Sunday, 28 April 2013

A Finish & A Find!!

SIGH!! The weekend is almost over and it's almost time to be a grown up again and go to work ... There just never seems to be enough hours in a weekend does there?!  And that list of jobs allocated to the weekend never seems to be finished!! :0)

However ... I DID manage to cross a few things off the ol' "To Do" list ... including FINALLY finishing an overdue birthday giftie for Steph. I had the hand stitching finished in time for Steph's birthday, but never seemed to find the uninterrupted time to finish it ... til this week ... YAY! :0) 

Ta Da! You can't see it in the photo, but this is another version of the snap closure pouch I designed for Girls Stitch In earlier in the year. The fabrics are from the "Flirt" range ... one of Steph's faves! :0) I had fun playing with them and was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I also made one for my Mum ... but forgot to take a pic .. .oops! :0) So ... another finish to add to my sidebar list ... are you OPAM gals keeping your lists up to date ... it's almost the end of the month again! :0)

Right ... to the "Find" in my post title ... after finishing the painting of my kitchenette a couple of weeks ago and putting it into it's new home in the dining room, it became obvious that our large round dining table was ... well ... too LARGE!! So this weekend, with a little bit of browsing time up our sleeves  my beloved Geek Boy and I decided to take a look at a few furniture shops to see if we could find a suitable table. Hmmm ... most were bigger than we were looking for ... not to mention PRICEY!!! So we took a peek at a couple of second hand stores and an antique store ... we're looking for a table with character, after all. Hmmm ... still no joy. Then ... almost as an afterthought, we popped into a recycled timber spot ... 15 minutes before closing! ... and lo and behold, we found ... THE ONE!!! :0) Now ... it DEFINITELY needs some TLC and is in DRASTIC need of a makeover, but we were pretty chuffed ...

Here it is, as it arrived in our carport. I'm not sure if it is, but it reminds me of the old style school teachers' desks, complete with storage drawer and original handle and lock (no key, so no secrets being hidden!!). Someone has put a coat of HIDEOUS varnish over it that we couldn't even begin to budge with paint stripper ... first time that's happened!! And the best part was the price ... a fraction of the price of any of the new tables we looked at AND they were taking 20% of all furniture this weekend ... YAY! :0) So next weekend will see us break out the sandpaper and sanders, paintbrushes, paint and sealer to give it a new lease of life. I can't wait to see it all spruced up ... love the turned legs especially and I'll have to come up with a secret or two to hide in that drawer! :0) I know it's meant to be a desk, but it's perfect for our  dining table needs with the space we have. I love it when a plan comes together! :0)

Well ... that's it for me today. I'm off to watch a bit of TV and break out the knitting needles ... the weather is cooling down and I need a new scarf or two to cope with winter ... BRRRRRRR!! :0) Hope your weekend has been as productive as ours and that your week includes some new treasures! :0) Til next time ...




Christine M said...

Steph's gift is lovely, Kris. Great table find too. I'm sure it'll look like a million dollars by the time you've finished it!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Sweet gift Kris. Adore your gorgeous table. Look forward to it's makeover.
Hugs x

Mistea said...

Lucky Steph that is one very pretty pouch.
Nice table. My grandparents had one like that and used the drawer to store the silverware.
Enjoy the clicking of the knitting needles.

katherine said...

Such a lucky find! Have you thought about french polishing it when you have it back to bare timber. It is so easy to do and would look fantastic. All it is is feast watson tinted shellac or the plain shellac flakes and metho! Too easy! The hardest part is sanding it back.

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