Saturday, 7 March 2009

A Fantastic, Fabulous, Fun-filled Day!

Have you ever experienced days that you would like to somehow save like a computer document to relive it when life gets you down? I had one of those days yesterday! As the title says, I had a FANTASTIC, FABULOUS, FUN-FILLED day, but I left out the best bit cos the title was getting too long ... it was all enjoyed with the best "F" word of all - a FRIEND!

After some careful consultation and juggling of schedules, my best buddy Lynette and I had managed to set Friday aside for a 'play date' day. (Her kids have play dates, so why can't we?! I think adults forget how to 'play' sometimes and take life too seriously!!) So, I headed off down the hill to Brisbane bright and early so we could pack as much into the day as possible, because we had PLANS!!! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Our first stop of the day (I know you'll be surprised by this!!) was "Patches" at Indooroopilly. Oh they DO have such YUMMY fabrics!! And although I went in with REALLY good intentions of not spending much ... you guessed it! Some fabric followed me home!! (It happened again, Kerryanne!!) No sooner had a walked in the door than I was met with a GORGEOUS collection of fabrics and I wanted ALL of them!! But I did manage to contain myself a little - oh, and Lynette said she'd charge double as my porter if I put one more bolt on the pile she was holding! Tee! Hee! Hee! Here's what followed me home ...

Aren't they just so fresh and SPRING-y! As we go into autumn here in Australia, I'm going to hold onto as much spring as I can!! :0)

After I'd finished doing my budgetary damage at Patches, Lynette and I headed off for High Tea! We were inspired by Joy, who not too long ago enjoyed High Tea with her daughter and her daughter's friend. The place Joy went was a little far afield for our time limit (had to be back to pick up Lynette's kids from school!) so we found somewhere closer - conveniently, it was also at Indooroopilly. It's a place called "Fleet Street", which is the tea shop part of the replica traditional English Pub, The Pig And Whistle, and has been set up to look like a little slice of England, complete with a corridor of cobblestones outside and a GORGEOUS chandelier (that I forgot to take a photo of - DOH!) set into a fabulous ceiling dome decorated with painted clouds. We ordered our High Tea, were given pretty floral plates and then our three tiered plates of deliciousness arrived! Here we are with our yummies!

This isn't the most flattering of photos of me (what was with my fluffy scarecrow hair?!?!) but it gives you a little idea of the lovely setting we were enjoying. And just LOOK at those delicious goodies on our plates!! Want a closer look? We sure did!! :0)

Now, Lilly Linda, Kerryanne and Rosey have all commented recently that the family members of bloggers KNOW that nothing happens - parcels aren't opened and food isn't touched - until photos are taken. Well ... Lynette doesn't live with a blogger so you can see her little hand reaching out to snag her first High Tea treat! Tee! Hee! Hee! We both laughed so hard at this photo!! And YES ... everything in this photo tasted as good as it looks!! Ribbon sandwiches, fresh baked scones, mini caramel tart, lemon curd tart, orange and poppy seed cake, brownie and baklava! MMMMMMMMMMM!! We are SO going back there we've decided!!!

After having morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea in our one sitting, we decided we needed to go for a walk around the shopping centre - such a hardship! :0) And in our browsing, I popped into a newsagent to see if the latest Australia Bear Creations mag was out, cos guess who had a project and profile featured?!! MOI!! And ... YES! They had just-unpacked copies. And after one glimpse of the cover, I nearly embarrassed Lynette by doing my clog-dancing elephant impersonation HAPPY DANCE!! My 'bearbie' is a cover girl!!!!

Nighttime Nara is at the back of this photo in her pretty nightie!! WOO! HOO! My first magazine cover!! Now I know how Liz at Teddlywinks feels!! :0) The instructions on how to make Nara are in the mag, but I wasn't very happy with the photo they used, so I'll show you my close up of Nara before she took a trip to the BC office.

Isn't she a cutie even if I do say so myself!! The name "Nara" comes from the Celtic word for 'contented' and I thought the name was perfect for my little girlie bear who looks QUITE contented curled up with her books and blankie ready for bed in her pretty floral nightie and her bloomers. In the same issue, there was also an artist profile on me with more photos of my 'bearbies'.

