Saturday, 10 May 2008

Painting Progress!

About this time last week, I shared that my beloved Geek Boy and I were painting our bedroom and while most of this was accomplished last weekend (amidst a few dramas!! Check out the Painting Dramas post!) there were all of the little fiddly bits left to take care of. The window still needs to be painted, but GB tells me he'll tackle that tomorrow. Then there was the process of moving all the nick-knacks back into the room - all of those little touches that make it 'yours'. I think this process actually takes almost as long as painting it!!

So ... the first task was to iron all of the vintage linens that had their spring clean during this process - GROAN!! I HATE ironing! And of course, I have a passion for vintage COTTON linens, so you can imagine how much FUN this job was!! NOT!!

This is a wonderful half-tester valance I bought as a bit of a bargain a few years ago at a doll show, where the woman I bought it from estimated it was about 80 years old. Even the netting is cotton, which means it had to be ironed too! However, it was worth it because after my handy GB worked out a better way to hang the frame, this is what it now looks like ...

I was really pleased with how it all looks - new doona cover in place, cozy cushions piled up with a flapper bear called Lola, reclining decadently amongst them! The only problem I found was in taking the photos! The very contrast between light and dark that attracted me to this colour scheme, makes it REALLY hard to get good photos. Either the white flashes or washes out, or the green is too dark, so hopefully these will give you a little bit of an idea of how it all looks. Here's another shot, a bit of a close up of lounging Lola!

And some more linens were pressed and put back on my dressing table.

The mirror caught the flash a bit, but you can see the green walls a bit better in this photo. I love the painting above the dressing table! It was painted by a very talented artist from my hometown of Mundubbera, Sue Ledderhose, and the house is actually a wonderful old house in the main street of the next town over, Gayndah. Growing up in a small town, our nearest big shopping destination was Bundaberg and we had to drive through Gayndah to get there. Each time we went through town, I would drool over the lovely old house, so it's great to have a painting of it, particularly since the artist is a friend!! And it looks great on the dark coloured walls!!

While GB was working out the best way to hang the bed canopy, I decided to give my cane hutch a bit of a shabby make-over to match the new look room. Here is the before photo.

And after ...

I just love the white against the dark green!! Happy dance!! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Thanks to everyone who has left encouraging comments about my colour choice - it's nice to have others validate my decision and I love seeing how people decorate their homes, so thought other people might enjoy a peek at our room make over!! Glad they have!

I have another photo to show you, too, which was one of those 'happy accident' shots! Before I brought the hutch back into our bedroom, I decided to take a photo in the same spot as the 'before' photo was taken for continuity. Well, Wombat decided he'd like to be a media star, so plopped himself in front of the hutch. When I was previewing my photos to decide which ones worked best, I decided I preferred the hutch photo in front of the dark green wall, but I discovered something funny in one of the outside shots! When I zoomed in a bit, look what I had captured!

Can you see?? Wombat looks like he's closed his eyes, stuck out his tongue and said "NYAHHHHHHH!!" Tee! Hee! Hee! Not at all a dignified look, but gave me and GB a good giggle!!

So ... that's how our painting has progressed so far. Once GB finishes the window trim tomorrow, it will be up to me to make new curtains to cover the timber blind we've put up to block out the neighbours' annoying outside light that they leave on, shining right into our bedroom window!! It's great for shadow puppetry, but not so good if you want to sleep! The blind was self-defence!! And it will be covered by curtains ... I'll share once it's all done - promise!!

For now, however, I think I'm off to try to get white paint out from under my nails - how on EARTH did I manage to get it there when I was using a SPRAY PAINT and didn't even TOUCH the paint or the hutch while the paint was wet!! Yet another of life's little mysteries!! Til next time, Bear Hugs!



Kerryanne English said...

It all looks lovely Kris - a job well done.

Can't wait to see what sort of curtains you whip up.


beeeme65 said...

Hey there baby, enjoying your antics in the painting arena! I remember that hutch, didn't u have it somewhere oldlangsyne? Normally I hold that natural colours should not be interferred with (I have seen people do some hideous things to beautiful wood grains) but I like it better white. And I always approved of the green, it's a great choice. Maybe one day I'll be brave and just do it too!

beeeme65 said...

Oh by the way beeeme65 is moi, Deborah Lane!

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