Monday, 29 April 2013

Mini-Miracle Monday!!

Have you ever stopped to think about how many treats, treasures, blessings and mini-miracles we overlook each day? That sounds very "ZEN" doesn't it?! :0) It was a thought that occurred to me today as I used a machete to hack my way through our front jungle garden to check for mail. (OK ... I may be exaggerating slightly about our overgrown garden, but I'm pretty sure the Geisha Girls are plotting to take over the world!!)

Amidst the tangles of lavender, Geisha Girl blooms, bottlebrush, seaside daisies and grevillea  I spotted a splash of unexpected colour ... a ROSE! Now, I did actually plant about six rose bushes at one time, but they have never done very well for a few reasons ...

1. They are very shaded by a camphor laurel tree on our footpath (don't get me started on the camphor laurel, AKA the bane of my existence!!)

2. I never remember to water them! (Oops!!)

So on the rare occasions that they manage to pop out a bloom despite my lack of care and attention, I am somewhat surprised and rather grateful that nature is smarter and tougher than I am! :0) But today's rose was a little reminder to me that life is full of unexpected treats, treasures, blessings and mini-miracles that we can easily overlook in the busy-ness of our days or by forgetting to look around us and appreciate what we've got. So I am challenging myself to spend a week looking for ...






And I will attempt (note no extravagant promises being made here! Tee! Hee! Hee!) to blog my treat, treasure, blessing or mini-miracle each day. Would you like to join me? There are no rules, just keep an eye out during your ordinary day for that little splash of extraordinary, blog about it and maybe pop back to leave a comment or email me to tell me about it so I can peek at your blog post too. Treats, treasures, blessings and mini-miracles are even more fun when we can share them, don't you think?! :0)

So ... here is my Monday Mini-Miracle ... my rose ...

It's a "Peace" rose ... rather fitting for me to find a bloom so close to ANZAC Day. It's a buttery yellow in the centre with a blush of pink on the edges of the petals and it smells DIVINE!! Now ... I got a little carried away here and carted my mini-miracle from room to room to see where it looked prettiest ...

Here it is against my green lounge room wall. It was quite interesting to see how the different background colours changed the colours of the rose ...

I think I like this one best ... a bit of gauzy muslin in front of my sewing room blue wall. 

I hope your week is off to a fabulous start. I hope to pop back here to share my treat, treasure, blessing or mini-miracle with you tomorrow, but right now, I'm off to play Polly and pop the kettle on for a cup of tea. Til next time ...




Mistea said...

Lovely rose. Really like those different settings, thanks for pointing out it was just one, I thought you had many.
Enjoy your mini miracle.

Susan In Texas said...

Beautiful flower, Kris. I love the gauzy muslin photo best too. I tried to leave a comment on your last post last night, but it failed on me. I love your "new" table. What color are you going to paint it? I can't wait to see it finished.

Take care,
Susan in Texas

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