Tuesday, 25 January 2011

AAAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! Technology!!!

Technology is a wonderful thing ... SOMETIMES!! Today, it is NOT my friend!!! SIGH! As those of you who have already signed up for OPAM are no doubt gathering from failed links, several emails from me, Patient Peg or my Beloved Geek Boy ... OPAM has been experiencing some technical issues this afternoon!!! So, hopefully (fingers and toes crossed!) this post will help sort them out. Peg and I had NO troubles adding out new OPAM 2011 logo link the other day ... be something seemed to happen in the meantime!!! EEK! So, here's some step-by-steps from GB to add the button link to your sidebar.

This is partly my mistake, too ... though it did take GB a while to pick it up! :0) You need to add it as a PICTURE and follow the steps below ... NOT as a HTML/JAVA SCRIPT element as I put in the welcome email ... sorry about that! BLUSH!!

1 . Click on "Add a Gadget"

2. Click on "Picture"

3. Paste the button link into the "From The Web" box, add a link to my blog or Peg's blog in the link window in this same element and save.

You can then drag and place this gadget anywhere you like in your sidebar as you would for any other buttons. If you're still having problems, email me and GB will be put on the job of solving the problem! :0)

PHEW!!! Hopefully that sorts it out! So very sorry for all the mucking around ... my poor brain is fried and I think I need to go have a cup of tea and a lie down! :0) There are still some places left, so if you're wanting to join the OPAM 2011 craziness and fun ... read the post below and email me or Peg! Til next time ...


PS. To those bloggers who HAVEN'T signed up for OPAM 2011 but have received emails ... sorry about that! GB started to sent the fix-it email to LAST year's OPAM list rather than THIS year's. Sorry for any confusion. BH! KRIS


Jessica said...

I figured it out after a couple of wrong turns. The new logo looks great!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Kris and GB i am not sure whether mine is right as i had a lot of trouble it kept starting to load and then would flicker on and off.Sorry i am still a learner when it comes to computers and blogs its all a bit scary.
cheers Sheryl

Anonymous said...

yay! finished and done and it worked :o) THANK YOU KRIS, GEEK BOY & PEG! toni xxx

Amanda said...

Well, I've had an email from GB suggesting I had a new link as a HTML/java button, as well as the advice in this blog, and I'm not sure which one to follow, so I've done both! Not to worry, hiccups happen and I'm sure I'll work out which is the best one as we go along.

Joy said...

All's well that ends well ... thanks so much for all your hard work GB ... the new button looks fabulous :o)!!!
So glad to be a part of OPAM again :o).
Joy :o)

Brenda said...

I got it and it works!! You have certainly taught me alot about blogging as well as motivating me to finish my WISPs! Thanks Kris, Geek Boy & Peg for all your patience & perseverance!!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

I got it and it works on my blog too :o) So glad to join you for the fun this year too :o)
Get your shoulders down, and take a breath :o)

Kayly said...

Thanks for letting me sign up. I got the logo on my sidebar easily, thanks to your easy instructions.
I'm hoping OPAM is just the nudge I need to start finishing things. Looking forward to encouraging the others also and seeing their projects.

Sarah said...

Haha! I actually worked it out! I thought it was just me, but Razzy had trouble too, so I fixed it for her!
x Sarah
PS: What does BH stand for - Bloody Husbands?? roflao

rubyslipperz said...

MANY-MANY thanks for all the time and hardwork spent to put together the OPAM group!! I'm excited and motivated!


Robyn G. said...

Wooohooo!! I finally go it right *Yipppeeee!!*
Thankyou to you and Scott :-)

"I have read and obeyed and I am not a dalek :p"
..but I do love Doctor Who!! :-)

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