Friday, 15 December 2017


ZOOOOOOM!! That's the sound of this week passing me by in a blur! My "To Do" list was LOOOOOONG ... & my motivation was SHORT!! :0P 

A super busy week at my grown up job seemed to sap my energy, but today was my day off, so I had great ambitions of catching up on the cleaning I need to do before hosting a Christmas gathering tomorrow. (Oops! Today! The clock has ticked over as I wrote this!) Yep ... Famous last words! In full avoidance mode I instead spent the day SEW-CRASTINATING! :0) What is sew-crastinating? I hear you ask. It's the art of procrastinating about doing something you should by instead spending your time sewing. Tee! Hee! Hee! I'm an expert at it!

In my defence, the projects I worked on during my bout of sew-crastination were Christmas gifties that need to be sent on Santa's sleigh first thing next week ... So it wasn't WASTING time ... Exactly! :0) Wanna see the results?

Three pretty & petite monogrammed bags for some work colleagues & they are the perfect size for your wallet, keys & phone if you're going out & don't want to lug your heavy handbag ... Or is that just me?!?! They also fit an iPad quite nicely if you are heading down to the beach, pool or hammock to laze away the holidays. Usually I give home cooked sweetie-treaties but one workmate is a diabetic so this seemed like a better option ... Plus ... No Christmas calories to shrink your clothes! :0)

Two "M's" ... 

... And an "H". It's hard to see in the blue Christmas light reflection but the monograms are chain stitched in a variegated Cottage Garden thread in brown & beige tones with a deep dusty green & matched the colours in the French-themed fabric perfectly. Three more gifties ready to wrap ... Three finishes to add to my tally ... All created from stash fabrics. YAY! Now if only the cleaning faeries would visit in the night so tomorrow wouldn't be a mad whirlwind of panicked cleaning for me. :0)

I hope your week has been a little less mad than mine & that your weekend includes some time with the special people in your life. Be lavish with your hugs, kisses, love & appreciation ... These gifts are more precious than diamonds! :0) Til next time ...






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Cheryll said...

They are gOrgeOus Kris. Well done...xox

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