Monday, 19 August 2013

Technical Difficulties & Some Shabbiliciousness!

Happy Monday everyone!! :0) 

If you're like me, Monday is NOT your favourite day of the week, but let's face it ... it's going to come around every week, so we may as well make the most of it and SMILE! :0) Even if it's more of a teeth-gritted-grimace because you're once again dealing with computer/email/server issues!! SIGH!!!

Let's back up a little ... After doing all the 'grown up' chores around the house this last weekend, I decided that I was going to PLAY and headed for my sewing room. Now ... there were LOTS of things I SHOULD have been working on, but I decided I just wanted to PLAY. So I dug around in my sewing cupboard and pulled out some pretty floral fabric that I bought ... hmmm ... QUITE a while ago! I added some spots, played with some checker-board designs and have managed to put three quarters of a quilt top together ... YAY! :0) I even took some photos to share my progress with you ... BUT ... due to some 'technical difficulties' with the server me email goes through, I'm having some email issues. I can send and receive email from my laptop, but not from my phone or iPad ... that wouldn't be a problem EXCEPT ... I take all my photos on my phone and email them to myself to edit and post ... SIGH!! I promise I'll be back with the pics once my Beloved Geek Boy sorts out the issue.

In the meantime ... perhaps you would like to look at some other pretty pictures ... in fact ... some VERY Pretty pictures! :0) My gorgeous blogging buddy, Miss Kerryanne from Shabby Art Boutique has released the third issue of her GORGEOUS e-magazine ...

I'm always excited when I get an email from Kerryanne to tell me the latest issue of her PRETTY and INSPIRING e-mag is available. If you love all things pretty, shabby chic, vintage, cottage, French and cosy, then you will LOVE 

"Simply Shabbilicious"

Pop over HERE to visit Kerryanne and find out how you can take a peek at this pretty e-mag ... make yourself a cuppa first, cos it's going to take you a while! :0) In fact ... I've just had a cuppa delivered to my chair by my sweet GB and I think I'll go and enjoy another peek at the pretties. Hope your week is off to a great start (and a less technologically challenged one than mine!!) and I promise to be back soon with some photos of my 'play' quilt. Til next time,



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Fiona said...

oh no... hope your gadgets talk to each other again soon!!


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