Monday, 14 July 2008

Fun, Fabric, Friends!

What more could a girl want?!?! Never mind the "3 R's" I'm talking about the "3 F's"!! Tee! Hee! Hee! Let me start by giving you a clue to the first two words of the post title ...

I know I'm usually the "Anti-pink", but THIS kind of pink always means ... FUN!! You see, it means I've paid a visit to one of my fave patchwork shops, the Quilter's Angel at Highfields (which just happens to be close to where I work!!). Today I was on a mission - a fun mission! Firstly, I wanted to grab my copy of Rosalie Quinlan's GORGEOUS book, "GIFT" which I have been promising to get myself since it was launched. Today was the day! Secondly, I was in search of some fabric to make a birthday present for a friend. Someone said to me, "Another birthday present? Didn't you just celebrate a friend's birthday?" Yes I did, but between friends and family, the July/August combo involves 11 birthdays!!! So the good thing is, the recipient of the pressie won't know the fabric is for THEIR gift, because there are so many to choose from!! Although ... I'm PRETTY sure my brother-in-law wouldn't appreciate anything made from these fabrics!! Here's what was in the bag ...

I know ... I buy an awful lot of pink fabric for someone who claims to be the "Anti-pink" but I seem to have gathered lots of friends who LOOOOOOVE pink!! Go figure! Perhaps it's the ol' opposites attract theory! Quite a lot of time was spent this afternoon drooling over Rosalie's wonderful book - such luscious photos, cute projects and touching sentiments. I particularly like Rosalie's explanation of why she called her book gift - she is thankful for her gift of creativity, thankful for the gift of 'life after cancer' and also because this book is full of great projects to make as gifts for yourself or for others! Now, since I'm a great believer in "Just Because" or "Un-birthday" presents, I can see it will come in VERY handy! Thank you, Rosie for sharing your gift of creativity with us all and encouraging us to use it to share joy and beauty with others!

And speaking of "Just Because" gifts AND the third word of my title "Friends" ... A little while ago, I shared a photo of a few of the pretty tins I have in my tin collection and Peg from Happy In Quilting was the first to leave a comment, saying how much she enjoyed collecting her own tins. So, to surprise her, I sent a little "Just Because" gift of a little tin filled with musk lollies. Now, I got a little sneaky about surprising her and Karen from Mrs Martins Quilt Shop helped me - I posted the pressie to Karen, who then posted it on for me. (Australia Post must LOVE crafters!!) I got a lovely phone call from Peg this afternoon to say what a naughty girl I was for spoiling her!!! Tee! Hee! Hee! GUILTY!! So, after being scolded - in the nicest possible way!! - Peg and I had a lovely chat. I have to say, since I've started blogging, I've made some wonderful friends! And even if we never get to meet face-to-face (now wouldn't THAT be a party and a half!!!) it's lovely to know there are people out in blogland who enjoy the same hobbies, crafts and experiences and who offer encouragement, friendship and support. Thanks for the chat, Peg!! And I hope the new addition to your tin collection gives you lots of enjoyment - not to mention enjoying what was INSIDE the tin! Tee! Hee! Hee!

The other thing to come out of my chat with Peg was that I signed up to be part of Linda's latest swap - I must be NUTS! OK, some of you agreed with that far too readily before you'd even heard my reason!!! Linda's latest swap, after her very successfully hosted Pincushion Swap, is a bag/bucket swap. I told Peg I was still tossing up whether to join and she encouraged me to sign up, saying that busy crafters always find time for one more project!! So, thus assured, I popped over to Linda's blog and signed up!! Oh dear! Well ... sleep is overrated, I'm sure!! Tee! Hee! Hee! It sounds like it will be lots of fun and it's one way of guaranteeing that I get some of the fun mail that so many bloggers seem to get!! So, if you're like me and have far too much 'free' time, why not join the merry band of Bag Ladies - who knows, you may not only receive a lovely hand-made bag/bucket, you may also make some new friends!!

And speaking of blogging friends ... my poor bloggy buddy, Kerryanne from Shabby Art Boutique took a tumble om the weekend and is now sporting a "boo-boo" on her noggin! So, pop over and give her a bear hug to cheer her up. Hope you're feeling better soon, Kerryanne!!

Well, I think I'm all funned out for the day - I'm off to hit the shower before bed so that I have lots of energy tomorrow to get stitching on the birthday presents I need to finish!! I hope you're having lots of fun that involves fabric and friends! Until next time, Bear Hugs!



Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

It was great catching up...really loved my tin with was really so very really are a sweetie Kris

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Kris,
Thanks for your phone call today and your concern. I really am ok, just feeling a bit foolish.

I look forward to seeing what you make with the pretty pink fabric. I bet all your friends with birthdays soon are licking their lips with anticipation.

Happy sewing lovie,
Hugs and jugs,

Lorraine said...

you have been busy....."anti pink"...sure...LOL....hope you got the presents finished...and i signed up for Linda's swap as well...not that I don't have enough to do now....LOL

Linda said...

Hi Kris,
I'm back! The school holidays are over and the boys are back at school, wow where did that couple of weeks go. Sorry I haven't dropped by much latley but the boys have certainly kept me busy. Now I have just read all of your posts that I have missed so I am all up to date. Love the party idea for Deb and Happy Belated birthday to her. I popped in to "geek boy's" blog looks great and so easy to understand I'm bound to come up with a couple of questions for him. Love the new quilt too. So now I'm off to catch up with everyone else.
Cheers Linda

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