Monday, 31 October 2016

Some Sewing, Spring & OPAM Reporting Time!

G'day to you all out there in blogland on this warm spring afternoon! Yes ... the warmer weather favoured by my Beloved Geek Boy and I has come back and it's been a hive of activity here at the Meares' Madhouse over the weekend. :0)

It's just three weeks (a bit less!!) until we host our Garden Party to help raise funds for Bloom Asia, so it's all hands on deck to get the garden into shape and get all the food and decorating preparations arranged ... including Mum and Dad who have been drafted to help ... much to Dad's grumblings! Tee! Hee! Hee! Things are starting to fall into place nicely. Our deep freeze is full of yummy tea party treats and more will be made on the morning of the party. Nobody attending will have any excuse for being hungry ... believe me! Tee! Hee! Hee!

I've also been doing an inventory of my pretty china trio sets, cake plates, vintage linen tablecloths and serving platters, as well as organising and collecting a few surprises for those who come and support our party ... like GORGEOUS lucky door prizes! Two of those door prizes comprise the sewing that I've finally been doing - YAY! :0)

Ta da! A set of matching lingerie bags. I've told you before how much I enjoy making these sets. They are super simple, super quick and super fun to make ... not to mention also being super handy to help you keep your suitcase organised. ;0) You can grab a pattern from The Quilters Angel if you want to start your own lingerie bag addiction! :0) These pretties will be a door prize at the Garden Party ... along with a few other GORGEOUS goodies that have been donated by generous people. :0) I can't wait to share our garden and goodies with folks coming to our Garden Party, though there's still a pretty big "To Do" list to work our way through! :0) It's all very exciting/scary, as this will be the first biggish event we've hosted here at Edward House that isn't a family get together and it's part of our future plans to host more of them. Stay tuned. :0)

With the warmer weather ... and that long list of pre-garden-party jobs to tackle! ... GB and I have been out in the garden more and more, which has led to us enjoying some spring surprises. 

Here's a closer look at the flowers on the tree where I photographed the lingerie bags. These flowers are so pretty and there is a HUMMMMMMM about the tree. Do you see a special little creature in the centre flower? It's one of our Australian native bees and they are pretty cute. They don't sting and they're smaller than a fly, but they sure are industrious little critters and they LOOOOOOOVE those pink flowers. :0) We try hard to have a good variety of flowering plants in our garden so there is something flowering all year round to keep the bees happy ... cos if those industrious little critters disappear ... we humans are next!!

I don't know if this beauty is as popular with bees, but I LOVE the deep, velvety purple colour. This is a variety of iris, but they don't flower for long ... in fact, you can see that a couple of the petals are already curling up and it only came out this morning. That's why we try to go for a walk around the garden each day, just to see what's happening so we don't miss things. :0) And something we had noticed during our garden meanderings was a couple of spots in the garden with protective birdies in residence. Hmmm ... what were they protecting??

This was the first nest we found. It belongs to a very feisty pair of Willy Wagtails. They are not very large birds, but we've seen them scare off crows and magpies with their chittering and bomb-diving. It's pretty funny ... like watching a Chihuahua chase off a Great Dane! :0) Aren't those eggs cute? You'd swear someone decorated them with a brown felt pen, with those perfectly circular rings of dots around the bottom of each egg. And in another part of the garden we found, quite by accident ...

... another little nest, this time with a couple of pink eggs in it. Sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy ... it was a bit tricky getting close enough without dislodging the nest from it's bower ... something we sure didn't want to do. This nest is really well hidden in the rather tangled midst of my plotting-to-take-over-the-universe rosemary bush. We had both seen a feathered blur buzz past when we got really close to the rosemary, but hadn't seen which bird it was until this last weekend, which was also when we discovered why the mystery bird was so skittish. The rosy-hued eggs belong to a little honey eater ... not sure which type, as it really doesn't sit still for examination for very long. :0)

So you can see that it's all busy-busy here ... and has been in some OPAMer's households, too, from what I'm starting to see as end of month reports start to trickle in. OPAMers ... it's the last day of October ... and incidentally a moving day for the Wee Folk, so watch out! :0) ... have you got your sidebar list of finishes updated? Have you emailed your October tally to me or my GORGEOUS Partner-In-Crime Sweet Peg? Well ... you'd better get hopping before we do. :0)

Right ... there's just time for me to toodle off and enjoy a quiet cuppa before we head out tonight. I hope you all had a fab weekend and that you're week is off to a fantastic start ... watch out for those faeries! :0) Til next time ...




Melody said...

Such beautiful pictures. I am ashamed to say no OPAM finishes for me yet again.

Fiona said...

lots going on there..... I"m sure your party will be a great success by the sounds of it all.... How lovely to have those nesting birds....


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