Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Gifties, Goodies & A Finish!

I know it's only Wednesday and there's a few days left in the week, but I've had a really good week! It actually started last Friday when I went to lunch with my dancing buddies Lynda and Deb to celebrate Lynda's birthday - it's exactly a fortnight after mine, which makes us almost twins! Hmmm ... yes ... only our mothers could tell us apart!! :0) To show you just how silly that is, I'll pop in a photo of the Lynda and I at Lynda's birthday celebrations last year. (mainly cos I forgot to take my camera to Friday's lunch!.

See?!?! Only our mothers could tell us apart! (It's a line from a movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny De Vito played Twins!)

Now, when Lynda, Deb and I get together it's always fun, but last Friday we just had the BEST time! And LAUGH!!! We all went away with sore cheeks and stomach muscles from laughing so much - much to the disgust of the elderly ladies sitting behind us who obviously didn't have a sense of humour and gave us VERY disapproving looks all through lunch - which we completely ignored! :0) Even though it was Lynda's birthday, I got a giftie too - a slightly late one from Deb and it was worth waiting for.

A pretty tea cup and matching teabag caddy featuring native or false sarsaparilla - how pretty are they!! I love the deep green and deep purple colour combo - I sure will feel pretty special sipping my tea from this cup!! Thanks Deb!

THEN ... when I got home, I found my Mother-in-law had popped in while I was out to catch up with me to give me a late birthday giftie. I'd missed her, but she left the giftie ...

Isn't this a pretty set! The style is a little more conservative than I usually wear, but the red is so vibrant that I may just have to find something it goes with. As you can see on the jewelry tag, the pendant and earrings are set with Swarovski crystal. Now, Bohemian though I may be, I HAVE heard of Swarovski crystal and my MIL picked this little set up when she and my FIL were overseas at about this time last year, so now I have some internationally famous jewelry! Tee! Hee! Hee!

OK, so that's the gifties from my title, now onto the goodies!! I've been stalking my postie for a few days waiting eagerly for this package to arrive and yesterday it appeared in my mailbox!


Yes ... I've been eyeing off the pretty shabby chic colours of the Aviary range from Moda for quite some time, so when I was cruising around Julie and Kerri's Provincial Patch on-line store last week and saw these pretties for such great prices, I just HAD to order some for my very own self!! The plan is to make a quilt for my Mum for her birthday or Christmas ... I won't say WHICH birthday or Christmas, mind you! Tee! Hee! Hee! I saw a gorgeous quilt over at Peg's blog that she made with two charm packs and a metre of matching fabric, so that's what I've got ready to go here. For now, I'm just going to admire them!! Thanks for sending them my way so quickly, Julie!! And look at the cute calendar she popped in, too. It's just the right size to pin on my inspiration board in the office here, so I can keep track of how many days I've lost!! Pop over and see what Julie and Kerri have in their little shop - I dare you NOT to buy something! Tee! Hee! Hee!

And finally ... a finish to add to my OPAM Challenge list! It's only a small project, but it is FINISHED and that's all that matters! I was playing around with some ideas for a small wall hanging to give as a welcome gift to the new residents who are currently in the process of moving into the retirement village where I work. I wanted something that didn't cost a lot to make, didn't take too LONG to make and that would remind them always of Brownesholme. This is what I came up with ...

Ta Da!! The windmill is a symbol/logo that is on anything to do with Brownesholme, as the village has been built on a property that used to be a dairy farm and the original windmill now stands near our community hall as a garden feature, as well as a reminder of where it all began. Here's the real-life windmill on a misty morning.

So ... there you go, that's been my wonderful week so far ... and it's still not over, so there's even more potential for great stuff to happen! In fact ... there's something good for all of YOU coming up tomorrow ...


As promised, I will be launching the "Girl Stuff" bags pattern, as well as re-launching a new-look range, so make sure you pop back and don't miss your chance to go in the draw. Until then ... my there be gifties, goodies and all round fun things in the rest of your day! Til next time - Bear Hugs!



Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Hello lovely Kris, glad to see you have been out and about having fun and upsetting the locals!! haha, I do like your hair that red by the way...anyhoo love your gifties and how clever are you with your Welcome stitchery....such a lovely thought!
Can't wait to see your new packaging and your new pattern release....perhaps you should ask for pattern testers.....that would be fun!!
Have a truly scrumptious day, kiss noises Linda

Kerryanne English said...

Hey Kris, I knew you would have a fabulous day with your gal pals. Great pressies and a fun day out - doesn't get much better than that.

Your welcome stitchery turned out beautiful too.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Stina said...

Friends are the best things in life!!! Bet you lives 10 years longer just because of all the laughs!!! :o)
And got your fabrics..and they are lovely!!! I need them too..:o)
Happy Easter to you... see you next week!!:o)

Joy said...

LOVE your Aviary fabrics!!! My Aviary jelly roll arrived today too and I've been caressing it and loving it (it's soooo pretty) ... one day I'll even cut it and use it .... well, maybe LOL.
You've had such a fabulous week so far, hope Easter is just as good ... and that the Easter bunny leaves plenty of caramel eggs!!!!
Can't wait for your giveaway :O)!!
Joy :o)

Jantine said...

I really like the Welcome sign and even more the idea behind. It is such a generous gesture to make people feel at home...

i cant sew said...

your story reminds me of the time mick and i played bingo at a little bowls club and this young couple kissed and some old biddy said 'well i never' tut tut tut. dont they remember being young and vibrant and humerous? cant wait for the giveaway. plus i have finsihed tow more things this month.

Julie said...

Your Mum will love her new quilt. Those charm pack will look lovely made up like Peg's quilt.
Love your windmill pic. too. Very me.
Struggling to get my pen to paper for very long this week......grrrrr.

simplestitches said...

Hiya Chris,
glad to see you're still having loads of laughs and upsetting the disapproving bunch behind you! Love all of your gifties especially that lovely red heart set from MIL.
Have fun with your fabric, it's gorgeous!
Very cute welcome, sure the new owners will love it too.

cheers Julz

PS. I have a finish in the OPAM, will send you a pic, but can't post pics on blog as it's a peeks!not til it arrives at its desination...somewhere.

julia said...

It's just plain fun to read this post ~ gorgeous gifties, fabric, catching up with friends.
Love the Aviary fabric {and I have to admit, I was weak and ordered a layer cake some weeks ago...bad, bad Julia :O) – no, I don't feel that guilty...heehee}. Can't wait for the quilt you planned!
Hugs, Julia

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