Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I Forgot To Tell You ...!!!

Oh no!! You'd SHOOT me if I hadn't remembered that I forgot to remember to remind you of ... hmmm ... now ... WHAT was I going to tell you?!?!?! Just kidding! :0) I meant to tell you about a GORGEOUS giveaway that my equally GORGEOUS blogging buddy Kerryanne is having over at Shabby Art Boutique. She has made two sweet dollies from some of her thrifting treasures and ... wait for it ... she is GIVING ONE OF THEM AWAY!! WOO! HOO! So make sure you don't miss out ... pop across and check out the lovely (as always!!) photos that Kerryanne has shared of her sweet thrifting sisters ... Tammy and Tamara.

Now ... although Tammy is staying with Kerryanne to be her creative muse, Miss Tamara is looking to find a new home, so hop across and introduce yourself before May 29 and you might be the lucky person to have a new housemate! :0)

There sure are some clever-clogs crafters in blogland, aren't there! :0) OK ... off to ward off marauding mutant veges and invading genetic-modifying aliens!! Yes ... my imagination DOES get me into all sorts of trouble! And if you haven't read my post below ... you'll have NO idea at all what I'm talking about!! Tee! Hee! Hee!




Maria said...

Thanks Kris.

Jo in TAS said...

I just want to tell everyone that I'm sending psychic vibes to Kerry willing her to pick my name out of the hat so there's no need leaving a comment to go in the draw Hee! Hee! You can try if you want to though!!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Move aside Jo... I'm getting in on those vibes!! He he... only kidding! I couldn't even harm someone elses vibes!!!! :-)

Our Kerry is a clever angel isn't she?! As are you!!! How funny are those mutant veggies?!!! LOL! Fantastic!!! Love your new seswing machine 'dress up' too honey - very bright and cheeeery!!!

Have a great day Kris!
Catch you round like a fruit loop!
Vikki xoxoxo

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