Thursday, 25 February 2010

Food, Friendship & Fabric!!

Yep - FOOD, FRIENDSHIP and FABRIC, what more could a girl ask for to make an week enjoyable and I've been lucky enough to enjoy all three!!

I seem to have eaten out more than I've eaten at home lately ... no wonder I'm looking more and more like my bears!! :0) (Guess I need to dust off the exercise bike ... SIGH!!) Yesterday I caught up with my bestest buddy Lynette for a quick lunch when she made a flying visit to Toowoomba to sign some legal documents and today I met up with another of my local blogging buddies ... The Marvellous Miriam from Bubba Chenille

Now, you may remember me mentioning a couple of posts ago that Marion and Steph at Quilters Angel are holding a "Busting At The Seams" sale from today through to Sunday, so Miriam and I very cannily organised to meet up today for lunch at the Chocolate Cottage (cottage burger and chai latte .... MMMMM!!) to build up our strength before we hit Marion's sale.

Well ... as we've found in the past, Miriam and I had a FABULOUS time chatting, catching up with what we've each been up to, sharing plans for the next few months and just generally enjoying a relaxed chat. Isn't it funny that we never would have met up but for the funny world of blogland and now we LOVE to get together for a chat! :0)

Once we'd done justice to our delicious lunch, we headed over to Quilters Angel where a big sign announced 30% off ALL bolted fabric!!!! Miriam and I read the sign a few times to make sure we weren't reading it wrong!! What a FABULOUS sale! Can you tell that when Marion does something, she doesn't do it by halves! :0) And so we proceeded to enjoy the wonderful, cosy atmosphere of Quilter's Angel as the piles of fabric bolts in our arms grew ... and GREW ... and GREW!!! Tee! Hee! Hee! We meant to get a photo of us both with our pile of bolts, but got so sidetracked choosing fabrics that we forgot! Oops! But I CAN show you what I brought home with me ...

Now, I know it's kind of a funny mix, but you see, they're for several different projects. The greens on the left ... well ... actually, I bought them just cos I fell in love with them! :0) The blues are for two different new designs I have in various stages of production and the three on the end are for a special mission for a friend. And the best bit ... thanks to Marion's Busting At The Seams Sale .. my budget ISN'T ... busting at the seams, that is! Tee! Hee! Hee! Thanks Marion!! And if you're within driving distance of the Village Green at Highfields, you have until Sunday to take advantage of Marion's sale!!

Miriam found some yummy fabrics and pretty rick-rack to take back home with her, so you just know we'll both be kept busy playing with our new pretties now! :0) Thanks for coming for a drive up the hill, Miriam, it was lovely to catch up again! And if you're in search of handmade treasures, pop across to visit Miriam's blog and she'll tell you all about the fabulous Handmade Expo events in Ipswich.

Just a little reminder to the OPAM gals ... there's just three days left to get projects finished for February, so don't forget to update your sidebar lists of finishes and email your lists to Peg or I so we can add them to the trusty spreadsheet.

And now, I think I'm off to play with my new fabrics for a while. Hope your week has been a beauty so far! Til next time ...



By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi Kris, you go girl, enjoy the company of friends and all the yummy food too. My feeling is that I'm built for comfort, not for speed *wink*, plus I'm doing my DH a favour as I'm filling out the wrinkles and keeping my skin lovely and smooth LOL.
hugs - Miche'le

clare's craftroom said...

How lovely Kris , fabric , food and friends , can't beat it !

Linda Lilly C said...

OOOhhh Jealous...much more fun than the information morning I went to...bleah...oh I wonder if those three be a special chalenge for me???Hehehehe...I need a close up so I can start designing...I love new projects...they certainly look scrummy if they are...
Speak to you soon,
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly C

Mistea said...

Sounds like a perfect Afternoon. Now if only I lived a tad closer I could go see all that fabric goodness for myself. Guess I'll just have to take your word for it. Enjoy your new acquisitions while I wait impatiently to see what you have in store for all those fabric yummies.

Debbie Lane said...

ARRRRGH I'm missing a fabric sale!!!:-(

Kerryanne English said...

Life doesn't get much better than that Kris. Time well spent and you can even tell GB you saved him money!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Wendy B said...

No better way to spend time, is there??? Pity I wasn't living closer! Have a SIL in Toowoomba but havent visited in yonks. Went to the Chocolate Cottage and the Quilters Angel way back when ....sigh.....what a view.....I'm making plans!!!!
XX sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

Joy said...

Would have loved to have made it up the hill for the sale .... and another visit to the Chocolate Cottage ;o)!!!!! Glad you had fun, and your fabrics are just gawjus!!!
Joy :o)

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