Friday, 6 September 2019

Weird Weather & A Wedding!

Happy Friday to all my lovely blogging buddies out there! I hope your day is toodling along smoothly. It's my non-grown-up-work day & I had LOTS of plans for my day. HMMMMMM ... I need to learn to write shorter lists! Tee! Hee! Hee! 

I'm blaming the strange weather for the fact that I'm struggling to focus & settle down to tackle things on my "To Do" list. Our weather here on our 'hill' has shot straight from winter to full summer without passing through spring. You know I love hot weather & I'm enjoying being back in light summer clothes, but the extreme dry conditions our ongoing drought has caused, added to mid-30's temperatures & horrible 40km an hour westerly winds have come together to put us in an extremely high fire risk situation. And since we're surrounded by forestry here, we're keeping a close eye on weather reports & fire updates. Boy, do we need some rain!!

But ... We'd prefer it not arrive tomorrow ... Fickle creatures, aren't we?! :0P You see, we have a very special wedding to attend. The first of our 11 nephews & 3 nieces is getting married in an outdoor ceremony, so dry weather is preferable or ladies in heels will be getting bogged. Tee! Hee! Hee! And since this is our FAVOURITE nephew (SHHHHH! Don't tell the others! :0P ) I've made something special as our gift to the happy couple ...

A stacked coin quilt. I love making these ... I've lost count of how many of them I've made ... But I especially love this one because the colours remind me of the many moods of the ocean ... Teals, greens, aquas, navy & sky blues. If I was naming it, I'd call it "Ocean Dreams".

My mermaid & pirate Beanie Bears seem to approve. :0)

And as always, a huge THANK YOU to my quilting fairy, the Fabulous Fiona  Her free motion all-over quilting looks just like the ebb & flow of waves.

I hope the new Mr & Mrs like it & spend many happy years snuggling under it together. It's made to be a throw for the couch, or maybe a curl-up-for-an-afternoon-nap bed runner. Whatever spot in their home they decide on for it, I hope it is a reflection of their marriage & home ... Full of warmth & love.

And now that I've finished this quilt by its deadline, I'll be back to stitching away madly on my BOM design-in-progress. Are any of you coming to Stitchers Dream Day Out next weekend hosted by the Marvellous Marion & Stupendous Steph of the Quilters Angel ? If you are, you'll get a sneaky-peeky at my BOM. :0)

But right now, I think I just have time for a cuppa & a little read before I get ready to head out to our Friday Night Sit N Sew gathering. I hope you have some fun stuff planned for your weekend, too. Oh ... I'll be back soon with the August OPAM draw winners. :0) Til next time me ...




June's Jottings said...

Kris, I absolutely love the colours in your quilt for your nephew's wedding - I hope you have a lovely day.

We too have been getting fire danger and wether warnings for our area as well, and like you, it is so dry here. Also - where did Spring go??

Take care my friend, and maybe (?) we all need to do a rain dance or something, as we sure need the rain as well.

Janice said...

What a beautiful quilt, I'm sure the happy couple will love it. Hope the weather is nice for the big day and nobody get sunken heels!!

Janice said...

I'm sure the newlyweds will love their quilt. The colours are perfect for Queensland. There's nothing like the gift of a quilt.

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