Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Case Of The Disappearing week!!

It was an ordinary kind of Thursday when I found myself sitting at my desk, watching the world pass by my window. It had been quiet all day and I was just contemplating closing the office early when suddenly, the door burst open and SHE walked in. She was a frantic-looking woman, a pencil tucked behind her right ear, a tape measure draped around her neck, pins carelessly attached to her shirt-front and computer glasses shoved on top of her head. I could tell right away that she needed help ... DESPERATELY!!

As she collapsed into the client chair opposite me, she gave a very unladylike yelp and sprang back to her feet. I did likewise (without the unladylike yelp!), drawing my trusty revolver from my shoulder-holster, searching the shadows for the cause of her alarm. She pulled a needle out of her skirt and gave me a sheepish smile. We both resumed our seats.

"So, doll, what seems to be your problem?" I asked. She leaned forward in her chair, gazed earnestly into my face and said, "Somebody has stolen my week and I need you to find it, Sam Spade! I need you to solve the case of the disappearing week!"

OK ... back from la-la-land now! Tee! Hee! Hee! So ... I DIDN'T actually resort to hiring ol' Sam to search for my lost week, but maybe I should, cos it's disappeared without leaving much of a trace behind it! :0) It's been one of those weeks where I seem to have been constantly doing SOMETHING, but I don't actually have much to show for it ... if you know what I mean!! I've been writing pattern instructions that need to be sent off to "Handmade" next week, I've been stitching on a pattern sample that has to be finished and written up by the end of next week, I've done some work on a few Christmas gifties, started my SSCS giftie, even did a little bit of stitching on my Gardeners Journal blocks ... but nothing is FINISHED to show you photos of. SIGH!!! I'm sure that when all of these things are suddenly finished, I'll feel really good, but right now, I feel like I'm running on the spot ... hmmm ... no that sounds too energetic ... chasing my tail!! Ah .. you get the picture!! :0) I promise to share some photos once some of these things that are keeping me busy are actually FINISHED.

But something that I CAN show you a photo of is a surprise that appeared in my mailbox today ... a VERY pleasant change from the myriad of bills that have arrived in the last little while ... GROAN!! Being a grown up isn't much fun some days! :0) So I was rather excited to see this ...

Oooohh!! How wonderful! And do you see that CUTE little Christmas ted there!! I knew the parcel was DEFINITELY for me! Oh ... and of course the fact that my NAME was written on the front was a bit of a clue, too! Tee! Hee! Hee! Now, it isn't my birthday ... have already had one of those this year ... it isn't Christmas ... YET! And don't REMIND me how close it is!! ... Hmmm ... what could it be? The return address told me it was from my lovely blogging buddy Kerryanne. Now what could she be sending me??? So I opened it up and found ...

Ooohh!! Red dotty paper ... my favourite!! :0) And a cute little card with the "Simply Christmas" logo ... and inside THAT layer was ...

A GROOVY covered notebook that is tailor-made for me ... red dotty fabric and a cute stitchery of a slightly crazed looking bear (I think it's a portrait of ME first thing in the morning! Tee! Hee! Hee!) and a very pretty-and-handy Cath Kidston emery board and handcream ... ALSO featuring spotty dots!


What a sweetie! The card told me it was a little thank you gifty for doing a couple of guest blogposts for Kerryanne a little while ago when her internet wasn't playing nicely. I sure am spoilt ... and LOVING IT! Tee! Hee! Hee! The emery board and handcream will help keep my hands soft and nails neat so there's no catching on threads when I'm stitching and the notebook is just right for taking down design notes when I'm working on new projects!! Of course ... that really means I should go and work a bit harder on just that, doesn't it. Ah well ... no rest for the wicked and I must have been VERY wicked somewhere along the track ... I hope I enjoyed it! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Off for a drive down the hill tomorrow to head to the big craft fair with my bestest-buddy-since-we-were-nine Lynette. Anyone else in Brisbane heading for the craft show tomorrow??? If you are, drop me a line, it would be great to meet up for a chat and maybe a cuppa. I'll be back to show you what follows me home from the craft fair! :0) Til next time ...




Chookyblue...... said...

you crack me up............LOL......good to hear there was some SSCS and GJ stitching in there.........

Mistea said...

Cute pressie - Love the cross eyed bear - he should keep you in order.

Enjoy the fair, look forward to seeing all those strays that follow you home.

Maria said...

Disappearing week Kris
What about the Disappearing YEAR????
You did get some good stitching done and what a beautiful gift from Kerryanne. Lucky you.
Wish I could go to the Craft Show:(

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Kris,
You lucky lady~Ah, that's what friends are for, to step up to the plate when a friend is in need but how wonderful to show appreciation with such a yummy gift!
Yeah, for great friends!

Ooh, have a wonderful time at the craft fair~I'll be waiting to see all your goodies. lol

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

LOL.....lucky you, nice prezzie....have fun at Craft show and spend lots of money

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