Saturday, 21 September 2019

SDDO 2019 - Part 3!

PHEW! I TOLD you I took lots of photos! :0) This will be the last of them & it's a really fun, important part of Stitchers Dream Day Out ... Show & Tell.

Now every year, the designers & helpers wander around the room chatting to people as they stitch ... & scoping out who has lovely handmade goodies to share during Show & Tell! :0) So many times, we'll hear people say ... "It's not very good." Or "It's only a simple project." Or "I didn't make it, a friend did." Or "I'm too shy to speak in front of people ." Well ... Let me tell you why none of those are valid reasons NOT to share.

 While we all love to look at pretty things ... Hello! Otherwise, why do we stitch & quilt?! ... I really feel that Show & Tell isn't about us showing off, or bragging about how good we are ... It's all about women encouraging other women to 'have a go', to take some "ME" time & to be creative. You might say that your quilt/bag/pincushion isn't very neat, or not perfect ... So WHAT?! If we wanted perfection, we'd buy mass-produced quilts made by computerised machines. Your project is too simple? Great! It might encourage someone to say, "Hey! I could make that!". You say you didn't make it, your friend did? Then show it off, cos how very blessed are you to have a friend who loves you enough to take the time to make something just for you. You say you're too shy to speak in front of people? You're never going to find a more accepting, forgiving-of-mistakes-&-stutters crowd than a bunch of crazy stitchers who have gathered for a fun day out. We're all beginners at some point, we're all constantly learning & honing our craft, NOBODY is perfect, so next time you're invited to be part of Show & Tell ... Get up there, sista & strut your stuff! :0) You may be just the nudge someone else needs to get creative! End of rant, dismounting from soapbox! Tee! Hee! Hee! It's just something I feel strongly about ... & I know Marion & Steph, do, too ... As women we need to be encouraging & nurturing to other women because truly strong & awesome women don't not judge or put others down, they lead the way, then reach back to bring others up too. :0)

And after all that ... If you're still with me! ... Some photos of a few Show & Tell projects. :0) One small confession, though ... These are all projects made from my Tag Along Teddies patterns! BLUSH! :0) I love seeing what people do with patterns I've designed to make their own unique projects & I was pretty excited to see a few Tag Along Teddies projects in the lineup. :0)

This is a beautifully made version of my "Life Is Good" run-away-from-home bag. :0) This was the project I shared when I was a guest designer for Girls Stitch In a few years ago. My sample bag of this pattern is my sewing bag ... It's big enough to run away from home with for a day of stitching with friends. :0)

Michelle showed a sweet wall hanger she made from my "Keys Of Life" pattern. It's sweetly shabby chic & the first key was designed to make a gift for a friend's "21 Again" birthday a few years ago.

And Michelle's daughter Jodie stitched a cheerful teddy from my "Fairy Bears & Butterflies" quilt pattern & framed it. I love seeing my designs used in different ways & especially love playing a small part in encouraging younger Stitchers to ply needle & thread. Michelle & Jodie also made a bright & funky version of my "French Amour" quilt, which they shared last year. And my favour show & tell ...

Gorgeous fellow Stitchers & awesome women! :0) Pam from Cottage Garden Threads, Marvellous Marion, hostess with the mostest, & Lesley from Faeries In My Garden. And last, but DEFINITELY not least ...

AAAAAAAAAWWWWWW!! 😍😘 (my chipmunk cheeks & all! 😜)

And that's IT for my SDDO round up for 2019. Thanks to Lesley, Kate, Katie & Pam for sharing their creativity with us this year, thanks to all the lovely ladies ... Newbies & repeat offenders alike! ... Who shared the fun day with me. And a HUGE THANK YOU to Marion & Steph for all their hard work to make sure we have a fantastic day of being spoilt.

 If you're thinking of joining us for all the fun, frivolity & fabric next year, make sure you book & pay your deposit early to ensure you don't miss out. The theme will be "Celebration!" & the guest designers will be Katie from Cottage Garden Threads & Debbie Magee of Always Stitchn'.

And now I really think I've earned a cup of tea, so I'm off to play Polly & put the kettle on. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend & that you squeeze in some time to be creative. Til next time ...



P.S. It has come to my attention that my website is misbehaving at the moment. We changed servers a few months ago & seem to be having a few issues. While the website will eventually be sorted, GB is pretty snowed under with his grown up job, so it could be a while. A range of my patterns (especially more recent designs) are available from the Quilters Angel. If you are chasing a particular pattern, feel free to email me. Sorry for any inconvenience. Technology!! 🙄 KRIS xx


Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Preach it Sister. I'll be quoting you I think.

I love that you get to see people enjoying your patterns. How delightfully wonderful.

One day I'll get the time to make the trip.

Janice said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. Lovely to see your designs made up.

Fiona said...

lovely to read all about the days.... your designs were beautiful (of course)

June's Jottings said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time Kris, and am glad that you managed to get a 'little' stitching in. I wholeheartedly agree with your 'rant'. The same thing has happened to me many times, but now, I just say, 'you may not be good at this kind of thing, but I am, and I am proud of what I produce'!

Maria said...

Such fabulous few days with all like minded friends ...
Nice to see your beautiful design made up..
Thanks for sharing in the last few posts.

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