Friday 20 January 2012

Brace Yourselves ... OPAM Is On Again!!

Yes, it's that time of year where Sweet Peg and I ask ourselves ... "What have we done?!?!" Tee! Hee! Hee! Just kidding ... sort of! :0) It's time to start OPAM for 2012, so BRACE YOURSELVES!!

I know some of you have been playing along for a while now, but Peg and I have updated the guidelines a little, so please read through everything before you sign up ... it just helps us keep everything running smoothly. :0) The full list of guidelines for OPAM 2012 is below my signoff, so check it out and join us for a year of creativity and fun.

Without further ado ... LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!! Here's to a year full of fun, fabric and friends. Til next time ...



The One Project A Month (OPAM) Challenge Guidelines 2012

The idea of the “One Project A Month Challenge is pretty simple ... To try to finish at least ONE craft project by the end of each month. This can be something you’ve had partly done for a while (a Work In Slow Progress WISP), a pattern you bought ages ago that you finally get around to making up, or a completely new project. This is meant to be a low-stress challenge  - if you don’t finish a project every month  - that’s fine! We understand sometimes life interferes with our plans. We also realise some projects are meant to be long-term and have a LOT of work involved, like a quilt or a cross-stitch. The main aim of the OPAM Challenge is to give us all a bit of a motivational boost and to give us all a big cheer squad to encourage and inspire us.

However, there is quite a bit of time and work involved in running OPAM, so Peg and I have some guidelines we ask people to take note of AND please only sign up if you intend to follow through. If for some reason during the year you decide you don’t wish to remain part of the OPAM Challenge, just drop Peg or me an email to let us know. Please read through all  guidelines before you sign up.

1. Participants must have an ACTIVE BLOG. If you change your blog address, drop us an email telling us your old address and what you’ve changed it to. If your blog is already, or you change it to, invitation only, please send Peg and I invitations, or we can’t check your finishes list each month.
2. Numbers won’t be limited for the sign up for OPAM 2012, BUT ... it WILL close on January 31 ... You must sign up before that or miss out on joining in the fun.
3. Participants can sign up via email to Kris or Peg, or via a comment on EITHER blog AS LONG AS it includes all asked for information.
4. Participants MUST provide all info asked for. * Name (first and initial of surname in case of double up names); * Email; * Blog address.
5.   Participants MUST have the OPAM Challenge badge on their blog sidebar and link it to either Kris’s or Peg’s blog. (a link with instructions will come with your welcome email)
6. Participants MUST keep a list of each month’s finishes on their blog sidebar and update it BEFORE the last day of each month. (This is easiest if you add each project as you finish it.) If you can put this directly under the OPAM badge on your sidebar it will be easier for Peg and Kris to find it.
7. Only ‘soft’ crafts are included in the OPAM Challenge, ie. Projects made from fabric or wool. Some examples are: embroidery, patchwork, quilting, cross-stitch, knitting, crochet, practical sewing (curtains, clothes etc), long stitch, appliqué.
8. QUILTS: A quilt will only be counted as a finish if it is COMPLETELY finished ... Quilted and bound. Flimsies/tops won’t count as finishes.
9. BOM’s: Blocks that are part of a BOM (Block Of the Month) program will only be counted as a finish when they are joined, quilted and bound. Individual BOM blocks DO NOT count as a finish.
10. If you can email Peg or Kris your list of finishes each month BEFORE the end of the month, this would be appreciated, as it cuts down the amount of time it takes to check finishes for the month. (and saves Peg and Kris from getting square eyes!)
11.  Lastly, participants MUST ... Have fun! After all, the reason we craft and create is to relax, have fun and take some time away from the “Have to” tasks to do the “Like to do” ones! :0)


Chookyblue...... said...

I was a bit of a failure last year so i'll watch from the girls are going to do a wonderful job once again.........

Jo said...

Hi Kris, I love to join in OPAM again, just sent you an e-mail with details

Josie x

Joy said...

Wow Kris, I just looked at your OPAM list and you've had a FABULOUS start to the year, YAY for you :o).
Of course I want to play again this year - I love being able to put my finishes on my sidebar each month, it's the best sort of encouragement (or kick in the butt) for me to get things done ;o)!!!
Thanks to you and Peg for taking it on again, you're both superstars :o).
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)
PS .. I think you have all my details but I'll pop them on an email for you anyway ;o).

