Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A Stitching Buzz & OPAM!!

Here I am!! I'm feeling a little bit like a human popsicle here on top of our 'hill' at the moment ... our temperatures for the last three days have been around 2 or 3 degrees overnight and only climbing to around 13-15 during the day ... THEN ... add in horrible south-westerly and westerly winds and this turkey is feeling pretty frozen ... BRRRRRR!!! Winter is well and truly here ... SIGH!! 

In amidst trying to keep warm, my Beloved Geek Boy and I are still trying to stay tidy ... our cosy cottage is on the market ready for a big move (fingers crossed!!) and so there are open house sessions and inspections by prospective buyers happening throughout the week. We really are not naturally tidy people ... just ask my neat-nut Mum! Tee! Hee! Hee! And although I can't play in my sewing room in case I make a fabricky, thready mess, I was suffering withdrawal symptoms, so HAD to find some hand stitching to sooth my stitcher's soul. I left it until too late in the day to take a good photo, but this will give you a sneaky-peeky preview of what I'm playing with ...

"A bee! A bee ... is after me! And that is why, I flee, I flee! This bee, this bee, appears to be very, VERY an-ger-y!" A Spike Milligan poem I helped teach to a year 1 class for eisteddfods some years ago when I was working as a Teacher's Aid. Aaah ... the peculiar things you find lurking in your memory! :0)

That's about all the stitchy stuff happening here at the Meares' Madhouse at the moment ... but I know all of you OPAM gals have been slaving over your machines and have had needles flying during June ... BUT ... you need to tell me and my Sweet Partner In Crime, Sweet Peg, just what you've managed to finish. It's time to update your sidebar lists and email your tallies to Sweet Peg or me to go in the random prize draw. Remember ... your project has to be FINISHED ... individual blocks don't count and neither do flimsies ... quilts must be quilted and bound and stitcheries/cross-stitches have to have been made into something or framed. Are you all having fun playing along with Sweet Peg and me this year for OPAM? I hope so, cos we sure LOVE to see what you've all been creating! :0)

Well ... that's about it for an update from the Meares' Madhouse ... I'll keep you updated on our house adventure as things progress ... and it seems they progress much slower than my nerves would prefer ... EEP!! In the meantime, my visits may continue to be a bit sporadic ... but I'm thinking of you all. :0) Enjoy the rest of your week ... and stay warm if you're in the southern hemisphere ... and cool if you're up north, of course. :0) Til next time ...



1 comment:

KimM said...

Love the bee - can hardly wait to see its finish. I'm sure it will be delightful and creative.

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