Sunday, 23 March 2008

A new friend!

I have a new friend, today - her name is Ruby. Would you like to meet her?

Here is Ruby playing amongst my lavender - which is flowering like crazy at the moment near our front gate. (Hmmm ... please ignore the ugly letterbox - it's on the list of things to replace, but I feel faint every time I see the ridiculous prices for plain, boring ol' letter boxes and decide to keep the old one a bit longer!) Isn't she a cutie?!! Here's another photo, a bit closer.

Scott's on call for work this weekend, so I've been playing in my sewing room. This was one of those "I wonder what would happen if ...." experiments. I shrank one of my bear designs and made it up in some pretty floral fabric rather than my usual fabric of choice, towelling, and I have to say, I'm pleased with how this one turned out. She's got a little bit of an olde worlde, shabby chic aura about her! I have a little something in mind for Ruby and her soon-to-be-created family, but won't say anything yet - I'll keep you in suspence a little while longer!!

While I was outside, I took a few photos of the pond which now boasts a newly operational waterfall, thanks to my beloved Geek Boy installing the pump he gave me for my birthday.

This one is a close-up shot of the waterfall, but between the overgrown ferns and the fading afternoon light, it's a little hard to see well. You do get a nice close up of our duck who had to have emergency surgery to reattach his head after a tussle with some of our nephews! He's recovered well from the delicate surgery and tries to warn all new garden ornaments of the dangers of tackling energentic boys!

This shot shows the full length of the pond. Yes, it really does need a little bit of TLC! Between the drought and the brainless-but-usually-loveable Border Collie, the garden surrounding the pond has taken a bit of a beating. The fish who reside here, however, are extremely happy. Each year we see a new generation of baby fish born in our backyard - obviously we have VERY happy fish! Tee! Hee! Hee! And you can see that Ruby was helping me with my pond photo shoot - she really seemed to enjoy the garden - a bear after my own heart!!

Hope you're all having a lovely break and getting to spend time doing what you enjoy most, whether that's playing in your sewing room, pottering in your garden or just kicking back having a few quiet drinks with friends and family. Til next time, Bear Hugs!


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