Saturday, 21 February 2009

More No-Blog Photos!

I know ... don't fall over in shock because I'm posting two days in a row!! I promised you some more photos from some of our No-bloggers who are taking part in May Britt's and my One Project A Month (OPAM) Challenge and here I am to deliver! But first, I thought I'd skite a bit and show you what I've put together to send off to Karen at Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop for the bushfire quilts of comfort.

Pretty bright, huh!! Tee! Hee! Hee! I purposely went looking through my stash for bright, cheerful colours for blocks that could be a child's quilt. This one, as is, will make a great crawl rug or if Karen has some more bright blocks to add, maybe a cot quilt. I hope it cheers up a little one who doesn't understand what the fires have meant, except that they don't have their favourite dolly or bear, or blankie ... you know what I mean, those little things that comfort children but may not have been important to parents worrying only about getting their family out safely. Karen and her girls are doing a great job of collecting blocks and tops to make into quilts and have been given great support with donations. Pop over and catch up on her updates.

OK, onto the No-Blogger photos. Some of these have been waiting since last month to be shown off and some are February finishes - I'm kind of waiting to gather a few before posting them. It just seems a shame not to share some of the talent amongst our No-Bloggers just cos they don't have a blog. (though a few have started blogging through the Challenge - YAY!)

This is Mary's Bears in the Wood wall hanging - gotta love bears, right!!

Mary's been busy, cos this is another of her finishes - a quilt to be donated to a youth shelter - good on you Mary!

Isn't this AMAZING!! The amount of work and the GORGEOUS colours in this quilt, again made by Mary, make this a very special quilt! Whenever I see wedding ring quilts, I drool a little (OK, a lot!!) and would love to have a try at making one some day, but not sure my very basic patch working skills are up to it! Maybe one day!

Stacia's been at it again, here are three more purse organisers she's made.

This eye-catching rug was another of Stacia's finishes. She made this shaggy rug for her brother who is on active service with one of the armed services (sorry Stacia, can't remember which one you told me!). What a lovely reminder of home for him!

And Stacia also added this button cushion to her lounge room, which now boasts several soft furnishing items in the yummy apricot colour.

Tudy has come up with a clever way to recycle an unworn cardie - make a creative cushion from it! Cool!

Uuni has also been busy - this is a very cool coffee-themed bag she has made, simple but really striking! You can almost feel the caffeine jolt! Tee! Hee! Hee!

And this lovely, warm wall hanging is another of Uuni's finishes.

So ... there you go ... a bit of an update on the photos I've been receiving. And there are HEAPS more WONDERFUL, INSPIRING, GORGEOUS projects appearing on people's blogs, so it's worth your while to make a cuppa and go for a little cyber visit through the list of participants in my sidebar. Just a reminder, too, to make sure you keep your sidebar list up-to-date with your finishes, cos that's where May Britt and I will be checking at the end of the month to put people in the prize draw. And if you're able to email a summary of your February finishes to me or May Britt to update the spreadsheet, that would be a great help.

Just a reminder ... ALL finishes count, whether it's a project you've had in the cupboard for years or if you only thought about making it yesterday. (of course you'd have to think about it then FINISH it to count, but you know what I mean!!!)

And now ... I'm off to work on the second half of the Secret Squirrel project I'll be teaching at Marian's "Girls Getaway Weekend" next month. Overcast weather here today makes for a perfect stitching-in-front-of-DVD's day! Have a great weekend whatever you're up to! Til next time - Bear Hugs!



The Quilt Buddy said...

Wow! They all have worked hard on their projects! Thanks for taking the time to share them with us!

Have a good weekend!

Jeanette said...

Hi Kris, I love the quilt you made for donation. I'm sure it will be well loved by the recipient. Hugs, Jeanette

Kerryanne English said...

Wow, what amazing finished projects by some very clever sewers. I also love the quilt top you made Kris for the bushfire appeal. How could you not be cheered by such bright and happy colours.

RebeccaMom said...

What gorgeous projects! I am so inspired :)

Lurline said...

Thanks Kris - that is just lovely - yes, one does need to take time out to enjoy it all to its full extent!
Hugs - Lurline♥

julia said...

Hi Kris,
well done! I know the child who gets this cheery quilt will love it!
Wow, there are some very talented ladies out there ~ I LOVE dwr quilts...I know I will piece my own ...someday, when my piecing skills are not only never? ;( {anyone who wants to make one for me? I'll make sure that you'll have everything you need...sewing machine, fabric, lots of food,...LOL}
I'm ashamed ~still haven't anything for the OPAM list...*shame on me*
Have fun working on your secret squirrel!
Big hugs, Julia


hi Kris--I love all your pictures--i am new to your blog site but will be back and will be adding your site to my blog list as well. I am so glad that your senior housing place is so active--I am only 60, but i live in a senior housing and here nobody wants to do anything but sit around and complain???????? I am so glad i can quilt and do the internet, read and then quilt some more??? Just, Di

Bev C said...

Gosh these projects are all great. I hope your quilt brings much joy to its new owner. I especially love the re-use of the cardigan that has new life as a cushion. Very clever indeed. Happy days.

Fiona said...

Hi Kris - Wow you certainly have made me accountable this month! I have finished off a little appliqued pincushion and am working on a quilt also. I am nearly finished a bag I started ages ago and hope to have finished by tomorrow - the end of the month!! And your quilt is gorgeous too! Fiona x

Cheryl said...

Great donation quilt and it's so fun to see what everyone is finishing up!! Just got my two projects done and sent you a picture in the nick of time!!!

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