Saturday, 3 October 2009

September's OPAM Winner Is ...!!

You didn't think it would be that SIMPLE did you?!? Not to mention SHORT!! I have a reputation to uphold here as a verbose and wordy blogger, you know! Tee! Hee! Hee! Actually, all my short-post blogging buddies out there will be pleased with this one - it will be pretty short ... by MY standards! :0)

Well ... I've finally finished blog-hopping around the world to collect all of your finishes and though some were a little hard to confirm because there was no list on your sidebar, I've recorded 451 finishes for September's One Project A Month Challenge! How good is THAT!! There's certainly been some stitching happening out there in blogland! I get the feeling that many of you, like me, were motivated by swaps needing items finished and popped in the mail! :0) So, the total number of projects recorded as being finished by OPAM participants so far this year is ...


WOW!! How wonderful is THAT! I reckon there must be a bit more space in our sewing rooms by now, mustn't there?!? Or is everyone a bit like me and a finish is really just a way of justifying buying MORE fabric to make MORE projects! Tee! Hee! Hee! However ... I know you're all hanging out to find out who won the end-of-month draw for September, so, the winner is ...


Well done, Noela!! And since it's MY turn to send you a little giftie, you just need to email me your snail mail address and this little bundle will soon be coming your way ...

A pretty pattern from Aussie designer Leanne May, who designs under the label of "Candlelight Creations" and this one is called "Vintage Charm" and features all sorts of yummy stitchery projects. Added to that is a cute notebook featuring a girly ballerina bear, a handy sharpy pen (I keep one of these in my sewing pouch AND my handbag!!) and a cool laser-cut timber Angel tag made by Lisa at Button Bliss.

Once again, a big congratulations to everyone who made progress on their "To Do" list this month. From my blog-hopping, I know some of you are working on big, long-term projects, but the photos tell me that many of you are making great progress on these as well, even though it may still be a while before they'll be registered as a finish, which is one of the main aims May Britt and I talked about when we first launched our 'little' challenge - to encourage bloggers (especially ourselves!!) to make some progress on WISPS and to finish some projects when we start them instead of adding to our WISP list, but one of the other aims was to encourage us all to take time out from busy lives to just sit, take a breath and do a little something for ourselves. So ... I do hope that this is something that being part of OPAM has encouraged you to do. OH!! And don't forget to pop across and wish May Britt a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

And now ... I'm off to make a cup of tea to wash the dust out of my throat ... AGAIN! Yes, it's a hazy, dusty day here again as yet another dust storm rolls in thanks to dry conditions and gale force winds. SIGH! I really hope this is the last of the DUST storms and that we get some RAIN storms soon instead ... if for no other reason than to wash the dust off everything!! :0) Hope you're having a great day whatever you're up to. Til next time ...




ittybittyandpretty said...

gosh you and may do such a wonderful job collecting all of the names for your comp! i am not sure how you manage to find the time to do it...the dust is driving me batty and the children are sucking on puffers which means more expense at the chemist.
could be worse, my heart goes out to those who are suffering mother earths vengence.
have a good sunday

Joy said...

Yay!!! Congratulations to Noela!!! Thanks again to you and May Britt for all that you do for the OPAM ... you are both Darling Bloggy ladies :o)!!!
Joy :o)

julia said...

Hi Kris,
4,149 finished projects? Oh, I whish they were mine so I could cross them off my list.
I'm sorry - because I scheduled my post with my mini-finish in advance, I forgot to update my list on my sidebar....didn't want to make trouble...;o)
Hugs, Julia
P.S.: Congrats, Noela!

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

That's an amazing amount of finished projects Kris. I think you and May should be congratulated for prompting the finishing of so many UFO's.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Toowoomba has been blanketed in dust again. We are getting just a little sick of it!! Wow to all the opam people! Well done! Hope you're having a lovely day today.

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