Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Signs Of Spring!

Just for a change ... I'm not going to complain about the cold here on top of our 'hill'! :0) Yes ... it's still 'fresh' in the mornings with around 4 degrees, but we've had some lovely sunny days that have been much more pleasant for us hot-weather lovers. (as long as you can stay out of the wind, of course!) In fact ... walking around the retirement village where I work, and as I peek out my office door ... I think I'm starting to see the first signs that spring isn't too far away ... YAY! I thought I'd share my spring hints so you can enjoy them too. These photos were all taken on my iPhone and the first is a couple of little visitors who have been 'knocking' on my office door for the last week ...

Mr and Mrs Blue Wren ... aren't they cute!! :0) They are teeny tiny little birds ... their little legs don't look like they should be strong enough to hold them up, but they have ATTITUDE!!! This pic was taken through the glass sliding door of my office ... where they have taken to fighting with their reflections ... it is kind of funny to watch! :0) And you should hear them going OFF! They sure do tell those 'intruders' where to go! Tee! Hee! Hee!

These pansies are part of a garden edging and the purple colour reminds me of plush velvet.

The daffodils are shining their sunny yellow faces around the gardens ... even if the light was in the wrong spot for the photo, really! :0)

The clivias are splashing their cheerful orange around ... I'm not usually an 'orange' fan, but the contrast against the dark green leaves and the grey of the birdbath is pretty cool. :0)

And this lush looking orchid has been lending some class to the garden edge near our community hall.

All in all, I'm feeling encouraged that spring isn't too far away. Of course ... winter in Toowoomba almost guarantees a few more nasty frosty days before Jack Frost goes away for good for the year ... but now I have some lovely spring photos to bring me hope. :0)

May your week be full of sparks of colour and splashes of hope! :0) Til next time ...




Maria said...

Mr and Mrs Wren are just gorgeous.. I am also lucky to have lots visit on the block..
Love all the pretty colours in the garden too.
Keep warm.

Christine M said...

Aren't Blue Wrens just the sweetest little birds. I love how they flit everywhere! We're starting to see blossoms on the trees now which certainly says "spring" to me!

Heaven's Walk said...

Hey Kris! It's so strange to hear you speak about spring arriving in your pretty corner of the world, when we're preparing for autumn over here. :) It's been suuuuuch a hot, dry summer, I think everyone is ready for the crisp, cool days of autumn. :) Loved seeing the photos of the sweet wrens, your gorgeous flowers, AND your sweetie! Have a wonderful weekend together! :)

xoxo laurie

Narelle said...

Oh Kris, I just love your snippets of spring. Thankyou for sharing :)

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