Tuesday 18 October 2022

Putting Things Off!

Hello lovely blogging buddies! I hope you’re all keeping well. You’ve probably forgotten who I am, I’ve been absent for so long. 😜 Do you find that when you put a task off for a day because you don’t have the energy to tackle it, that somehow, you seem to have less & less energy to tackle it the longer you put it off?? I confess to feeling like this about blogging at the moment. 😯 There are a few reasons for this … one reason is that I’m finding less people popping in for blog visits, which makes it less enjoyable to blog. But the main reason is … I just haven’t been sewing very much! I know that’s a bit shocking, but there it is. There’s been some design work & instruction writing, but no sewing or stitching. I’m out of my groove & haven’t found a way to get back into it … yet. I’ll get there, I’m sure! … in the meantime I don’t have anything to share with you all, so nothing to blog about. 🙃

One of the other blogging motivations in the last few years has been keeping up with OPAM … & with fewer people joining in each year & only three or four people regularly remembering to email me their monthly finishes, this too has drained my blogging motivation. And it’s also led me to the tough decision to not run OPAM next year. I hope my sewing mojo will come home & when it does I’ll continue to share pics & updates here … & I hope you’ll all continue to share your creative endeavours with me, but I think OPAM has run it’s course.

And speaking of OPAM … zombie flu, grown up job busy-ness, our road trip, lack of sewing mojo & my slackness means I’m a few random draws behind. So … the random draw winners for July, August & September are:

Congrats, gals! 😁 If you’d like to drop me an email I’ll send you a PDF pattern prize to play with. And that’s it from me for today  … I don’t even have a photo to show. 🙄 I hope you’re feeling more motivated & productive than I am & hope the rest of your week is fabulous. 😘 Til next time …



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