Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Home Town Under Water!!

I mentioned last post that my Mum, Dad and sort-of-sister Tiffy couldn't get down for their planned post-Christmas visit because of floodwaters cutting the roads in the Mundubbera area. Many Aussie gals have been watching the news, saw my home town mentioned in the evacuations and have emailed or texted, wondering if my folks were OK. What sweeties you all are! And YES, they're fine. Mum and Dad have a double-storey house that is almost at the top of one of the higher hills in Mundubbera, so they're not in any danger of getting their feet wet. They DID however send me some photos, cos I was having trouble imagining my home town under water, so I thought I'd share them ... I know a few blogging buddies have also visited my home town and would be interested. So ... have you got your FLOATIES ready?! :0)
Before I share the pics with you, Tiffy actually emailed them through to me ... my Mum is a bit of a techno-phobe and I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know how to turn the computer ON, let alone send photos! :0) Now, when Mum rang to check my email to say she was sending some photos through, my Beloved Geek Boy and I looked at each other a little sceptically ... like my Grandma, Mum has a bit of a track record of taking 'arty' photos ... you know ... the road where the parade WAS, the SKY above the bride and groom, the GARDEN where the puppy was playing ... you get the picture, right! Tee! Hee! Hee! When Tiffy emailed the photos, she prefaced them with a little message which said,
"These are the photos your Mum took of the flood waters. I left out the ones of the inside of the car and the door!"
Tee! Hee! Hee! Poor Mum! :0) OK ... enough giggles at Mum's expense and onto the photos. This one made my brother laugh ..

Don't know if you can read it well in the pic, but the sign says "Road Subject To Flooding". My brother's comment was ... "Road?!?!? WHAT road?!?!?" :0)

This shows some of the houses in the lower-lying part of town.

This is the end of the street my parents live in ... about three blocks away at the bottom of the hill.
Do you see that white house through the trees to the left? It's actually on one and a half storey high pilings! It gives a bit of an idea of just how deep some of the flood water is.

This photo was taken from the end of Mum and Dad's driveway, looking back down the hill at the water. This water isn't actually the river ... it's a usually-shallow gully that runs along the end of town. It filled with runoff from the heavy rains, then when the river rose, the water backed up into Red Gully, as it's known. My Dad has to drive down through Red Gully to get to work, so guess who won't be going into the office for a few days! :0)

This is the main bridge that you have to cross to get into Mundubbera from the Dalby/Jandowae/Durong direction. Trust me ... there's a bridge under there ... it's what looks like rough water towards the right of the photo. This pic was taken from the rest area/park near the visitor info centre on the riverbank, which currently boasts REALLY impressive river views ...

This roadway leads down to the riverside walkway which at the moment is ... err ... closed due to water on the path?!?! :0) The shed you can see to the right houses an old steam engine that used to be near the pool and I remember climbing all over it as a kid ... hmmm ... seems it missed it's water views of the pool! :0)

The barbecue in the same park ... what? No line-up??

So there you go, that's the Burnett River at Mundubbera. The water was due to peak last night, though locals thought that it had already reached its peak yesterday when these photos were taken. There is more water to come down from further north where there has also been some terrible flooding ... some entire towns have had to be evacuated and places like Chinchilla have seen the whole town under deep water ... but they don't think the river will get higher than it already has, so while around 20 homes had to be evacuated in Mundubbera from the Red Gully end of town and there will be a huge clean up and repair bill for roads etc, the town has been very fortunate compared to others. And although I'm a bit sad that I didn't get to catch up with Mum and Dad over this special time of year, I'm so grateful they weren't caught on the side of the road or stuck here and worrying about friends and neighbours ... in a small town, everyone knows each other. Last I heard, Dad was in a tinny (little aluminium dinghy type boat) helping retrieve items from houses that were in danger of going under water and Mum was making chicken soup and sandwiches for the SES volunteers and evacuated families. Australia really is a country of droughts and flooding rains ... but we wouldn't live anywhere else! :0) And tough times like this tend to see people band together to help each other - a silver lining to the rather persistent storm clouds! Our hearts do go out to everyone affected by the widespread flooding though ... how very hard it must be to walk away from your home, knowing that it will probably be swamped in rising floodwaters.

