Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A Quick Email Issue!

Just a popping back in with a quick note about email. A few of you have said you've had problems getting emails through to me ... and I think I've worked out the problem.

My Beloved Geek Boy changed the server that my emails are routed through when he changed jobs, as it had been coming through his old workplace' server. This DOESN'T change my email ADDRESS, it is still ...

HOWEVER ... if you've tried to email me by clicking on "REPLY" from an older email I may have sent you, this may be trying to send it through the old server ... which won't work. So ... if you HAVE experienced any problems trying to email me please double-check that you're sending to the address.

Don't you just LOVE how computers SIMPLIFY our lives?!?!?!?! :0) Til next time ...



1 comment:

Maria said...

Thanks for that Kris will check when I email you.
Do hope you are feeling better.

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