Sunday, 18 May 2014

MIA & Mothers' Day!!

Here I am!! Did you miss me?! I know some of you did, cos I had lovely emails and phone calls from a few of you checking to make sure I was OK, since I'd been absent from blogland for a little while. How lovely to have people who care enough to check up on me! :0)

I know it's been a couple of weeks since I popped in to say G'day, but it sure doesn't seem that long ... the year is just flying past, isn't it?!! So, what have I been up to? Sadly, not much stitching. :0(  But ... there has been some good stuff happening.

Firstly, my 'grown up' job has been pretty busy lately ... lots happening and a boss having to be out of the office a lot, so yours truly has been holding the fort a bit more ... hope it's not like the old westerns when the Indians come roaring over the hill to sack the fort ... EEK! :0) So all of that has led to some longer hours and less time to stitch or blog ... but I have been doing a little bit of lurking around to see what everyone's been up to.

The other thing that took me away from the computer was a short beach break. Both GB and I are pretty busy at work and unable to take a longer break at the moment (plus the budget is shaking it's head vigorously!!) but we decided to take a four day weekend. We were craving some salt air in our nose and sand between our toes, so northwards to Bargara we went. Since my Grandma lives at Bargara, it was kind of a two-birds-one-stone thing ... though no birdies were hurt in any way! :0) Wanna see the view we enjoyed for four days??

Tough to take, right?! :0) And you can see how I spent a lot of my time ... a cup of tea ... or two or three ... a tasty piece of my Mum's fruit slice and my trusty iPad to read and relax to the rhythm of the pounding waves. Aaaahh ... BLISS! :0)

And because Bargara is only two and a bit hours from Mundubbera ... and it was the Mothers' Day weekend ... my folks joined us, which was great. As well as a fun catch up, we all celebrated Mothers' Day together with a casual lunch out with Grandma.

Here's Grandma holding part of her Mothers' Day giftie ... some beautiful pink roses. She looks pretty good for 91, don't you think? And I think Mum looks pretty good for her age too ... though we were a bit windblown that day. ;0) Add another one to the mix ...

... and you have three generations. We had a lovely time catching up with Grandma and Mum and Dad ... in fact, we really didn't want to come home ... did I mention it was WARM?! :0) But, we had to be grown ups and come back to work ... SIGH!!!

And this weekend when I had big plans to have a bit of a tidy up in my sewing room (I know ... radical behaviour for someone who operates in creative chaos! :0) ) but ... my back had other ideas ... EEK! A pinched nerve in my lower back has seen me hobbling around cautiously and spending a lot of quality time with my heat pack staying horizontal ... see ... even the IDEA of housework is bad for you! :0) My back has been a little less painful today, so hopefully ... if I behave myself for a bit longer ... I'll be back on my feet and playing catch up this week. Who knows ... I might even get to do some sewing ... fingers crossed! :0)

Hope all of you are keeping well and that your weekend has been relaxing. I'm hoping I'll be back to chat with you again in a few days to share a lovely gift I received, but in the meantime, I'm off to play Polly and put the kettle on for a cuppa before I go and reheat my heat pack again ... aah ... my warm and comforting friend. :0) Til next time ...




KimM said...

What a lovely Mother's Day. and - YIKES! - back pain is nothing to sneeze at (literally). Hope you mend soon.

Elizabeth said...

Love the three generation photo. All very youthfull looking!!!!. Do hope your back mends soon.

Fiona said...

fabulous picture of you all and glad you had a few warm days by the beach... actually I'm hopelessly jealous.... xx

Narelle said...

Beautiful ladies having a wonderful time at the perfect spot :o)

Janice said...

So nice to have that lovely picture for your memory book. The roses are beautiful. So sorry about your back. DH is in the same shape here and I've been driving him to physio every other day. It's slowly improving. Hope yours gets better soon.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

We have missed you.....sounds like you had a lovely time away...gorgeous photo of the three of you, very special...bummer abour your back, oh dear, take care gorgeous....xx

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