Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Topsy-Turvy Tuesday!!

Actually ... Tuesday has probably been the LEAST topsy-turvy day in the last week ... talk about a roller coaster ride!! I told you we were to do the "big" move for my folks this last weekend ... we were to pick up the hire truck and drive to Mundubbera on Saturday, pack the truck, stay the night, then drive back Sunday to spread out the driving. Then ... along came Tropical Cyclone Marcia to throw a spanner in the works - EEK!

While there was no direct damage at our place or Mundubbera from the TC, a lot of roads were cut due to flooding in her wake ... SIGH! As a result, Sunday saw my Beloved Geek Boy and I drive into Toowoomba to pick up the truck (GB was originally going to pick it up Friday on his way home from work cutting out the extra trip) then we drove four and a bit very bumpy hours to Mundubbera via a different, longer route than we usually take to avoid roads that were still flood affected. Mum and dad had a band of willing helpers ready to pack the truck, we then hopped back into the truck and drove four bumpy hours back home. PHEW! Talk about exhausting!! Mum and Dad will follow their belongings tomorrow ... the next few months could be VERY interesting! :0)

A big shout out to folks a bit further north than us who WERE affected by TC Marcia to a greater extent than the inconvenience of road closures. Please take care and know the thoughts and prayers of all of us are with you.

One positive of the rearranged schedule was that I got to spend a couple of days with the Friday Night Sit N Sew gals at one of our mini retreats. Fabulous Fiona and I sat in the naughty corner together ... no incriminating photos to protect the far-from-innocent, right Fiona?! Tee! Hee! Hee! I DO however, have a photo of a project one of the lovely ladies finished that was rather dear to my heart ...

... A very pink and pretty version of my "Girl Stuff" mug bag. Didn't she do a lovely job? There were actually a couple more versions of this sweet mug/project bag being made over the weekend, which thrilled me no end. I love to see people having fun with my patterns! :0)

I was working on some shop sample stitching for the Marvellous Marion, so no pics, but I CAN show you some pics of a couple of little projects I finished over the weekend ...

... a couple more appliqué pillowcases for one of the nephews. The car and truck are enlarged versions from a quilt that featured in Homespun some years ago by Kelly Wolfson (I'm not sure I've spelt that properly!) the quilt was called "Peak Hour".

I love how the fresh, bright colours POP. Happy colours! :0)

I had fun playing with some raw edge appliqué to give it a 'sketchy' feel.

I love the VW Beetle. :0) I was asked belatedly to make a quilt for this nephew and I think that perhaps it will feature some of these fun vehicles. :0)

And ... that's about it for me today... tonight ... how did THAT happen?!?! I've lost a few hours again ... does that happen to anyone else?? I may not make it back here to blogland before the end of the month, so just in case ... OPAMers ... don't forget to update your sidebar lists with your finishes and email your January and February tallies through to Sweet Peg and me ... there'll be a double-whammy prize draw for the two months, so stay tuned. :0)

Hope your week is toodling along nicely and that there's some stitching time fitting into your schedule. Til next time ...




Fiona said...

Glad the move all happened ok... did miss you on Sunday.... no we don't need pictures of our comfortable and busy and chatty naughty corner!!! haha.... I love those pillowcases.. think I will have to copy that idea...

Sisbabestitches said...

So pleased it was mere inconvenience, not more, and phew your parents had a band of helpers! Hope you spent some extra time zzzzing Monday night.
Lovely bag, such a buzz to see you patterns materialise from other people's needles :)
Love the pillowcases! A vroom-vroom quilt with those colours would be so fabulous!
Oh poor Fiona, in the naughty corner all by herself on Sunday?

Susan In Texas said...

I'm glad you got your folks moved and that Marcia was only a major inconvenience, not a disaster. I remember when we packed up my FIL's stuff (for the second time) in 2013, to send him off to Oregon to live near his daughter, it took 5 weeks for the movers to get his stuff to Oregon. You and your husband are MUCH more efficient!

Take care,
Susan in Texas

KimM said...

Glad the move went well - take care - and LOVE the VW! That was my first car back in the early 70s. A red convertible. Black top. Loved that thing….

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