Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Big OOPS!!


It seems I've been making a few "OOPS'" when I've been posting Peg's email address for you gals to contact for OPAM. In a few places, I've mistyped Peg's email and another lovely lady has been getting them - SORRY!!!
OK ... so ... Peg's CORRECT email address is:


I've apparently typed a "H" in there in a couple of places. So ... if you've been trying email peg and not getting an answer ... that's my fault and if you've saved our email addresses into your address book you might want to update that.

Again, sorry for the confusion there - my only defence is a lot of my posting is done late at night and perhaps I was half asleep! :0) Am now off to have a BIG cup of coffee to wake myself up for the day!! Til next time,



1 comment:

Maria said...

Easily done Kris>

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