Saturday, 18 November 2017

Spring Flowers On A Gloomy Day!

It's a bit of a gloomy, overcast old day here on top of our 'hill' today ... Typical that weekend weather is yucky, just when you have time to be outside! So to add a splash of colour to the grey, I thought I'd share some garden pics with you.

Most of our acre block is shaded for large parts of the day due to our lovely big trees, especially in winter, but our side verandah has a north-north-west sort of alignment which gives good amounts of sun even in winter. So this year we dug a new garden bed & planted some traditional cottage garden flowers ... With pretty good success ...

It's a bit hard to get a good panoramic shot of the garden thanks to our crepe myrtle trees ... Which have obviously enjoyed the drastic pruning they received ... One is already putting some flowers out! But this shot gives you a bit of an idea of the splash of colour this garden is giving.

I'm thrilled that the hollyhocks have been such a success ... It's the first time I've tried growing them, after finally hunting down the seedlings at a lovely little independent nursery, The Grove Country Gardens from Pittsworth. You can also see some cornflowers, larkspur & phlox ... The stocks shot to flower early & only reached about half their usual height, so they're a bit hard to spot behind the larkspur ... The tall pink/purple/white flower spikes.

Hollyhocks, larkspur, cornflowers & phlox ... & a stray dandelion ... Oops! :0) The phlox have such vibrant colours. Love 'em! :0)

These are the three colour variants that have shown up for the hollyhocks ... A gorgeous deep maroon/red, scarlet & a sort of watermelon pink/red. I've always drooled over hollyhocks in photos of English cottage gardens on Pinterest so it's been exciting to add some to our garden.

Hope you've enjoyed a sneaky-peeky at our garden. I'm now off to see if I can rediscover my sewing mojo that went astray yesterday in all my muddling about. After chatting to a few other crafters whose mojo has also gone missing, I have a mental picture of our missing mojos lazing on a tropical island somewhere sipping cocktails & sniggering at all of us trying to meet our pre-Christmas deadlines! Yes ... My overactive imagination DOES get me into trouble! Tee! Hee Hee! 

Til next time ...









Judy S. said...

Ah, spring! Here it's another gloomy fall day with days getting ever shorter. Enjoy the sunshine!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Your garden is beautiful Kris.....we always had phlox at them.

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