Saturday, 19 May 2012


You didn't think I'd be back again THIS quickly, did you?! :0) I had some requests for a closer look at some of the applique elements on my quilt, so thought I'd pop back in to give you a closer peek ...

"French" ... a combination of blanket stitch applique and back stitch embroidery ...

"Amour" ... the same combination of techniques ...

"Eiffel Tower" ... you can't have a French quilt without it, can you! :0) Blanket stitch applique with chain stitched antenna thingy (that's the technical term of course!!!) on top.

"Fleur De Lise" ... one of these in each corner of the quilt, but each blanket stitched in a different fabric.

"Perfume" & "Merci" ... French perfumes are another French icon that just had to be included and throw in a few French good manners. I think this is my favourite block on the quilt ... could be because I love the look of old perfume bottles! :0)

"Bonjour" & "Bag & Shoes" ... The French language just seems so smooth and romantic ... even if you're just saying "G'day!" Tee! Hee! Hee! And high fashion is another element associated with France ... plus ... what girl DOESN'T like a sweet handbag or a gorgeous pair of shoes! :0)

So ... there you have it ... a bit closer peek at my "French Amour" quilt ... and as the name suggests ... I'm still loving all things French! :0) Hope you enjoyed the peek and don't forget if you'd like to make your very own version of my "French Amour" quilt, you can buy a pattern from my Tag Along Teddies web site ... once I get my Beloved Geek Boy to upload it today!!!!
(EDIT: The web page finally played nice and I've uploaded French Amour to the web site!!)
OR ... you can contact Quilters Angel and Marion and Steph can fix you right up. Oh ... they also have a limited number of kits done up for "French Amour" in the gorgeous "Rouenerries Deux" fabrics by French General that I've used for MY "French Amour" quilt. Then again ... you might like to make it up in pretty pastels for a girly girly look, or some red, white and blue for a patriotic French flavour ... the possibilities are endless!!! You can see why I keep creating new designs!! :0)

OK ... I'm off to hang out my washing before the neighbour lights his fire for the afternoon ... just another thing I hate about winter ... having to dodge the neighbour's wood smoke to get my washing dry on the line in the fresh air ... SIGH!!!! It's not even winter yet and I'm looking forward to spring!! Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope you have some fun stuff scheduled. I'll be back with the promised peek of some new projects soon ... promise! :0) Til next time ...




Margaret said...

Love French Love the colours , pity Mother's Day has passed have to see if I can fudge up a pre birthday gift .

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Oh sweetie, what a beautiful design!!

Lynn said...

Congratulations!! It is a spectacular pattern. Or should I just say c'est magnifique!!

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