Saturday, 24 January 2009

Buttons, Blue Tongue & Bits & Bobs

Well, here I am! I know I've been a bit absent this week (though there are those who would say I'm 'absent' most of the time! Tee! Hee! Hee!) I've had a mild case of the 'blahs'. Nothing was really wrong, except my 'get up and go' got up and went!! I just haven't had any energy - so I've mostly curled up with a book in front of the fan! But ... my energy seems to be returning in the last day or so, so ... here I am back again!

Now, some of you may remember, before Christmas I was fortunate enough to win a give away from Lisa at Button Bliss when I helped her name her laser cutter - I suggested Lazarus, cos it had 'returned from the dead' after a trip to the laser machine doctors. My prize was $100 worth of wonderful laser cut timber buttons - which I gleefully chose after much deliberation. Not long after that, Lisa ran into a few 'technical difficulties', including a laptop (that has all the laser/design/etc software on it) that developed a drinking problem - it met with a glass of drink and fizzled! So Lisa was only able to send me my buttons this week - wanna see?

Look at all these pretty buttons!! Boy oh boy am I going to have fun here!! Thanks again Lisa!!

The other bit of excitement this week was heralded with a flurry of barking from our adopted dog, Lily. For about 15 minutes, I heard her letting out a strange 'yip' every 20 seconds or so. Finally deciding enough was enough, I marched out to shout at her - whereupon, both Lily AND Wombat slunk sheepishly out of my garden! Aaaaarrrggghhh!! They both KNOW they're not supposed to be there (the sheepish looks said it all!!) so I decided to see WHY they were in there and found ...

One of these. (I had to use a stock photo cos I was too startled at the time to remember to get my camera!) This is a blue tongue lizard and yes, they really DO have a pretty blue tongue! They're one of Australia's native lizards and are great to have in a garden as they control the snail population. Usually, they're found in more rural areas, but we have an urban blue tongue who we have christened "Bob". He lives in some old timber under our verandah and puts in the occasional appearance - he does a VERY convincing snake impersonation which has given me a start a time or two when I've come across him unexpectedly!! EEK! But mostly, he just hangs out under the house or in the garden - until he's bailed up by two noisy, nosey dogs!! So, the dogs were told off and convinced to find something else to do and Bob went on his way!! Never a dull moment here!!

And really, that's about all the action there's been around here this week. I did manage to work on a few bits and bobs with sewing - a bit more stitching on my Noah's Ark BOM (Judy's now all caught up, so that puts her two blocks in front - oh no!!), a stitchery patch finished for an upcoming birthday gift and I finished putting together the sample for my Secret Squirrel project for Marian's retreat. (Hmmm ... wonder if that counts as a finish if I still have to write instructions?!?!) So ... I guess the week wasn't a complete write-off!

And speaking of finishes ... May Britt and I are getting lots of emails from Challenge participants to tell us of finished projects, so make sure you pop into some (Or all!!) of the blogs listed under the Challenge banner, cos there are some clever chooks out there in blogland who are gleefully tackling their WISP piles! Don't forget, if you HAVE joined May Britt and I in this challenge, make sure you pop a Monthly Finish list on your sidebar and keep it updated so we can see at a quick glance how many projects you've finished. And if you can drop May Britt or I an email, that helps too. May Britt and I have both been visiting as many of the blogs of participants as possible, but we just keep running out of hours in our days!!

And now, I think I'm going to toddle off and put my jim jams on and keep a date with my pillow, cos I'll need LOTS of energy tomorrow to pack in a day of fun when Lilly Linda comes to visit Toowoomba!! YAY!! Linda and her beloved are heading up the hill for a day of fun catching up with MY beloved and I, but also to get ready for the stall that Linda and Laura are having at Jondaryan Wool Shed, about 40 minutes from Toowoomba, for Australia Day. We've promised Kerryanne that we'll take photos, but I'm not sure it's smart to have photographic evidence of us getting into mischief! Tee! Hee! Hee! Til next time - Bear Hugs!



Jo said...

Hi Kris we have a blue tongue lizard who lives at our house too. We dont see him very often but he made his first appearance for the season the other day and scared the life out of my husband, as he thought he was a snake to begin with too.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

What a fantastic thing to have in your garden, we have frogs, grass snakes and slow worms.... luckily we don't get too many adders, as they are poisonous!

Glad to hear your get up is on the return... its a drag when it goes, but you and May Britt have been doing so much work with this challenge you both deserve a rest!

thank you
Alex (hugs)

Lurline said...

Have a lovely family day today - hugs - Lurline♥

Joy said...

What a fabulous array of buttons, just love the cuppycakes!!!
We used to have a blue tongue in the yard too ... haven't seen him (her??) for ages though, wonder if he's (she's??lol) still there(???).
I'm working on another finish, and if I move my butt I might even get it done before the end of the month he he!! It's been on the go for months, I kept humming and haahing on fabric choices/borders etc. so it certainly qualifies as a WISP ;o).
Good to see you back :o)
Joy :o)

Kerryanne English said...

Aaahhh...Kris, your tales of backyard visitors has caused me to recall a similar inhabitant of our back yard. I blogged about it today.

Love the buttons you receieved from Lisa - oh the projects that they will inspire. Can't wait to see what you use them for.

simplestitches said...

Hey Kris,
love your visitor, we've got one in our garden too, and boy does he give us a scare occassionally....always think he is a snake...but sure keeps those pesky snails down.
Love your buttons, what a lucky person you are to be able to pick all of those.....can't wait to see some special things with them attached!
cheers Julz

Anonymous said...
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