Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Craft Retreat Report!

Hmmm, having a sudden flashback to school days when we had to write a report after any class excursion - mind you, those excursions weren't NEARLY as much fun as the weekend's Creative Craft Retreat!! It could have something to do with the fact that as adults, there are fewer rules and more scope for mischief! Tee! Hee! Hee!

This was the second year the Creative Craft Retreat was held and about 40 creative women headed 40 minutes north of Toowoomba to Lake Perseverance on Friday night for a weekend of craft, laughs, craft, food, craft, more laughs, craft, more food!! Now since I didn't have to teach after all, I joined one of the "Do Your Own Thing" tables - sounds very 60's, doesn't it?! I hooked up with my good friend Liz, who I don't get to see very often because she's usually busy running her Scrapbook shop, Scrap 'N' Patch. Here we are ...

We were joined at our table in the corner (Hmmm, don't they usually put the NAUGHTY ones in the corner?!?! Tee! Hee! Hee!) by three scrap booking buddies, Jen, Linda and Amber. Within the first five minutes of setting up, all three of these confirmed chocoholics had produced at least three different types of chocolate - EACH! - and there were roars of laughter as witty banter and good-natured ribbing flew freely! And that was the pattern set for the rest of the weekend!! I had to come home to rest my cheek muscles after laughing all weekend!! Here's our little group of crazies ...

There's me, Amber and Liz up the back and Jen (our pet American - just kidding Jen!! Tee! Hee! Hee!) and Linda in the front. Now, I could REALLY tell you some stories ... but we agreed right at the beginning of the retreat that "What happens at the retreat, stays at the retreat!" Tee! Hee! Hee! If I told tales, the other four would hunt me down, so suffice to say we had a LOT of fun and perhaps it was fitting that we were sitting in the corner!!

Now while we were having our laughfest/chocoholics anonymous meeting in the corner, other people were actually doing craft! No, no, we really did get a lot done, but some of the other groups did 'formal', pre-chosen, tutored classes. I've experimented with a little photo collage here to show you what else was going on ... (cross your fingers that it works!!)

Let's see, the first picture is Jen and Linda in action; the other "Do Your Own Thing" table; a mixed table of DYOT and Val Laird (in the middle) teaching a small embroidery class; Leanne, (second from left) who did my bear making class at last year's retreat, taught basic folk art; card making; and well known quilt designer/tutor/inspirational speaker Robyn Ginn teaching her unique (and much easier!) version of needle-turn applique. Whew! So, you can see the hall was just BRIMMING with creativity! Oh! There was also a beading class that weren't sitting at their table when I was taking photos - oops! I meant to go back and forgot - sorry girls!

Now not only did we enjoy a weekend of crafting, we were fed soooooooo well and often that we all waddled out the front door to go home on Sunday!! There was also some free time to enjoy the wonderful bush surroundings of the Lake Perseverance Recreation Centre. Wildflowers and native plants were all starting to show off their finery, so I snapped a couple of pics.

Isn't this wattle a cheerful, bright yellow? And the flowers look like hundreds of little yellow powder puffs!

Grevillias are also flowering their little heads off at the moment! This one looked like a cloud of soft red/burgundy from a distance and caught my eye every time I walked past it on the way to the little girl's room.

And this water feature was in a small courtyard area off the main hall, providing a quiet spot for meditation - or a nanny nap to make up for the late night/early morning bed time! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Now all of this sounds wonderful enough, BUT WAIT, THERE's MORE!! We were also treated to a guest speaker, Debbie Dodds. Debbie is a Chaplain at one of Toowoomba's state high schools and encourages people to see the humorous side of life, even in serious situations. Again, we all had sore cheek muscles by the time Debbie had finished!

And before we all toddled off home, exhausted but happy on Sunday afternoon, there was time for a group snap.

Aren't we a good looking bunch?

So ... you're probably wondering where the photos of everyone's finished projects are. Well,it was like this - there was supposed to be a show and tell session at the end of the day before pack up, but people started to pack up and drift off early, which prompted some table and chair packing to get a head start on the end-of-camp tidy up ... and before we knew it, all craft had been packed away and no photos were taken - DOH! However, one of the projects I worked on was the latest block of Lynette Anderson's Noah's Ark BOM and I attached borders this afternoon, so I can show you that.

I love the rainbow in this and the cow block - ah, lets face it, I'm rather partial to ANY rainbow!! Tee! Hee! Hee!

So ... that's my Craft Retreat Report. I'll be back in the next day or so with a Renovation Report - my beloved Geek Boy is on holidays for three weeks and although we're off to the beach next Monday for two weeks, this week is 'work around the house' week. It started with him attacking the sanding outside ready to paint, but, as usual with older houses, the job has changed a little, so stay tuned for the report!!

And before I sign off, don't forget the give-away to celebrate the completion of my latest pattern, "Angel Bears", a name/birthday sitchery wall hanging. I forgot to put the closing date on the previous post, but you'll have until Sunday night Aussie time to leave a comment so I can announce the winners before I head for the beach. All you have to do is leave a comment on the previous post telling me about your little 'angel' you'd like to make the wall hanging for to go into the draw. And if you mention the give-away on your blog and include a link back to my site, you get an extra entry, just let me know.

Right now, I'm off to contemplate the contents of my pantry and fridge to come up with a culinary masterpiece for dinner ... hmmm ... wonder how GB feels about baked beans on toast! Tee! Hee! Hee! Til next time - Bear Hugs!


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Kerryanne English said...

Hi Sweets,
Sounds like you had the most wonderful crafting weekend away and why wouldn't you when you had all the essentials - great friends, crafts and chocolate!!!

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