Friday, 3 September 2010

OOPS!!! I Forgot!!!

Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!!

What a slack blogger I am!!! I announce a pattern launch giveaway and then forget to announce the winners!!! All I can say is ... "OOPS!" it's been a busy week! :0)

So here I am, back to remedy the situation. Firstly, can I say a big "Thank You!" to you all for sharing your teddy tales. I so loved reading about everyone's favourite teddy! Some stories made me giggle, some brought tears to my eyes and some were just cute. And they made me realise that I don't really HAVE a favourite bear story! Shocking, I know!! For one thing ... in a house with as many bears as ours, I can't really play favourites, or the others would sulk. :0) But secondly, like Julia, I didn't actually have a bear as my childhood companion ... I had Sam the brown corduroy sausage dog ...

Here's Sam in his retirement splendour. He's been home-made and was bought from a street stall for me when I was only a few weeks old, so he's been with me for around 40 years. As a child, I did EVERYTHING with Sam. If I had a needle, so did Sam and he has a couple of bald spots now where his corduroy fur was pulled away by the bandaids. :0) Poor Sam is looking a little worse-for-wear these days, cos as my favourite Indiana Jones quote says,

"It's not the YEARS, Honey, it's the MILEAGE!!"

And BOY, did Sam cover some miles with me obviously!! Tee! Hee! Hee! His neck is a bit wobbly and he lost his tail in a car-door incident during a family trip to Alice Springs (he doesn't like to talk about is!!!), but he's still enjoying life and lording it over the bears and dolls in the spare room! :0)

So ... to the winners of the pattern giveaway. I put the random generator to work and we have some winners ... drum roll please ...

(couldn't find a blog address)

Congratulations gals! I hope you enjoy playing with your new patterns when they arrive and I'd love to see photos of your finished quilts. If you can all send me your snail mail addresses, I'll pop your prizes in the mail next week ... when I'll also post the OPAM end of month winners. Gee ... my little mate Raymond at the post office is going to fascinated by all the different places I'm posting things off to this week! I'm sure I'm his entertainment for the week whenever I go in, cos I post things off to so many places in the world ... I think he's always a little disappointed if I'm ONLY posting within Australia! Tee! Hee! Hee!

And now I'm off to pop some washing in while the spring sunshine is shining. Wishing you all a sunshiny weekend full of fun and relaxing! Til next time ...



Kerryanne English said...

Sam must be very precious to you Kris - thanks for sharing such a lovley tale of two great mates.
Enjoy your sunshiny weekend,
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Sam looks very happy where is on your very pretty quilt.
Congrats to all the winners :)

Mistea said...

I love your Sam story. I see he looks very much at home in his retirement.

Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed hearing about Sam. I didn't have a favorite stuffed animal when I was little. I do have the doll I got for Christmas when I was in 2nd grade. My daughter has the Bear that started my collection. He was one of those Christmas specials where you got a bear with a certain amount you spent. After Christmas he was just $10. I brought him home and sat him in the rocking chair. She came home and said is he for me. So he was. She named him Bijou and he followed her everywhere for the next umpteen years. Congrats to your winners.
Mama Bear

Carin said...

Great story about Sam, its wonderful he can live out his retirement in comfort with you. :O)

Anonymous said...

Hiya Kris! Firstly, OMG I had a knitted brown sausage dog when I was a kid. I had forgotten until you mentioned yours. I rang Mum this morning and asked her if I was imagining things, but she said I did have a knitted one when I was little. I wonder why sausage dogs (toys and the real ones) were popular back then? Their odd shape perhaps?

AND I won one of your gorgeous patterns! Thank you! You have made my morning, I can tackle the mountain of washing in my laundry with a smile on my face :o)

julia said...

Congrats to the winners!

Hi Kris...! Sam...he's such a brave cutie!
Don't you think Raymond should give you a discount for entertaining him every so often ;o)?
Hugs, Julia
(Before I forget again: thanks so much for your e-mail regarding my 'short story' quilt top...your suggestions started a fire of ideas - well, started the copycat mode - and I now want to enlarge it with a white border plus RICK RACK...! If not for your mail I wouldn't have thought of it. Thanks, my blogging friend!=

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.....I can't believe that I won one of your patterns. This is going to be a great sure has started out great!!!!
Hugs, Barbara

( I don't have a blog as yet!)

Susan In Texas said...

Cheers to all the winners! And Sam actually looks to be in pretty good shape. My sister has a red scotty dog stuffed animal that she sleeps with that is entirely bald and has been for years. It mostly looks like a small blob. He's nearing 50 and they've slept together every night, even in college. She claims she can't sleep without him, despite having a husband and two golden doodles in bed as well. lol That's my sister!

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