Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Worst Brings Out The Best!!

In my last post I shared a little of what's been happening in Victoria with the devastating fires and I'm sure most of you have read or seen more in the media. Thank you SO much to all who've left encouraging and supportive comments. It has really shown me that bloggers may be separated my oceans, language barriers and time zones, but they are connected by the heart - and you've all touched mine! Thank you! Let me assure your all, too, that we live a long way from where the fires are - geographically speaking - because these last few days have shown that physical distance doesn't stop us being involved, touched and caring, but we have a whole state between us and the area affected - but thank you for your concern.

I'd like to tell you all the crisis is over, but I can't. There are still over 20 separate fires burning and the official death toll is still rising as burnt out areas are searched by police. So, the situation is still so grim for all who are affected.

However, in amongst such sad and distressing news, there has also been incredibly positive things happening! Over $60 million (Aust) has been donated by businesses, corporations and the general population towards the relief fund! How amazing is that - already surpassed the government's initial funding!!! Not only that, there are INCREDIBLE collections, auctions, sales etc happening, all to benefit victims of the fires! We've witnessed the worst of human nature in those who deliberately set a number of these fires and we're now seeing some of the BEST of human nature in the response!

Now you just KNOW that bloggers like to be in the thick of things and there have been posts flying all over blogland as people set up auctions, donations and collections! Melly and Rosie are offering items for sale, Cheryl is auctioning off one of her fave quilts as well as donating the quilting of a number of quilt tops to be donated to the fire appeal and Karen at Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop is gathering up quilt tops and stray blocks to make up quilts to be given to families affected by the fires. I've had a few of my overseas blogging buddies ask how THEY can get involved (bless their generous cotton socks!!) and perhaps this is one way. Karen has said if stitchers would like to send quilt tops and blocks of any kind and size to her, she and her trusty assistants will weave their magic and make them up into quilts. Also, if people have fabric that can be used for quilt backs (doesn't matter about amounts, as they'll join lengths together to get the job done!) - most of us have pieces of fabric we've bought ages ago and decided we actually don't like, well it can now be put to great use! Also, if you have any quilt wadding to donate, Karen and the girls will make use of it for these quilts. Now like me, many quilters don't have lots of cash available in their budget to donate, but BOY OH BOY, do stitchers have PILES OF FABRIC in our stashes!!! (Hmmm ... perhaps this is the reason we don't have cash!!! Tee! Hee! Hee!)

While my beloved Geek Boy and I will be making a monetary donation to one of the appeals, I also wanted to DO something physical, practical to help, so making blocks to send to Karen was just the ticket! I dug through my stash this afternoon and then played for a while and came up with ..

Some bright and funky nine patch blocks! I've got some other fabrics ready to make blocks to match in with these and hope to put together a cot quilt top to send off to Karen, but if I don't have enough matching fabrics, I'll send them off and I'm sure Karen will be able to use them somehow!! So you'll understand I'm a bit side-tracked at the moment! Tee! Hee! Hee! If you'd like to know more about any of these fundraisers, pop over to the blogs and chat with the people running them. And of course, there are a lot more fundraisers springing up - bloggers really are a generous lot!! - so keep an eye out and tell us about what you find through your blog. The worst of situations truly can bring out the best in many people!!!

Now still on the subject of blocks, but moving slightly aside ... I've finished my Ark block for Lynette's Noah's Ark BOM! Ready? Ta! Da!

Here it is!! The Ark!! Hmmm ... Mt Ararat seems a little less steep than I'd heard! Tee! Hee! Hee! I actually finished this during a very productive weekend, but the fires took the wind out of my sails and I hadn't got round to showing you til today. While that's all of the OFFICIAL BOM blocks, I'm going to add some of my own to it, I think, partly to make it bigger, partly cos I just want more animals and partly cos I can't measure very well some days and I have to fix a few "Oops's"! :0) I don't feel too bad, though, cos Judy tells me SHE's having issues as well!! We'll both have to nut it out to get it finished to count towards the OPAM Challenge!! Oh! And don't worry, Pennie! I haven't forgotten I need to send you the last few pattern sheets for the BOM - just have to get myself organised!!

And on that note, I think I need to organise myself to have a shower and keep a much-delayed date with my pillow. Stay warm those of you in snowy countries, stay cool those in Australia who are feeling summer's bite, stay safe those in and around the fire areas, stay dry those in the northern floods and stay tuned for more of my ramblings when next I post!! Will give you a preview ... I met another bloggy buddy in person this week and I bet you'll never guess who!!! That'll keep you guessing! Bear Hugs!



Judy S. said...

Hi Kris, Glad to see folks rallying to the aide of fire victims. That green would cheer up anyone! BTW, did you have a chance to measure the blocks on any of your Noah patterns? That's where I think my problem was, and it never occurred to me to measure beforehand unfortunately. I like the way your blocks look with the extra border. I also changed the last design a tad...used the earlier dove color and gave her/him a leaf in the beak to cover a spot on my fabric. ;>)

Stina said...

So many wonderful people it is around the world...
Hmmm...will have to think this over...might get my workmates to sew some blocks and send to Karen...we´ll see if I can get them interested...they have never ever sewn so it will be a challenge..:o)
Good luck with your Noah quilt!! Looking good!! :o)

May Britt said...

I have been following this awful disaster through tv and internet and I feel so sorry for everyone.
I hope it will stop burning soon and that no more damage is done.
THinking of you all.
Take care.

julia said...

Hi Kris,
yesterday I thought all day long: I have to do something...anything...I MUST do something.
Then I gladly found a blog where a link to Tia Curtis' flickr group was posted.
So I now can do a teeny-tiny bit to help and I will sew some blocks. My blogging friend Alda will collect the blocks she'll get from other German quilters and will se
nd them in a bunch to Tia.
Off I am to sew...
BIG HUGS, julia

Kerryanne English said...

It is amazing Kris how all Australians have pulled together to find a way to help. Each of us can do something whether it be donate blood, money, goods or quilts. I love your choice of bright green check for your blocks - very cheery.

Your Ark block looks great too.

kcenya1950 said...

I am so glad that you are okay. Living in the western US fires are something that are all too real. I hope that the weather will ease and that soon the fires will be under control Godspeed to all

Pink Feather Paradise said...

It is awful and my heart goes out to the communities that have been lost.... I hope they catch the person or people who did this.
I have never sewn patchwork, but I am working on a crochet blanket, could I send that to someone?
I will have a seach around and see who is collecting items.

Keep safe
X Alex

Lilly Cottage said...

Hi Kris, are you not as I am so proud that we can all pull together and do whatever we can to help our fellow man in need!! I have bundled up a box of childrens t-shirts, teddies and bits from Lilly Cottage all new to send to someone ( sorry I have forgotten their name) in Victoria who is doing up care packages for children. Like you whilst I don't have cash available to give I had stock....anything that I could think of got thrown into that box and it made me feel a little better than I had done in the last few days...to be able to do something. Now I am going to go through my fabric stash.....I think I might even have some tops done...um ahhh that is so naughty...now they will be put to good use. It is raining here at the moment, I am willing it down south to the fires.....
kiss noises Linda

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