Wednesday, 27 January 2016

PSSSSSSTT!! No Reply Bloggers!

PSSSSTT!! A quick little hint to some gals who are commenting, but showing up as "No Reply" bloggers ... If you are a "No Reply" ... I can't reply to your comment! :0) You can change that in your blog profile ... and if you really want to stay incognito like Secret Squirrel, make sure you pop your email address in your comment so I can chat back to you.

Diana P ... to answer your question (cos you're one of my "No Reply" commenters) ... YES ... overseas bloggers are more than welcome to join OPAM ... ANYONE can join as long as they have an active blog and a love of creating. :0)

Right ... SHHHH! Secret Squirrel, signing off ... Til next time ...




Diana Art said...

Thank you, have a nice day

KimM said...

I Was happy to see you're post. I feel so badly when someone makes a comment and I can't reply.

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