On the home front, the sun has finally peeked out today on top of our hill ... though it DID bring gale force winds with it ... and since the Aussie cricketers have managed to get themselves all out and lose the Ashes to England, I'm catching up on washing and about to watch a DVD and stitch some more on my Gardeners Journal blocks - my stitching has been MUCH more successful than the Aussie Ashes campaign! :0) So, thank you again to those lovely blogging buddies who were thinking of my folks and whatever you're doing as 2010 winds down, I hope you're safe and enjoying the comfort and company of family and friends. Til next time ...


PS. OPAMers ... don't forget to update your sidebar lists and/or email me or Peg with your December finishes ... last draw for 2010 ... what was your finally tally for the year?!?! BH! KRIS


Comfort Cove Designs said...

So glad to hear your parents are above water and safe and sound. Its amazing how many parts of the world have seen nasty flooding this year!

A few months ago we here in the eastern part of Newfoundland, Canada were hit hard with Hurricane Igor. There were whole communities under water and some of the homes were washed out to sea. Here in the city of St. John's we had alot of flooding and damage too. Luckily I too live on the top of a hill so we received no flooding. We lost a few big branches on our trees in the back garden, but compared to others in the city who lost trees over 150 years old, our little family can't complain.

Keep dry!!
Quiltingly Yours

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that they are okay. It's a terrible time for those that are affected by flooding. Sounds like your mum and dad are doing what they do best.... helping those in need. It is amazing how much water there is.

And poor mum.... maybe she thought the inside of the door was just what you wanted a picture of?

Janice said...

Wow! That is a lot of water. I'm glad your parents are OK. One of Mum's cousins used to live well up on that hill as well. Your mention of the steam train brought back memories. There is a photo of us and our cousins climbing all over it from when I was about 9.
Here's hoping the worst is now over and the extra water coming downstream doesn't create too many further problems. Enjoy your stitching time.

Narelle said...

Glad to hear your parents are OK and thanks for the photos.
We've been flooded in since the 20th so plenty of stitching getting done.

Susan In Texas said...

Glad your folks are doing well. It figures that YOUR parents would be helping others in this rough time. 8)

Thanks for the reminder about OPAM; I had forgotten.

Susan in Texas

Mistea said...

Thanks for the photo's and the news that the family are safe and doing what they do best.

Glad that the water didn't wash away the humour.

Will do a count later - hoping there may be one or two more finishes left in this year. Thanks for the reminder.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Kris,
Oh my goodness!
I'm sooo glad your parents live on top of the hill in a two storey house. I hope they don't have to shift upstairs with the whole neighbourhood! lol

I also hope they have a few days supplies of staple goods.
Thinking of them and all the other folk stuck in these wet situations.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Amazing photos Kris. Your mum actually did a good job (yes I know they're the good ones but lets not speak of the others!). I would imagine that for anyone familiar with the town and its landmarks they are quite scary. And I'd hate to be doing the clean up after the water subsides.

Glad to hear too that the sun has finally shown itself in Toowoomba. Hows the veggie garden after all that rain?
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Debbie Lane said...

I have been wondering and praying...I'm so glad your ma and pa are OK. That's a relief. And the photos are soooo mind-boggling! Especially the one from the top of the driveway!!

Aunty said...

I'm so glad your parents are ok. Let's hope and pray that the floodwater subsides quickly and the rain stops for a while as it has here in SE Qld.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

How long ago was it that we were all in things change...glad your Mum and Dad are good heart goes out to those with water thru their homes....xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Kris, thankyou for the pics...glad your Mum and Dad are ok.....Aussies are great for pitching times of need...Hugs Lyn

Grethe said...

Oh dear me, I am sorry to hear and see all this rain. Must be difficult for all people involved.
Hope it dries out quickly.
Thanks so much for hosting OPAM this year. It has been great for me,even with my few finishes,it feels so good.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you from me :-)

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! Those pics are just so terrible! The poor families, my heart goes out to them all! I heard it is only going to get worse within the next couple of weeks.
I hope your family stays safe xx

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