Cheryll said...

I've sent you an email signing up. Thanks again to the both of you for hosting this again! :)

Margo in Maine said...

Absolutely want to join...I loved doing challenged me and I had something finished every month except one.
Margo in Maine

Jo in TAS said...

Hi Kris,
I'm not joining in this year. I've decided this year to go back to uni so I need to take some of the self imposed pressure off myself. Good Luck to everyone and Happy Stitching!

Judy S. said...

Hi Kris,
Count me in again, OK? Are you going to have a new logo, or are you adding 2012 to last year's? BTW, Happy New Year! Will this be the year I finish Noah's Ark? LOL

Maria said...

Good Morning Kris.
I am in. Have sent Peg an e-mail.
I really enjoy this challenge as I get at least one project finished each month to post.
A big thank you to you both.
Have a great day

Michell said...

Have just sent you an email. Looking forward to this

Sheila said...

Count me in , OPAM keeps me motivated and also let's me see what I have accomplished by keeping track. Thanks to you and Peg for taking this on again. Sheila
Ps. I'll send you an email with my details .

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

hmm yes me too, it is a good way to get things done and finished! do you need all my details again?

Anonymous said...

hi Kris,
would love to join in the OPAM,It may motivate me to get more sewing done, thanks for the oppurtunity.
Michelle. E

Astrid said...

There we are! I have waited for this and I have had so much fun and done a lot of projects over the last couple of years. I'd love to participate this year too! Pls count me in. :)

Danielle said...

YAY!!! I actually made it! I've been finding this late for the last 2 years! My email is & my blog is
I will say I set up the blog just for this.

Susan In Texas said...

Yep, count me in again for 2012. I've already started my sidebar list.

Susan T.

Susan in Texas

Grethe said...

Yes,Thanking you for arranging OPAM this year as well. This will be my third year on the row; Great!
A mail is on it`s way to Peg:-)

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

I'm in! Thanks so much to Peg and you for doing this again.
E-mail incoming:-)

Sofia Amaral M. said...

Yep, count me in again for 2012. I've already started my sidebar list.


tillymint said...

My first year and I'm really looking forward to joining in! I just sent an email :)

Satu said...

TAP,TAP,TAP, hurrei ;O) I'm here and in again, Kris! I joined also the finnish version of OPAM... but in it, there is only counted the projects, which are begun last year or before... That makes good for my pile of UFOs! THIS YEAR must be GREAT! Thank you for organizing this... again;o)

SueR said...

I faltered last year, but I'm game to try again this year. I'm in!

May Britt said...

Of course I am in this year too. The only way to get projects finished LOL

Indigo Blue said...

Just tried to upload image etc and it keeps saying "invalid image url".
Tried many times but I can not retrieve the image. I have done this many times before but I could not add it last year either so I was not able to have an automatic total update either. Any suggestions? Or could you just send be the image and I shall upload it and add the link manually instead. I do not know why it will not work but for me, blogger is not happy.
Looking forward to taking part for the third year.
Best wishes
Andrea M

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi sorry but I'm having the same problem as Indigo Blue...keeps saying 'invalid image'...I too have tried many times but no luck...Any ideas? Thank you so much...

Gail said...

I sent an email but without the whole batch of info so here goes:
Gail Hickam Fines or
Independence Missouri USA

I think that covers it!

2ne said...

I am in and have send you an e-mail.
This helps you get it finished :-)
How great of you.
Hugs 2ne

Pat from Florida said...

Hi Kris. I'm coming back. Hopefully I WILL finish OPAM this go around! Geesh. I signed up over on Peg's too, but here goes:
Pat H.

Wow! You have a very successful Jan. already! Way to go.

Unknown said...

Hi Kris,

please sign me up! My name is Karin H (aka Sandy) my email is:
My blog is
Where do I get the shortcut to putting your logo on my sidebar?


Saskia said...

Hi kris,
I like to join too! Need to finish the UFO's and all great projects that are still waiting for me in the closet and boxes...
My email;
And my blog is;
I will prepare my blog for all those finishes LOL

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