Thursday, 8 January 2009

Mad, Mad, MAD!!!!

This is me at the moment!!! Sitting in front of the computer, tearing my hair out and wishing I could send a computer butt-kick to the stupid company who still haven't fixed their stupid server so I can have my domain back!! AAAAARRRRRGHHHHH!!! So ... still no web site ... still no email ...only way I can communicate with my blogging buddies is via blogs. Oh! And found out (the hard way of having a comment refused!!) that I can READ blogs on typepad, but because my domain currently doesn't exist, typepad doesn't think I exist either! Huh! Got news for typepad!! Thankfully, blogger still admits I'm here and I can leave comments on blogger blogs. I can also read comments left on mine - just have to reply with a blog visit and comment! Talk about the long way to do things! And the REALLY annoying thing? Unless people who've been trying to send me email in the last couple of days re-send the mail ... I will NEVER see it! There could be important information in those emails!! I might have won a give away! I might have won lotto! I might have forgotten to pay a bill! Hmmm, actually, of the three scenarios, THAT one is probably most likely! Tee! Hee! Hee! SIGH!!

However, during my lunch break today, I decided (since I couldn't read my email!!!) to pop into a few of the blogs of gals who've signed up for May Britt's and my challenge and on one of them (sorry! Can't remember whose - but know it was a name that began with "A" cos I was working my way down the side bar list!!) I found that the lovely blogger finished each post with a list of the day's "Gratitudes" - things she was thankful for that day. Some were big things, some were everyday little things, but she was doing the ol' "Count Your Blessings" thing - and I felt just a little ashamed of myself for spending so much time grumbling about being out of the communication loop!! So ... I made a decision to stop grumbling (well .... cutting down the grumbling a little!!) and use the time in some other way! Instead, I stitched up a storm!!

So ... MY gratitudes for today (I won't steal this lovely lady's idea permanently, just borrowing it for today!) are:

* I could 'lurk' on people's blogs to see what my blogging buddies were up to.
* I have my beloved "Geek Boy" to sort out the stupid computer problem (eventually!)
* And I now have the borders and binding on my blue quilt!!!

Tomorrow is my day at home, so I will be popping on a DVD and stitching down the binding, ready to do my famous "Happy Dance" and add my very first finish to my side bar list!! Hmmm ... the DVD I'm anticipating spending the day in front of is a little different to others I've read bloggers heading off to watch - like "Pride and Prejudice", "Ann of Green Gables", "Sense and Sensibility". No chick flicks for this chick .... murder, mayhem, mystery and some quirky British humour are what I have in mind! I'll be spending the day helping DCI Tom Barnaby and his side kick Sergeant Troy to solve the murders of "Midsomer Murders"!! I like a good who dunnit and mystery! And I'm MUCH better at helping Tom and Gavin solve THEIR mysteries than I am at solving the mystery of "who keeps hiding the TV remotes down the back of the sofa!!" Tee! Hee! Hee!

Well ... if I'm going to be busy detecting tomorrow, I need a good night's sleep, so I'll sign off for now. If any of you have been trying to contact me by email about the challenge, drop May Britt a line for now and she'll be able to help you, or you can leave a comment and I'll take the long way round and visit your blog to answer if you require one - or I'll just enjoy thinking someone found my post interesting and amusing!! Tee! Hee! Hee! Til next time - Bear Hugs!



Amanda said...

I think the term 'love/hate relationship' must have been coined by someone who had a computer! I'm a sucker for Midsummer Murders too, and Poirot - murder mystery films and books get my vote every time.

Karen said...

Computer problems can be the biggest headache!!! Hope your get them sorted out soon;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kris, I tried to send an email, but back to my server. Try again in the coming days. Strength and courage!
Hugs and kisses!

Joy said...

I know how you feel - well, a little bit anyway. Telstra took my internet away from me for a few days late last year too!! I felt like I'd lost a limb LOLOL .... !!!!
Hang in there ;o), enjoy your Midsomer Murders ..... now me, I'd probably be watching Miss Potter again - for the umpteenth time he he he.
Joy :O)

Jeanette said...

Sorry to hear of your computer troubles Kris. Know how you feel but mine wasn't server troubles. I sent an email to you to let you know i'd posted photo's of 2 finished projects. Hope all is fixed for you soon, Jeanette

Finn said...

Hi Kris, I'm so very happy to be part of your One Project a Month Challenge. *VBS* Thank you for co-hosting it with May Britt.
Sorry to hear of your computer woes, and they so sting us deeply, I think you've handled it well. Stitching is always a good idea and hopefully a cure.
I look forward to getting to know you and the other gals better. Hugs, Finn

Sølvi said...

wanted to tell my january project is finished

Perri said...

Hi Kris, Computer problems - don'tyou just love 'em!! Have tried to email you a couple of time but they come back. I'd love to join the challenge.
Happy stitching,

Lurline's Place said...

You have your beloved 'Geek Boy' to sort out your problems, so that is a wonderful blessing - you'll be up and running soon - I've finished my project for January, too, so must tidy-up my sidebar over the weekend!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Kerryanne English said...

I'm growling like a bear right along with you Kris...gggrrrrrr.
Let's hope your computer woes are settled soon.

Enjoy your DVD - I love those murder mysteries too, but right noew I have a new makeshift studio to play in....LOL.

Chookyblue...... said...

maybe try getting a generic email like gmail or yahoo and change the address where your comments are sent to in your profile........GOODLUCK

Vickie said...

ahh so this is why my email too you bounced back, hope they sort it out real soon,
I have completed one item yeeehaaah..details on my blog
cheers Vickie

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