Monday, 23 June 2008

Hip To Be Square!

Have you heard the Huey Lewis song, "It's Hip To Be Square"? Well that's the song I was humming to myself this afternoon while I was working away in my sewing room. (No, Jimminy Cricket, I'm a bad girl and still haven't tidied, just cleared a spot to work in!! Tee! Hee! Hee!) You see, this is the result of my labours ...

I was cutting ... squares! "Here, there and everywhere - it's hip to be square!" Sorry! Song's still stuck in my head - damn you Huey Lewis!!! Tee! Hee! Hee! I'm not going to tell you what the squares are for just yet, though it is for one of my Finish Five challenge projects. And no doubt the sleuths amongst you will be able to backtrack through my previous posts, follow the clues and find the answer - 42! You know, the answer to life, the universe and everything?!?! Uh oh! More evidence of a mis-spent youth reading! (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for those wondering!) I'll say no more about my hip squares except, "WATCH THIS SPACE!"

Now, having settled lengthy and involved negotiations with my camera, most importantly about it's disinclination to acquiesce to my request (little Pirates of the Caribbean reference there!!) to take photos, and some theological debate between us as to whether a camera that is created to take photos, but refuses to do so can still be considered to be a camera ... I put a different brand of battery in it and it worked!! I then had equally long and involved negotiations (this time amidst some mild course language ... do I now get a PG rating?!?!) with the computer, specifically, the settings in Photoshop, I am now able to do what I need to with my photos before popping them into my blog! Phew!! It really has been a tough afternoon! Perhaps the government should pay me ridiculous amounts of money to sort out their union issues! Tee! Hee! Hee! Hmmm ... now, where was I heading with this sentence??? Ah, I remember! I was reading Leanne Beasley's blog yesterday and she is having a give away - quick! Go and visit her! The prize is a gorgeous little tin featuring one of her pretty butterflies from her Butterfly Garden quilt. I left a comment drooling over it, and said that once the above-mentioned negotiations had been carried out, I would post some photos of some of my ever-growing tin collection. So, here we go!

This is my shabby chic sewing cupboard that I did up last year and these pretty tins look very at home on top.

Here's a close up of some of my favourites. Aren't they pretty!! I love the tall stripey tin (it came with yummy caramel toffees in it! Mmmmmm ... Caramel!!!) and the little floral heart tin reminds me of pretty china tea cups.

Another little heart tin that I keep my sewing pins in - when I'm not sticking them into the arm of the lounge chair, that is!! And finally ...

This is the handiest little tin I own! Someone gave it to me a few years ago and it was full of teddy shaped chocolates. The chocolates have long since disappeared from the tin and reappeared in a slightly altered form on my thighs!! The tin, however, has been much more useful (though the chocolates WERE yummy!!!) as I use it to carry my hand stitching. The tin is only 5" by 4" by 3", so it fits into my handbag. (OK, so I have a giant handbag! My brother calls it the Tardis, after Dr Who's time and space travel machine because he says it has to be bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside for me to pull some of the things out of it that I do!!) The hinged lid means I never put the lid down and forget where I've left it - don't laugh! I bet you do it too!! And the little clip on the front keeps my bits and bobs from spilling everywhere if the lid slips. I can fit my scissors, scissor keep/pin cushion, threads, needles, stitchery, as well as a few 'just in case' buttons, bows, ribbon and rick rack. Now that doesn's mean I don't need to win Leanne's give-away!! Her tin is a little bigger than this one and if I won (besides doing my version of Snoopy's Happy Dance!!) I would be able to fit slightly bigger hand stitching projects into it to take with me where ever I go - you never know when there'll be a chance to stitch! So hopefully the give-away faeries look kindly on me!!! Tee! Hee! Hee! And failing that, I'll just wait til Leanne finds a suitable tin to release her pretty design commercially!! Uh oh! Another item to add to the "Wish List"!! That list just grows faster than Pinnocio's nose!!

Well, now that I've dribbled on much more than I intended, I really should go and do some more stitching - too cold to go back into the sewing room, as its one of the coldest rooms in the house! You'll soon find me curled up in the lounge room in front of the heater with a nice cup of tea, waiting for my beloved Geek Boy to come home before I start dinner. And I'll probably still be humming that darn tune ... "Here, there, and everywhere, it's hip to be square!!" Bear Hugs!



Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Kris just love all your tins I just love tins.....when you are sick of them, they can come and live at my place..

Jo Jo said...

No way....!!! I now have that song in my head. Thanks Kris!!! It's hip to be la la lala.
Jo x

Carin said...

I knew we were sisters seperated at birth! I love love love the colors of your "hip" squares.
Douglas Adams was a genius! and I don't think I could make a post long enough to show you all the little tins I have to keep stuff in. LOL! Have a fantastic day!

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