Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Sweet Treat!!

Well ... after a few more technical issues (aren't there just days where modern technology drives you to drink?!?!) I'm back as promised to share a quick, simple recipe for a sweet treat ... sugar and cinnamon coated almonds. I first tasted this cinnamony, nutty treat when we were visiting Malaney last year and I've been on the lookout for a recipe ever since. I found this one on Pinterest and while the finished result wasn't quite the same flavours, it was pretty close and pretty YUMMY! :0) Got your recipe books ready?

Cinnamon & Sugar Coated Almonds

* 1 Cup of sugar
* 3 Cups of raw almonds (skin on)
* 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon powder
* 1/4 Cup water

How To ...

1. Add sugar, water and cinnamon to a small pan and mix together over heat until it reaches boiling point.

2. Tip almonds into boiling mix and stir through so all almonds are coated.
3. Keep stirring mixture for around 8-10 minutes until the sugar starts to crystalise ... it will look a bit like sand. (but not taste at all sandy ... I promise! :0) )

4. Pour coated nuts onto a paper lined baking tray to cool.

5. ENJOY! :0)

I quite like these tasty treats when they're still warm with a cup of tea beside me, but they'd also make great Christmas hamper additions or a sweet, nutty treat for the Christmas lunch table ... They're on my Christmas "To Do" list. :0)

So there we go ... hope you all enjoy making up this quick, simple treat. Right now, I'm off to enjoy the fruits of my labours ... with a cup of tea ... OF COURSE! :0) Hope your weekend is off to a great start and that you manage to spend some time being creative ... I've got a hot date tomorrow with my sewing machine and some tasty new fabricky treats that I fell in love with recently ... I promise to share pics next time I pop in. Til next time ...




Farm Gate Creations said...

I love sugared almonds and you made that look way too easy...I'm definitely giving that one a go.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

thanks Kris.....they look so good....

Michelle Ridgway said...

Thanks Kris! Definitely may end up in some Christmas gifties! They look and sound delicious xx

Judy S. said...

They sound very yummy and not even too hard! If you're cooking up treats, that must mean you're pretty well settled? I finally had my Noah's Ark quilt quilted and now for the binding. I am such a procrastinator!

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