Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Pics, Lunch & A Challenge!

As you can see from the title of this post, I've managed to fit a bit in today! :0) It's that warmer weather, see - suddenly I'm coming out of hibernation and getting stuff done! Tee! Hee! Hee!

OK, since you all enjoyed the photos from Stitchers Dream Day Out so much, I thought I'd tease you with a few more - that's just the kind of friend I am! :0) But I promise it won't be as long a post as last one. (I don't think!!) Alrighty ... first photo for today ...

This is the Sweet Treats Needle Case designed by Ella & Skysie - just look at all those stitching goodies!

This is the cute Recipe Keeper designed by Shelley Anne. This is all spread out, it actually folds in on itself so that lovely stitchery is the front of the folder and inside there's groovy pockets to pop recipes in.

When a friend hands you a piece of paper with that recipe you've asked for, now you can just slot it into the appropriate pocket. Isn't this a great idea - giftie suggestion here gals!!

This pretty table runner is almost too pretty to risk getting coffee spilled on it! This is another of Ella and Skysie's designs.

This is the gorgeous apron designed by Bronwyn to wear while stitching - put all those bits and bobs so necessary to stitchers in the little pockets and no more wasting valuable stitching time looking for the scissors!

Now some of you have been asking whether the patterns will be released as stand-alone patterns ... that's up to the designers, but the talented Shelley Anne has been quick off the mark and the patterns and samples for her cake holder (shown last post) and the recipe keeper are now at Quilters Angel, so you can certainly get stitching on those projects! I think I'm going to make a couple of recipe folders to give as Christmas gifties and slip a few fave recipes in the pockets. I'll keep an eye out during my visits to my home-away-from-home and as the patterns appear for sale, I'll let you all know. Of course ... that will mean making REGULAR visits to visit Marion and Steph so I stay up to date ... see what a dedicated friend I am! Tee! Hee! Hee!

And the reason I know Shelley Anne's patterns are at Quilters Angel already ... you guessed it ... I was there today after work - but it wasn't REALLY my fault! It's all Joy's fault! Tee! Hee! Hee! My blogging buddy and her beloved (another long-suffering, patient stitcher's husband for MY Beloved to sympathise with!!) were enjoying a little exploratory expedition in the area and climbed the hill to meet me for lunch at the Chocolate Cottage on the Village Green ... which just HAPPENS to be where Quilters Angel is! Isn't that amazing! :0) Did you just hear two husbands roll their eyes!! It was lovely to meet up with Joy again and meet Daryl in person after reading about some of his adventures on Joy's blog. The only problem was, we all had SUCH a good time chatting and laughing ... that I forgot to take a photo. Oops! I think I probably lose blogger brownie points for that. Ah well, I'll just have to convince Joy and Daryl to come up the hill again sometime for a re-run and a photo! :0) Thanks Joy and Daryl for a VERY enjoyable lunch date!!

And, as I pointed out (perhaps unnecessarily for those of you who visit me regularly!!) my home-away-from-home is RIGHT there at the Village Green, so I popped in to see how Marion and Steph had pulled up after the busy weekend. And would you believe it ... they were STILL running around like busy bees, because this coming weekend is Toowoomba's annual Carnival of Flowers and that means LOTS of bus groups visiting the Village Green and keeping the gals hopping! While I was there, Marion showed me some new fabrics that had just come in and been cut up into fat quarters. The range features several different print fabrics with sewing notions all over them. Now, I don't usually work much with these types of designed fabrics, but Marion gave me a little challenge to see what I could come up with using these three fabrics ...

Hmmm ... not my usual colours, though there IS some green in there. I've already got my thinking cap on, so I'll let you know what I come up with!

Before I go, if you haven't already caught up with an exciting new blog, go and check out ...

Nine clever-clogs designers have collaborated to offer bloggers some great give aways and a series of free patterns ... but you'll have to go and visit to find out all about it! Some of the designers are some of my blogging buddies, like Joy, Jenny, Vikki and Cheryl, but I'm looking forward to getting to know the rest at the gals, too. Pop across and congratulate them on their new venture and enjoy their generous offerings!

Well, that's about it for now - oh! Except to put out a call to ChrisS who was one of the winners of my "Fairy Bears & Butterflies" quilt pattern give away - please email me your snail mail, Chris, so I can pop your prize in the mail. And THAT'S it! Hmmm ... don't think it's QUITE as long as last post! :0) And now I'm off to have a cuppa before deciding what to cook for dinner! Til next time ...




Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

Hi Kris,
My you have been busy, I feel tired just reading all your doings! Your Stitchers Dream Day Out sounds exactly that!! How wonderful, and such great goodies too
And a carnival of flowers, how exciting and exotic is that -

Jeanette said...

Hi Kris, glad to see such dedication in a fellow stitcher. :) You've got to stop showing Bronwyn's patterns. Now i want that apron. :) Mmmm might have to look up the recipe keeper pattern also. Hugs, Jeanette

Wendyb said...

Neeeearly as long as the last post....but we love it that way!!! I'm just remembering that Village Green and the wonderful Patchwork Angels etched in my memory...your stories bring it all back...aaaah maybe someday soon we'll get back down south for a visit!!! thanks Kris
;o) Wendy B

May Britt said...

you are so cruel teasing us with those lovely new patterns LOL
But i know you all had a smashing time this weekend. A lot of vitamin Q

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Oh.... I love all those designs. What a great day out you had.

Hhmm.... funny how all roads seem to lead from your house to Quilters Angel (LOL). I believe you - really I do.

I know you will have fun Kris thinking up something wonderful for the new fabrics.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Joy said...

Hi Kris, it really was fun catching up with you again!!! We'll give you a yell if we're heading up again ;o). We're still enjoying the sweet treats we bought at the Chocolate Cottage, what a great place!! Love it ;o)!.
Take care and big hugs,
Joy :o)

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