Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The Dog Sat On The Tuckerbox!

OK, overseas visitors be warned - Australia cultural reference that you may not understand!! Actually, it's pretty self-explanatory, it just makes a bit more sense to people who are a little familiar with some Australia bush ballads/folk music. You see, there's a song that has a lead-in to the chorus that goes, "...And the dog sat on the tuckerbox, 10 miles from Gundagai." So, why the sudden urge to share Australian bush ballads? Take a peek at the sight that met me when I left my office to come home today after work ...

Now I know it's really a tool box she's sitting on, but you can see why it made me think of that dog on the tuckerbox!! Her name is Tessa and she belongs to Tony, one of my workmates. And she wasn't just sitting on the 'tuckerbox' so she could become a symbol of iconic Australian cultural music, (I don't think?!?!) you see, it was a cold, overcast day (yet again!) today on the Darling Downs and this tool box had been sitting outside long enough to soak up the few rays of sun that managed to creep through the clouds - so it was WARM!! Smart puppy!! You can see why Border Collies are considered one of the smartest dog breeds in the world - although how our not-too-bright Border Collie, Wombat, fits into that category I'm not too sure!!!

And speaking of Wombat ... I have a couple more photos to show you.

Isn't this the most MISERABLE thing you've ever seen??? Anyone would think he was being executed, not bathed!! And can you see how FILTHY he is?!?! What a grot!! And here he is a little later in the long process. (combine a long, thick fur coat with a propensity to roll in anything filthy and an unwillingness to sit still to have said filthiness removed ... you can imagine why it is a LOOOOOONG process to bath him!!)

Here's my beloved Geek Boy wondering why I'm taking photos and Wombat plotting a quick get-away!! It took GB almost as long to clean up the bathroom (we don't have a laundry tub that's accessible or big enough to get Wombat into and it was too cold to stand him outside - apparently!!!) after the dog bathing as it did to bath the two of them (Lilly was actually pretty low-fuss and went first!) and when he'd finished, GB reckoned he's collected enough dog hair from the plughole, walls, floors, every flat surface (and a few bumpy ones!) in the bathroom, to make another dog! However, both dogs were clean and shiny, though a little fluffy from the hairdryer (don't look at me, I stayed out of it!!!) and they smelled much better than usual - for at least half an hour before they found something decomposing to roll in!!! SIGH!! Who needs kids!!!

And where was I while the dog-wrangling was taking place? I was smart! I was curled up in front of the heater in the lounge room stitching away, working on the bag I'm making for my swap partner in Linda's Bag/Bucket swap. Now, although I can't show your everything, cos it's a surprise, here's a sneaky peek ...

Ooooh! There's a bear in there ... and a chair as well ... there are - oops!! Sorry!! Another Australian pop-culture reference!! Tee! Hee! Hee! Here's another sneaky peek ...

Hmmm ... shabby chic fabrics, pretty cotton lace, rusty bells ... These are some pretties that may (or may not?!?!) be included in the making of the surprise bag. Even if they don't get used ... they're pretty, aren't they! Tee! Hee! Hee! And you'll notice I'm using my birthday box to show them off. So, for more sneaky peeks, watch this space!

And whilst on the subject of swaps ... the Stitchers' Angel craft feature will get underway on Monday August 18, so make sure you click on the button in the sidebar to visit - it will be worth your while! Helen has gathered some of Australia's cleverest craft designers together (Helen herself, Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches, May Britt from Norway, Karen Gass of Cotton Spice, Lynette Anderson, Tracy of Plumcute Designs, and Sue Daley of Patchwork with Busy Fingers ) and they will be offering free patterns through her web site for the next seven weeks. While some of us have also signed up for the swap part of the Stitchers' Angels, everyone is welcome to visit Helen's blog and download the free patterns. They will all be for projects relating to stitching, so will be perfect for Christmas or birthday gifties, so make sure you take a peek - and give Helen a Bear Hug from me!!

Oh! And speaking of "Must Visit" blogs, make sure you pop over to Rosalie Quinlan's blog, she's having a giveaway of patterns for her FABULOUS new Christmas pattern - it's Christmasy, has red and white dots and stitcheries, so I just HAVE to win it, or I'll be adding yet another 'something' to my "Must Have" list!!!

So, I'm off to play with some fabric to see what I can come up with for my swap bag - right after I toast myself in front of the heater for a few minutes to thaw out!!! Brrrrrr!!! Arctic winds blowing again today and I can't feel my nose or toes at the moment!!! Hope you're cozy, warm and enjoying some stitching! Til next time - Bear Hugs!



Debbie Lane said...

Poor old Wombat! Know what u mean about the doghair, tho, we get much the same result from Monty.

Going to visit free pattern places now...! Debbie

Kerryanne English said...

Well Kris it must have been the weekend for it because I clipped my studio buddy Gypsy as well - 2 hours and 2 bags of fleece later we were nearly done. Bichon's have a wool coat instead of dog hair which is great for allergy sufferers but man they are a lot of work to keep clipped. I bet your little pooches enjoyed the attention and pampering.

Dorothy said...

Kris, that teddybear stichery is so cute. Is it your own design?

Bek said...

How are you Kris, it is getting cool not I am not looking forward to tonight. Lucky it is movie night at our house.
The Cafe I went to was the Engine Room Cafe. Maybe we should go ther one day.
Hope you have a great weekend planned. I am thinking of maybe going garage sale shopping depending on the children and the cold:) Hubby is working all day.

Carin said...

OHHH Wambat is cute! not nearly as cute as Geekboy but cute all the same.

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