Sunday 23 November 2008

Playing Ladies!

I had a day of playing ladies on Friday - and it was LOTS of fun! Most of you will have read about my best friend-since-grade-four, Lynette. Well, it was her birthday on Wednesday and although we couldn't get together on the day, we both had Friday free, so it was quickly 'pencilled in' as a play date! We try to get together every six to eight weeks (Lynette lives just over an hour away from me in a western suburb of Brisbane!) but due to work and other commitments for us both, it had been a bit longer, so we were overdue for a day of fun and frivolity - LOOK OUT BRISBANE HERE WE COME! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Now, when we get together, we have a variety of mischief - oops! I mean ACTIVITIES - that we get up to. We might explore a boutique-ee little area (like Paddington), hit a coffee shop or two, or even hole up at Lynette's place and work on a craft project that's been 'on the list' for a while. This time, it was Lynette's choice of mischief and she decided we'd play ladies for the day - go to a nice restaurant she'd been meaning to visit for lunch, then hit a favourite coffee shop for desert and coffee. Sounds like a plan!! And so we were off!! If real life came with a sound track like the movies, I suspect Cyndi Lauper would have been singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" in the background! Tee! Hee! Hee!

OK - the first stop actually ended up being my choice, as we had to drive right by a shop I've been wanting to visit - Patches at Indooroopilly. While a little tricky to find and get to, we decided it was worth the stop, as there was lots of yummy fabric to admire. While Lynette was very disciplined and decided to finish the couple of projects she has half done before starting a new one, I wasn't so disciplined - some fabric followed me home! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Oooohhh!! Lots of pretties!! And before any of you smarty-pants's point out the VERY pink piece of fabric, let me just say it's to make up a new pattern in an alternative colourway, NOT because I've crossed to the dark (pink!) side!! You'll notice I also managed to find myself some more dotty fabric - love my dots and spots!! The cornflower blue spotty fabric is actually the colour I want to eventually paint my sewing room, so this piece will probably get put away for cushions or something for when that happens .... But I digress!! Back to our Playing Ladies Day!

Having satisfied my fabric cravings (it had been a whole three days since I'd last bought fabric!!) we went on to the restaurant where Lynette wanted to have lunch - Lilyfields. Sorry - forgot to get a photo. Lunch was rather yummy and Lynette's curiosity was satisfied along with her tummy, so it was then off to our next stop - Gardenway, our favourite coffee shop/gift shop/nursery.

After browsing through the gift shop (they have soooooooo many yummy things!!) we decided we'd settled lunch enough to enjoy coffee and desert.

I had a slice of sinfully rich white chocolate cheesecake with my latte, while Lynette opted for the brulle` - MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! YUMMO! We then waddled off for one more quick look around before heading back to Lynette's place to collect her monsters .... I mean CHILDREN! .... from school! Tee! Hee! Hee! Once they were all fed and watered, they hit the pool to cool down, while we played ladies once more and ensconced ourselves in the lounge room with cuppas and the air conditioning!! (Friday was VERY humid in Brisbane as it was building up for storms again!)

So ... after a day of playing ladies, I hopped in my little Baby car and toddled back up the range, having successfully and thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Lynette's birthday and our 29 years of friendship - it was this time of year when we first met in year four! Think we'll have to organise a major celebration for Lynette's birthday and our 30th year of friendship celebrations next year - any suggestions? We've got a whole year to plan, so it should be a DOOZY by the time we get around to it! Tee! Hee! Hee!

And speaking of playing ladies ... that's the name of a new beary nice quilt designed by Liz at Teddlywinks. Pop on over and take a peek - it's a beauty!! Have to say, though, her bears look a bit more lady-like than Lynette and I usually manage! Tee! Hee! Hee!

And now, I'm off to play some more in my sewing room - would like to say I'm going to lay with my new fabrics, but I really need to keep working on my Secret Santa gifty for Chookyblue's swap. I'm about half done and since it needs to go in the mail this week, I'd better get crackin'! Hope you're all having a great weekend - very blustery and blowy here today, so I'm happy to be hiding inside in my sewing room! Til next time - Bear Hugs!



Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

I like the sound of your ladies day. Eating and shopping...yeah, doesn't get much better than that!!

I see you still have a problem with fabric following you home...LOL

Joy said...

What a great day out .. that cheesecake looks just delicious - yum!!! I love the dotty fabrics too!!!

Chookyblue...... said...

sounds like a great day......hope your wokring on your

Carin said...

What a fun day for you and Lynette! I like the pink
(please don't hate me ;O) )
The cheesecake looks absolutely sinful!!MMMMMMM

Jo in TAS said...

Now that sounds like my way of celebrating!!

Linda said...

Hi Kris,
Looks like you two had a wonderful girly day out, glad to hear that you have been getting some of the rain up there too, I heard that your dams are gettting pretty low.
Hope you had a great weekend.
Cheers Linda

julia said...

Hi Kris,
it sounds you two had a blast celebrating. Great to have friends you know your whole life...I, too, have an 'old' friend I know for 22 years (met her age 4 in pre-school)...and some other I know nearly as long.
Love (!!!) your spotty-dotty fabric ;o).
Hugs, Julia

Stina Blomgren said...

What (dark) pink side ;o)....
Glad you two had a wonderful day out together celebrating!!
Good luck with the new fabrics..especially the pink one...And glad to see some sunny we have a howling snowstorm....huuuhhhh....

Bek said...

Sounds like a lovely day, you are so blessed to have a friend like that.

looking forward to see what you make with the fabric.


ittybittyandpretty said...

thanks for visiting my blog. yes i was very lucky to spend some time at lilly cottage but do hope that linda is on the mend.
i grew up on a farm on the corner of hume and pillar st near lourdes home. there is an existing farm on the corner of spring and hume and our land matched with it up to the corner and far along pillar towards the footy field. i love toowoomba and my husband and i would love to live there one day. for some reason you seem familiar to me. did you work as a nurses assistant at rangehaven nursing home?
anyhow nice to have met you we will be your way on sunday meeting with friends out at 'THE MILL' past preston. great spot!
mmwwwaaahh rosey

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Nice fabric sounds like your playing ladies was a load of fun...nice photo of you as well...

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