Monday, 26 May 2008

Avast, ye lilly-livered-landlubbers!!!

Yo, ho! Yo, ho! A pirate's life for me! Drink up me hearties, yo, ho! Aaaarrrrrrr!! Avast ye lilly-livered-landlubbers! Here there be dragons!! And if ye don't be swabbin' the decks quick smart, ye'll be walkin' the plank to spend eternity in Davey Jones' Locker!! OK, I think I've got all of my pirate talk out of my system now!! Tee! Hee! Hee! No, I'm not celebrating International Pirates' Day early, (no, really, there IS an IPD! It's September 19!!) I've finished dressing my 'bare bear' from last post and he's a BEARY handsome pirate, if I do say so myself! Take a look ...

He may not be Johnnie Depp, but he's almost as cute, don't you think!! I've always been a bit of an adventure-flick-chick, rather than a chick-flick-chick (Say THAT 10 times quickly after a swig of Pirate Rum - "Why is the rum ALWAYS gone?!") so the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are amongst my faves. And of course the fact that Jonny Depp is pretty easy on the eyes doesn't hurt!! Tee! Hee! Hee! My pirate's name is Morgan the Pirate Bear, after the famous buccaneer and he's the second variation that will be available as part of this pattern. Here are the two together ...

The Captain has his black, shaped hat his pirate boots, belt, flounced shirt and duster jacket, while the crewman has the lace up shirt, waist sash, headscarf and coin dangles (just like Cap'n Jack!!). You can choose your favourite or make both so you can sail the seven seas and swash your buckle in style!!

I had finished the crewman some time ago, it was just the Captain version that needed to be finished and I knuckled down this weekend to do so - Kerryanne will be proud of me!! (Kerryanne is my Jimminy Cricket conscience encouraging me to be a good girl and write the instructions straight away while I can still remember what I did - she's a BIG encouragement to me!! Thanks Kerryanne!!) Now I just have to actually sit down and WRITE the instructions! GROAN!! I think I'd rather walk the plank!! Tee! Hee! Hee!

So ... now you know how my latest 'bearbie' looks when finished. Mind you, getting a photo of them standing was no easy task! I now know how Jim Hensen must have felt when people wanted to take photos of his Muppets!! Little bears are made to hug or sit and look good, not stand at attention for photo shoots! Luckily my beloved Geek Boy was on hand to lend a hand - literally! If you look REALLY closely at the photo of the two Buccaneer bears together, you'll see GB's hand holding the crewman in place. We could run a 'Where's Wally' competitions - "Where's GB?"!! Tee ! Hee! Hee!

Anyways, I'm off to swash some buckles, keelhaul some landlubbers and hoist some mainsails!! Actually, I'm just popping off to put the kettle on for a cuppa, but it didn't sound very 'piratey'!! Til next time, Bear Hugs!



Linda said...

Hi Kris,
Love Morgan the Pirate Bear and his crew mate they are both cuties.
Cheers Linda

chook said...

I love them just soo cute
now how about a pirate wench?????
I would lve to see a girly one
hugs Beth

Jo said...

Hi Kris your bears are sooooo cute.

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Yo ho ho and a bottle of bubbles...never was a fan of Rum....what perfect pirates you have there...great job they are swashbuckling swish!! Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Paul Sears Photography said...

These teddies are so cute! I'm going to forward your blog to my wife - she will just love it!

Carin said...

oh my heck!(okay yes I am from Utah so I can say that!)
My boys would adore the pirate bears! They are to dang cute!!!

Kerryanne English said...

Yay...they are finished...woohoo

I'm so glad that I can be your conscience and keep you on the straight and narrow. How good will it feel to have those instructions finished?

Oh and by the way - they are 'beary' cute pirate bears.

Now where is GB's hand in that photo.....hhhmmm I can't see it???

Hugs and jugs,

Lorraine said...

Colour me blind I can't see his hand either.....and speaking of colours ... it isn't green or blue...and I have changed it a bit because I realised there is actually quite a bit of the colour he/she doesn't its all ready for stitching no changing it....although looking at it now there are a couple of aspects I think could have been done differently but will see how it comes up with a bit of random stitching...just stopped for a break.....and a cuppa which I have to make myself since the prince is at work....just now feeling like I am starting to unwind from work...

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