Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Aaaaahhh ... Holidays!!

Well ... I don 't REALLY consider myself to be on 'holiday' cos we're not GOING anywhere ... but my Beloved Geek Boy and I are both having some "not going to work" weeks at home. :0) While I would DEFINITELY rather be sitting on a warm, sunny beach somewhere watching the waves roll in, rather than cold, overcast Toowoomba ... I am enjoying being able to sleep in a bit, mooch around in my jammies til a decadent 11am and am spending a lot of time in my sewing room ... YAY! While a "Holiday" would be nice, a "Staycation" is nothing to sneeze at! :0)

Do you remember me bringing these Tilda pretties home?

Well ... I'm finally finding the time to play with them. I've got one little finish ... that I can't share yet cos I haven't taken a nice photo yet (keep you in suspenders for a bit longer! Tee! Hee! Hee!) and have been working on another project using the same fabrics ...

Hmmm ... a 'tweet' sneaky peeky. :0)

Another 'tweet' sneaky peeky. I bet some of you who pop in regularly are getting an idea of what I might be stitching at the moment. :0) I'm having fun working with these bright Tilda fabrics. I promise to share some finish pics soon ... and then there will be the dreaded instruction writing phase ... GROAN!!!!!

As well as spending time in my sewing room ... which I sometimes have to do to get away from GB's noise!! Have you ever noticed that boys and girls relax differently?? I like peace, quiet and tranquillity, while GB has to have loud music, or a movie, or TV going on all the time ... AAARRRGGHHH!!! ... but I digress!!! :0) As well as spending time in my sewing room ... I have been enjoying some time catching up with friends. I had a lovely play date with my Bestest-Buddy-Since-We-Were-Nine Lynette on Friday when we explored some lovely antique shops in Paddington ... but the pics were rather unflattering, so I shan't share them or Lynette might stop being my friend! Tee! Hee! Hee! Then ... yesterday I caught up with my 'dancing buddies', Lynda and Deb for a slightly delayed celebration of Deb's birthday a couple of weeks ago ... don't you hate it when 'real life' interferes with your social plans?! :0)

Here we are, having asked our helpful waitress to take our pic. We don't scrub up too badly, do we?! :0) Oh ... and if you like that pretty pendant I'm wearing, you might like to hop across to Deb's new web site called Twisted Trinkets. As well as some pretty floral and patterned pendants like mine, she makes some lovely, slightly left-of-centre jewellery for those who gals who like a bit of 'quirky' and 'unique' in their lives.

So ... that's how I've been spending my 'staycation' so far. There's some minor renovating on the agenda ... when we can get a few clear, sunny days in a row!! ... and my folks are popping in for a visit next week ... and I'm hoping to squeeze in a few stitching play dates (Fiona??? :0) ) ... oh dear! Why do I get the feeling that TWO weeks will not be long enough! :0) Hope you are all having a lovely start to your week and that you're getting to spend a bit of time-out stitching, too. Til next time ...




Fiona said...

you all look lovely in your matching outfits too!! enjoy your stacation and we MUST get togher.....

Mistea said...

Looks like you're making the most of your staycation.
Time for sewing and catching up with friends - Perfect.
Love the little birds.

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