Saturday, 23 August 2008

Calamity & Casualties!!

Yes, calamity struck our lounge room this morning in the form of "The Handyman"!! You see, I have a little table full of treasures (almost a shrine to the talent of Kerryanne English!! Tee! Hee! Hee!) in the lounge room. That's the start of the story. Now, in winter, the only place for the gas heater to sit is in FRONT of this little table. So far ... no dramas. In fact, it's sat there for the past two winters and there haven't been any problems - until today!! After a warm couple of days, today dawned cold and blustery - AGAIN!! - so we turned the heater on. Uh oh! Heat works, fan doesn't! So ... "Handyman" (AKA my Geek Boy who's not quite so beloved this morning!!) decides to fix it. OK, not a problem, he's actually pretty good at the whole fix-it scene. Just one small (read: HUGE!!) problem - he didn't think to move said heater AWAY from the table full of breakables!! I'm pretty sure I don't have to paint you a picture! The result??

These pretties were the casualties. One of the cups from a trio set - my best buddy Lynette has been buying this set for me a piece at a time for the last few birthdays and Christmases. SIGH! And one of the faux cupcakes I bought from Kerryanne - looks like the mouse I'm currently hunting (another story there!!) has had a go at it, but the 'icing' actually cracked when one of the plates fell on it. SIGH!! Here's what the teacup looked like before the accident ...

The poor little bear was actually in the broken cup when it toppled, so he's a bit traumatised and is now resting in one of the remaining intact cups, wishing someone had slipped a little whiskey into the tea!!

I suppose I should be thankful that there wasn't more damage and after initially being very defensive and telling me it was all my fault for putting things too close to the edge (silly me to not foresee a scenario that involved banging and kicking of the heater and thus the bumping of my table!!!) GB was very sorry. I know they're only 'things' but they are things that have come from friends, so that imbues them with a little bit of magic and lots of semi-mental value. Plus ... I'm a GIRL and I reserve the right to cry over things that a man might see as trivial!! So there!!

So ... not a great way to start the morning, especially since it really is quite nasty and cold and the heater isn't working properly (yep, all that banging and damage didn't make any difference!!) Perhaps I'll just crawl back into bed with a book and come out again tomorrow!!! Hope you're day is a little less traumatic!! Bear Hugs!



Bek said...

Ohhh what a pitty, I know how you feel. Pop over anytime and pick out a couple of cupcakes. Hey what am I thinking leaving a comment I will just call u:)

Kerryanne English said...

Hhmmmmm...looks like geek boy is in a wee bit of trouble. I suppose it could have been worse and more could have been broken. I'm afraid the cuppie is gone but hang onto the broken cup. It might inspire another crafting activity.

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww, poor you!! I hate it when "pretties" get broken because they bring so much job just sitting there being pretty!! I hope your day has gotten much better (and warmer) and that poor GB isnt still in the dog house! I hope that peace, order and warmth has returned!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Um aahhh, big whoops!!! Oh well, you will just have an excuse to go searching for replacements now and your darling one will not have the heart to tell you you can't!!
I hope the rest of the weekend is a little happier, big kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Debbie Lane said...

Oh dear.

My condolences to u, hon, and to GB I send my sympathy! Haven't done this dance recently, but know what it's like!

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