Friday, 24 February 2017

The Sweetest Words!!

What would you think those sweetest words would be?


Tee! Hee! Hee! I'm sure quilters all around the world would agree with me. :0) And lucky me heard those sweet, sweet words from my Home-Away-From-Home The Quilers Angel this week. The Magnificent Marion & Stupendous Steph were offering a whopping 40% off all bolted fabric. WOW! So you know I just HAD to go & adopt some fabric, right?! :0) Want to see what followed me home? (That was my story to GB & I'm sticking to it! )

Ta! Da! This is my latest stash enhancement. I know it seems like a bit of a mixed bag, but it's the starting point of three different projects.

These two are the background for a dinosaur quilt for one of the nephews. (Note to self: July ain't that far off, so get moving on this!)

This batch will be block sashing (the basics at the bottom) & the outer border for a quilt to be made with these ...

My Sort-Of-Sister Tiffy has been a camp counsellor in the USA a few times in the last few years & she decided SHE would make a t-shirt quilt from her camp t-shirts. Hmmmm ... So how did I end up with the job of choosing sashing & borders, cutting the t-shirts, adding the stabiliser then cutting the blocks to size?!? Well you may ask ... I still haven't worked it out! :0P And the rest of my new goodies ...

They are for ME! :0) I fell in love with this range at first sight, but have been a good girl & not adopted any ... Until 40% off broke my resolve to be good. See ... It's not really my fault! :0) I'm still not 100% certain about what these will become, but I'm thinking probably a pretty quilt. I got 40cm of the eight to the left for sashing or piecing & a metre of the teal floral on the right which I LOVE!! The floral will make a nice outer border. This was a popular range so by the time I was at the shop late in the afternoon there were only a few selections left, but I reckon I've got a few teals & dusty rose fabrics in my stash to mix n match.

HUGE thank you to Marion & Steph for offering such a fantastic sale for us fabric-a-holics. :0) We really are very spoilt by Marion & Steph. I've visited fabric shops in several states when we've been on holidays (GB is resigned to me turning our holidays into a fabric addict's version of a pub crawl ... Quilting shop crawl! Tee! Hee! Hee!) And I think The Quilters Angel has one of the best & broadest ranges of fabric, notions, quilting accessories, patterns & pretty giftware that I've ever seen. Not to mention that service, advice & encouragement are always given with a smile! Marion & Steph really are our Quilting Angels! :0)

And as if a fabric sale wasn't exciting enough to end the week, I also caught up with Fabulous Fiona to help her celebrate her birthday. Although ... We were too busy chatting & enjoying our Black Widow Burgers to remember to take a pic. Oops! :0) Oh ... The Black Widow title of our lunch was named after the comic book character not the burger's ingredients! ;0) Happy Birthday Miss Fiona!!

So today ... I'm just chillin' at home, doing some of my grownup chores, fondling my new fabrics  I think I now need a cuppa & a snack. Just the way I like a Friday to unfold, really! :0) So what are YOU up to today to end the work week? Some sewing perhaps? Hope your weekend is FABULOUSTil next time ...



PS Don't forget OPAM signup closes this Tuesday! If you haven't signed up yet you'd better get in quick! :0) 


Fiona said...

great shopping spree.. thanks for the call to meet up for lunch - it was great...

Michelle Ridgway said...

Nothing nicer than a bit of an old fabric spree....bonus if lunch with a friend is on the agenda...woohoo! Lovely shopping x

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