Friday, 30 April 2010

Should Have Stayed In Bed!!

SIGH!!! Do you ever have one of those days where you just should have stayed in bed?!? Well ... I've been having one of THOSE days!!

Firstly, I woke up with a nasty crick in my neck that means I can only turn my head a little to my left and not at all to my right ... which I keep forgetting!!! OUCH! But ... Friday is my day off work each week and it's washing day ... so I dutifully ... if somewhat awkwardly!! ... put a load of towels into the washing machine. No problems there right? WRONG!!! I came back an hour later to hang the washing, only to find that my Beloved Geek Boy had piled some things in the wash tub and they had blocked the drain, so instead of the washing water draining away as it should ... it went OVER THE SIDE!! Now, that wouldn't be such a problem, except the two dogs sleep in the laundry and guess what all that overflowing wash water did? You guessed it ... flooded the dogs' bedding!!! SIGH! OK, so I'll hang the dog blankets on the clothesline to dry THEN hang out the washing. So I lugged the first of the heavy, waterlogged dog blankets to the line, nearly busted my foo-foo flinging it over, then went back for the next one. I came back out ... hmmm ... that's funny, I didn't think the first blanket was touching the ground when I originally hung it. Wait ... is it just me, or is that blanket getting closer and closer to the ground???

(Insert slow-motion toppling and loud clanging sound effect here!!!)

Never mind London Bridge ... my CLOTHESLINE has fallen down!! EEK!!

Not the Hills Hoist!!! Now how am I going to dry my clean towels?!?! SIGH ... so much for reducing the carbon footprint ... it will have to be a dryer job. I wonder how much a new clothesline is going to cost???

So, you see, some days it just DOESN'T pay to get out of bed! :0) Oh ... in case you were wondering ... yes ... the mowing of our backyard jungle is definitely on the agenda for weekend jobs ... right after we go and buy a new clothesline! :0)

Hopefully YOUR day hasn't been quite so SIGH-worthy as mine and I'm sure tomorrow will be better, but in the meantime, I think I'm off to pop a heatpack on my poor cricked neck and curl up in a corner with a book so nothing else can go wrong!

Don't forget, OPAM gals, it's time to update your sidebar list of finishes for April and email your number of finished projects to Peg or I. I'll be blog-hopping around in the next couple of days to collect finishes that aren't emailed in, so up-to-date lists are a great help. I've been seeing some gorgeous photos of finished projects around blogland, so why not make yourself a cuppa and go for a little bloghop through the OPAM list on my sidebar - I guarantee you'll enjoy it more than watching clothes dry ...Oops! :0) Til next time ...



simplestitches said...

Oh poor Kris! You just put your feet up and don't worry about the will get fixed I'm sure.....
hope you have a SIGHless weekend,
cheers Julz

Anita said...

Yep, should have stayed in bed LOL
Enjoy the quite time you now get adn have fun shopping for a washing line LOL

Joy said...

Aw Kris you poor thing ... sending soothing (very gentle) cyber hugs to you dear one!!! Look on the bright side though, you could've had your nice white sheets on the line when it toppled!!! Oh well, an excuse to go to Bunnings ;o)!!!
Joy(belle) :o)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hello Kris...I love calling in to see what you have been up to and I absolutely love your blog and writing!!! Sounds like maybe staying in bed may have been a good idea...but what the heck what a great excuse to curl up and read LOL!!! Going to update my OPAM soon...take care, Dzintra♥x

I see the Bridge! said...

Oh dear Kris, poor you but it is really really funny and I may have been giggling away at the thought of it happening...not the sore neck bit, you know I would never wish an ouchy on anyone.
I hope you get your Hills Hoist back into action, it is an Australian icon after all!!
Hope your neck feels better and the heat pack, a cup of tea and a good book did the trick.
Have a restful weekend,
Kiss Noises Linda

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. :( I think I would have taken one look at the clothesline and gone back to bed! Make sure you get a real Hills Hoist again. We have a fake one here... they are never as good as the true blue ones! Just think.... shouldn't happen again next week...!! Maybe a calmer less SIGH Friday for next week!

Mistea said...

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend - Hope that your neck is better real soon.

You know laughter is the best medicine and well I did have a giggle at the clothesline coming down.

Sølvis blog said...

can't find your email anywhere - just want to report I have a lot of finishes this month. And the biggest one - our national costume isn't even in my blog yet.

Maria said...

OH NO. You poor thing. You are right some days you should stay in bed. But I must admit I did LOL (not at your poor sore neck).
You do not have to buy a new washing line. Your lovely vintage could be cemented in again.
Hope your neck is better now and you enjoyed your book.

If you what a laugh just read my post.

Susan In Texas said...

You poor thing! I hope the rest of the day (and weekend) go MUCH better for you. Are you sure that GB can't fix the clothesline? It might be salvageable. I hope so!

I emailed you my finish for the month, just one again this month. And hardly any blog posts; I've been VERY distracted this month by much less fun stuff. Here's hoping May will be better than April!

All the best,
Susan in Texas

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Kris,
When I first saw the picture I thought you must be sick-oh, no, then I start reading why should Kris have stayed in bed?
Oh, How heavy were those mats to make your line fall over?
That's a very good reason to go on strike and not do anymore washing! lol
I hope you have a better day today and all weekend long.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kris how I know how you feel! I've cancelled April completely *lol*. My beloved Hills Hoist is in need of some tender loving care and has a list to rival a sinking ship but the new clothes lines don't hold as much! and I'm sorry, sorry, sorry I didn't put my April OPAMs on my sidebar and I forgot to email you. I thought today was the 30th!!! *smile* Take care of that neck, lots of heatpacks and dencorub! toni xxx

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Where do I start, of course I feel for you Kris and hope you neck pain is beter soon but seriously... is no one else cracking up at the fallen clothesline. That was so unexpected and gave me such a big belly laugh. No, I don't suppose you are laughing at the inconvenience and the cost of a new line. But just for one moment, is that not funny??? [giggle].
Hope you are feeling better today or at least resting. Will email later on.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Polly said...

YIKES! I've had bad days just like yours befoire, too! Put your feet up , grab a good book and a cuppa and escape!! Tomorrow will be better! I just posted my OPAM finishes for April on my blog... hope this is the right place to let you know... thanks! Polly

Bev C said...

Hey Kris,thats what happens to clothesline where you have lovely green lawn and obviously rain,something that seems to be missing over here. Hope your day improved and your laundry is done. Have a great week.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Aww, sweet Kris, you just grab one of those sweet quilts of yours and wrap yourself up for a nap...when you wake up everything will be right again. Well, maybe the cothesline won't. ;-)
Loved your new published bear pattern - sweet as!!

Sarah said...

What a bummer! They must have been VERY heavy blankies Kris for your line to fall done! Geeze!
Your new one looks great along with the new vegie garden..... LOVE the idea of the lemon tree in the middle!
x sarah

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