflict or peacekeeping missions & didn't come home ... Thank you. We will remember you. To those who served their country in conflict or peacekeeping missions & did come home & live with the physical, mental & emotional scars ... Thank you. We will remember you. To those who continue to serve their country in conflict or peacekeeping missions ... Thank you. We will remember you.To those who have lost family & loved ones during or as a result of their service ... Thank you. We will remember you. 

The peace & freedom we enjoy & so often take for granted has been fought for & sacrificed for. As we commemorate ANZAC Day, we aren't glorifying war, we are acknowledging that for evil to win only takes good to sit back & do nothing & thanking those who willingly step between us & evil & say, "Not on my watch."



Monday, 22 April 2019

Relaxing With Friends!

Hello to everyone out there in blogland! It's been a while since I've popped in to visit with you. (AGAIN! OOPS!) Life just seems to keep getting busier & busier, but this Easter long weekend we took some time out to relax & catch up with some wonderful friends.

When I started blogging just over ten years ago, the first blogging buddy I made was Kerryanne at Shabby Art Boutique & the second was the lovely Linda of Lilly Cottage (now Claudette & Hester Handmade ). Not only am I still in contact with these gorgeous ladies, the three of us have become good friends & had a number of real life play dates over the years. And this weekend my Beloved Geek Boy & I were excited to have the Lovely Lilly Linda & her beloved, the Terrific Tim, come & visit with us at Edward House ... AKA the Meares' Madhouse! :0P YAY!!

It's always fun to catch up with Linda & Tim & was especially nice to know we had a couple of days to enjoy each other's company. We had lots of plans for what we would do & where we would go ... Most of which had to be rearranged due to showery weather ... But at least it wasn't a cyclone! :0) (Long story but an ongoing joke between the four of us after we visited them & got stranded due to flooding caused by a cyclone. :0) )

But ... What a truly lovely time we had ... Despite the changes in plans. We went for a walk through Queens Park in the sunshine when it peeked out ...

Linda is much better at selfies than I am! :0) We took them to visit a favourite farm shop to stock up on olives so we could enjoy yummy lunches ...

We chatted, had cuppas, ate chocolate, chatted some more, enjoyed adult beverages, chatted some more & laughed lots. There was even some stitching done ... Well ... A little bit! :0P It was just such a fun, relaxed time of catching up & we were a little sad that we had to wave goodbye this morning as they headed for home ... But we're already making plans for them to come back again ... Maybe when we need more rain! Tee! Hee! Hee!

I hope you have all had a great weekend & that the love & hope of Easter has touched your heart. Have a wonderful week! Til next time ...



Tuesday, 9 April 2019

OPAM Winner And A Sneaky Peeky!

Helloooooo! Yes ... I'm still here & haven't fallen off the edge of the earth. :0) The days just seem to keep getting away from me & my "To Do" list grows ever longer ... SIGH! We've just started to catch a glimpse of Autumn in the air here on top of our 'hill' so that has meant more time in the garden than at the sewing machine on weekends ... But I've been plodding along with stitching my new design-in-progress & am loving how it's evolving. I can't show you too much at the moment, but thought I'd share a bit of a sneaky peeky with you so you know I'm doing SOMETHING when I drop of the radar. :0)

This is a small part of block 3 that I'm almost finished stitching ... Just a few last fiddly details to finish, then it's on to block 4, which is prepped & ready to start stitching on. I've got a couple of long weekends coming up, so I'm hoping to get some more blocks designed. I'm really excited about this project! Stay tuned! :0)

And although my designing & sample stitching have meant no finishes added to my OPAM list again for March, many of you merry OPAMers have been very busy because we have a total of ...


... Recorded for March! WOW! Well done everyone! And well done if you're like me & plodding along on a long term project. Remember ... Every step forward is a step closer to a finish ... Even if it's a baby step. :0) And the winner of this month's random draw is ...

Well done Cheryll  Drop me an email & I'll email your PDF pattern prize to you. Thank you to everyone who emailed their tally through to me & updated your sidebar list ... It's REALLY helpful to have those ... Especially since there's just me doing the hopping this year. I'm running behind in responding to those emails but will try to get back to everyone over the next few days. Thank you for being patient with this queen of procrastination. :0)

Right now, though, I can hear the siren's call of the kettle, so I'm off to enjoy a cup of tea. I hope you're having a great week so far ... & that you're doing less procrastinating & more stitching than I am! :0) Til next time ...



Monday, 1 April 2019


All good things must come to an end ... So they say ... Though why that is I don't know! And today marked several endings ... The end of the month (OPAM tallies ready??), the end of the warm weather as our overnight low temperatures suddenly became our high temperatures (Darn it!) as we experienced the coldest overnight March temperature in the last 11 years and saddest of all ... It marked the end of our week's break ... SIGH!! 

Tomorrow my Beloved Geek Boy & I both have to go back to work & pretend to be responsible adults. We've enjoyed our week, though it's gone by way too quickly & of course we didn't manage to do all of the things on our holiday "To Do" list. I think however long your holiday, it's always a week too short! :0)

One thing that was on our holiday "To Do" list that we DID get to do was visit a favourite winery while we were staying near Bundaberg for our beach break. We discovered the Ohana Winery some years ago when staying near Childers & this beach break gave us the opportunity to revisit, since the winery's cellar door site relocated recently to Bundaberg. 

We enjoyed a tasting selection of Ohana's Cheeky Tiki cider range this visit ...

Bottoms up! GB in scruffy holiday mode. :0) If you're visiting or passing through Bundy you really should visit Ohana.

So ... It's back to reality tomorrow. SIGH! I hope you've all had a great weekend & that your week is fabulous. OPAMers ... Don't forget to update your sidebar lists, email me your tally for March & stay tuned for the random draw result in the next few days. But now ... I'm off to keep a date with my pillow & snuggly doona. Til next time ...



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