Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Feeling Shabby!!

No, no!!! I'm not feeling shabby health-wise ... I'm feeling shabby in a CHIC sense ... you know ... decorating-wise! :0) With the bubble wrap and boxes outnumbering the people in our cosy cottage by a large margin at the moment as we prepare to move to our dream house next week (EEK! How did that time go so slowly, then quickly?!?!) you won't be surprised that I've been thinking about decorating, furniture arrangement and how best to display my pretties in their new nest. If you ask me what my personal decorating style is, I'd have to say it's kind of a mish-mash ... Shabby French Provincial Country Cottage Chic ... about covers it! Tee! Hee! Hee! Does that mean I'm incredibly eclectic or just plain can't make up my mind? Perhaps a little of column "A" and a little of column "B"! :0)

If I had to choose one decorating style that's "speaking to me" at the moment, though, I'd probably say "Shabby Chic" ... even if I can't convince my Beloved Geek Boy that purposely sanding patches of paint off a freshly painted piece of furniture is a good idea. :0) So ... with my thoughts (and Pinterest boards!!) leaning towards decorating in a chicly shabby style at the moment, imagine how EXCITED I was when I got an email from my gorgeous and talented blogging buddy Kerryanne over at Shabby Art Boutique today telling me that the latest issue of her e-mag "Simply Shabbilicious" is now available ... WOO! HOO!!

I've only had a chance to have a quick flick through this GORGEOUS mag, but I can tell you I'll be revisiting it again ... with a cuppa and a comfy chair!! ... really soon. :0) If you, too, love country, shabby chic, French Provincial, farmhouse, vintage, cottage kinds of decorating then hop over to Kerryanne's blog HERE to see how you can enjoy this beautifully styled mag ... it's well worth your while! :0)

And like a sign from the decorating powers of the universe, another email landing in my 'in' box today included a link to an interview with the Queen of Shabby Chic Ms Rachel Ashwell herself ... along with some FABULOUS photos of her latest venture ... a shabbily chic decorated B & B ... WOW!! Pop over HERE for a peek ... it will make a shabby chic gal's heart sing. :0) 

This will probably be my last post for a week or two ... until we're able to sort out the internet at the new house ... but I'm sure I'll find a bit of time to hop around blogland to take sneaky peekies at what everyone is up to. And even though I might be 'off the air' blog-wise for a little while, you can still contact me by email ... just in case you miss me and want to have a chat! :0) I hope you all have a fantastic end of the week, a fabulous weekend and that you ensure you're kind to yourselves and include some "ME" time in your schedule in the next week or two. :0) Til next time ...




Christine M said...

Good luck with the move, Kris.

Melody said...

I love that look too. Good luck with your move, fingers crossed for a fine day

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Good luck.
Enjoy 'making the house your home'
<3 Debra

Cheryll said...

Safe truckin'...and may the moving gods be with you so all your precious belongings arrive in good order!

Janice said...

All the best with your big move. I'm sure you will have your dream home looking a shabby picture in no time.

KimM said...

Best wishes on your move.

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