This is the start of the profile and while I was excited about seeing the photos of my bearbies in print, Lynette was very excited to see part of her lounge room featured - the photo of the bears in the port (suitcase) are ones I've made for her as gifties and I took the photo last time I visited her - along with other things I'd made her before I had a camera to take photos of them! Tee! Hee! Hee! And the rest of the profile ...

Aren't my bearbies photogenic!! I sound like a proud Mamma Bear, don't I! Tee! Hee! Hee!

So ... there you have it - my FANTASTIC, FABULOUS, FUN-FILLED day! And now you know why I want to save it!! But the very best part was DEFINITELY that it was all shared with my BEST FRIEND!! Thanks Lynette!!

And after all of the excitement, driving and Happy Dancing yesterday, I'm muddling along in low gear today, but will be hitting the sewing room this arvo to make my Grandma a birthday giftie. Her birthday is two days before mine, which means I have to post it this week - EEK! Why do I always leave these things til the last minute!! Whatever you're doing, I hope you have a FANTASTIC, FABULOUS, FUN-FILLED day too! Til next time - Bear Hugs!



simplestitches said...

Wow....what a fun filled exciting day you had, I would like to save it to disk and replay it too!!!

Can I come too next time? I wanna see that Happy Dance in real time...

cheers Julz

ittybittyandpretty said...

now i am doing that same elephant dance and so are my three girls!!! yipee... the most exciting thing of all is that someone famous like you comments on my little old blog!! i know someone who is famous!!
love the photo with the hand going to a treat. my family are used to me now but i am sure the neighbours must wonder why i am taking photos of my washing!!??
ok off for some cool iced coffee!

Jeanette said...

Hi Kris, Now that is what i call a happy day. Love the fabrics you bought & love the bear. I think Nara suits her very well. Those goodies sure look delish. Might have to visit next time i'm in Indooroopilly. Oh yes like Joy i love chocolate. :) Hugs, Jeanette

Oddbjørg said...

No doubt that you have had a fantastic day!
Lovely fabric you have bought, and Nara is so cute.
Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! I always knew u woz talented! Now if we can just bottle the day for proud of u hon!

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Congratulations Kris. You deserve all the accolades and fame. Your bears are truly gorgeous... almost as beautiful as you!!!

Speaking of beautiful, I love the fabrics that once again followed you home.
Enjoy your fantastic, fabulous, fun filled weekend.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Judy S. said...

Congrats, Kris, on the magazine cover! Sounds like you had a great day. Here it's been snowing since we got up....bring on SPRING!
Where has our PNW weather gone?

Chookyblue...... said...

congrats..........wonderful day out and achievement in your craft field..........

julia said...

Wow, Kris,girl you had a real funtastabulous friday ~ it's nearly as if we all were there because you shared it with us so...hmmm...realistic ;o)
That darling 'Darla' fabric is on my wish list...which could by the time passed your front door and is making its way home to me (= just wanted to illustrate how LONG my fabric wish list is). But what a sight for my sore eyes! Do I spot THAT color???? Even triple! But what a gorgeous quilt this could become...yummy!
Speaking of yummy - I want some high tea looks more than delicious and I really think Lynette's hand sneaking in the photo prove that they're irresistible ;o).
And last but definitely not least: CONGRATS, Kris, you rock! And so does Nara!!!
A bear hug to my favourite bearlebrety,

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Kris! Wow - what a day! Isn't it wonderful when everything flows so beautifully like that? And I love your teddy! She sure deserves to be the cover girl! How exciting :-) You do know that you're going to have lots of little boy teddies knocking at the door now don't you?!! he he... It's nice to meet you! Vikki :-)

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!! What a wonderful day you had and what an excitement!! I think if I had of been with you ( oh I wish I had been with you) I would have cried!! You know I cry at the drop of a hat but it would have ben happy excited tears!!
Woohoo again!!
Must go to Indooroopilly soon, been a long time since I was there! How blonde is Lynette!! Very summery and and and if you hadn't pointed out your fuzzy hair we wouldn't have's all about the ankles!!!! ( I know you know what that means)
Kiss Noises you cover girl you!!
Linda Lilly

Unknown said...

Congratulations you clever girl !Fancy touching something , anything before a photo had been taken , eeeek !
clares craftroom

Dorothy said...

Congratulations Kris! Nara is so cute, and so are all the other bears in the photos. It couldn't happen to a nicer girl!
Your High Tea looked delicious, I'm not surprised Lynette couldn't wait for a photo, before tucking in. LOL

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